BERIWO: A film by Penjo Entertianment


Greetings from Penjo Entertainment,

Hope all is well.
Good news from Penjo Entertainment Studios,

We now have our latest movie BERIWO that's COMING SOON together with other short films all in full HD. I want to thank all the film makers that are making the Cameroon Film Industry more and more renown to the entire world. Let's keep working and let the world see what we are capable of doing with our multi natural cultures from different regions of Cameroon. Africa in one country... We should be proud indeed... One Spirit, One Love...

BERIWO is shot with Sony HDV-Z1U all on HD tapes, edited on Adobe Premier CS4 and the other short films are are shot with Canon 7D in full HD as well. Many others are presently in the process.

You can watch the trailer at:


Sound: Eric Forcha
Lighting: Birla Faith
Idea: Peter Njodzeka
Project Manager: Kwaye Kelen
Script Writer: Tudi Ndi Nathalie
Script Editor: Mireille Silabing and Nwatum Damasius
Location: Nwatum Damasius
Consultant: Veronique Ndoumbe
Makeup and Costume: Kirette Couture
Editor: Abang Chriz
Graphics: Talita Fernanda
Camera Assistant: Eric Forcha
Camera: Peter Njodzeka
Producer: Peter Njodzeka
Assistant Director: Peter Njodzeka
Directed: Nwatum Damasius


Bershu Mabel
Becki Mancho
Nwatum John
Kwayeli Finley
Aloysious Koti
Carlton Brite
Sende Bende
Etc... etc....

More coming your way from Penjo Entertainment Studios...

Peter Njodzeka
Tel.: +237-7771-6288

Video Teaser advert on HD is found on: and on Youtube at:


Peter Njodzeka
Penjo Entertainment



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