A New Direction

The Journey of ABC4All

The Journey of ABC4All

"The stage is set.
The Angels are there.
The Work has begun.
Together we work to bring
Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)
To the world."

ABC4All Universal Message for a Better World                    Joyful Noise | ABC


Elements Making Possible Working Together

to bring RELIEF to the World

Relief on a global scale?

How does it all start?
A number of elements
Come together to make this possible.

First Burt Danet meets Bob Chew
Who suggests a name change
From Partnerships for a Better Community (PBC)
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)!

That places ABC4All right
At the top of the alphabet
Says Bob, and ABC4All was born.
That's in 1998! 18 years ago! What's next?

Bob becomes Co-Founder, ABC4All!
So who is Bob Chew?
More below but sneak peak
Available here!

Yuel Bhatti becomes Co-Founder
Local ABC4All / Pakistan AND
Founds the ABC4All Education System
For his beloved country.

Yuel works for PEACE
Across the world in
So many ways, including becoming
Cooperation Circle (CC) for
United Religions International (URI)!

Yuel soon introduces Pat to ABC4All / Burt.
Pat begins her endless creativity and support
Of all the efforts for ABC4All and
So many other organization,

PEACE Pat, she is called.
YUBUPA is The Story she creates.
YUel BUrt PAt she turns into

Now we have a TRIO among the
Self-collecting angels
Represented by ABC4All.
But wait, there's more!

A Dream is Created.
A Dream is Realized.
A Network that Works
Is made possible! Next?

Bob Chew introduces an ailing
Burt to a Team of 3 Russians,
One a physicist; two engineers;
All 3 discover a new WATER technology!

Plasma Activated Water (PAW)
It's called. Burt rejuvenates!

Then the story is made available
By PBS' "Faces of America!"

This water is described
By ABC4All Core Team Member,
David Gray, President,
Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE)

"PAW is not a promise. It is a blessing."
So says Dave. He knows. He prepared/recovered
From serious Neurosurgery and realized
The Benefits of PAW.

A volunteer attorney visits
A Service Day Event
Held in 01/2009 for
Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

He, too, benefits from
The Wonder of PAW.
Tirelessly our volunteer
Works with us to facilitate bringing
PAW to the World!

Through this volunteer's
Connections, referrals are
Made and before you know it

The ABC Theme Song for all to hear!

Then about a year later,
A meeting is held.
First with the Founder of
Help For Orphans International
Sarah Ehrlich is her name.

Then we learn about an
Angel dealing with
Child Trafficking throughout
The world in so many places.
Michael Cory Davis is his name.

Artists United for Social Justice is the cause.

Finally a man who offers
Technology to unite the
World via the Internet and without limitations
Driven by satellites circling the Globe
Dennis Matthews is his name.

Global Communication Enterprises

The stage is set.
The Angels are there.
The Work has begun.
Together we work to bring
Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)
To the world.

You, too, can benefit!
You, too, can learn more!
Review the ABC4All Portal4Relief.
Become One in One Billion!
Learn about the Working Proposal.

We are grateful for
Support from
Each and Every ABC4All Mentor
Each and Every Local ABC4All

Will you listen to
The Cry of the World?

Will you "Lend a Hand?"

Ben Mackenzie song is echoed
Deedie O'Malley's "My World"

Both original healing creations!

Francine Jarry sums it up
When she, too, creates an
Original Song for ABC4All Mentors:
"We Are The Ones (we've been waiting for)!"

We work to proect children!
We work to protect our future.
We work to protect the planet.
We enter into MANDATED ACTION for
What The World Needs Now.

A Better Community For All

by Burt of YUBUA!




Peace, P. (2015). The Journey of ABC4All. Retrieved from http://home.abc4all.net/view/video/51cbec147896bb431f68b030


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