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Baby Noel Bahtinyuy

From: Peter Njodzeka
ABC4All Mentor of the Week

Happy New Year once more. Just thought I should share this video of Njodzeka Noel Bahtinyuy, our second boy who saw the sun on the 27th of December 2009. This video was shot yesterday January 3rd exactly one week old.

I included some videos of our mothers in the village dancing after receiving the new born baby's news and some other kids in Nkuv playing near their new water stand tap, which was implemented by our NGO Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon and Engineers Without Borders Chapter of Hope College, Michigan - USA. This is a combined project with Thirst Relief International - USA that's serving the lives of people in Nkuv community just like in many other communities of Cameroon and schools.

EWB-Hope College and LWDG-Cameroon implemented  the piping system with 10 stand taps and Thirst Relief International - USA and LWDG-Cameroon constructed so far 188 biosand filters for the people of Nkuv, filter construction is an ongoing project. The biosand filters help the families to filter their water from the stand taps.

Watch the video I made:

Baby Noel Bahtinyuy

(Music by Hlengiwe Mhlaba - Title: Living Waters from South African)

Thanks once more and hope to read your feedback.

Peter Njodzeka
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