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Oma Ka Om - 2010 One Song Project begins...

June 19, 2010, 10:21 am
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Oma Ka Om! Welcome to the 2010 ONE SONG PROJECT, a global synchonized sound event in partnership with PEACE in the WATER, calling people of all walks of life around the world to COME TO THE WATER and SONG A NEW SONG. One Family... One Rhythm... ONE SONG. Join us June 19-21 (solstice) and BEYOND.

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Chip Richards managed to sneak out early this morning for his own quiet beginnings to the global song wave from the chilly waters of Victoria, Australia:

It's June 19, 2010, and I'm standing here on the edge of the cold, chilly waters of Victoria, Australia to begin my connection to the 2nd Annual One Song Project.  As I stand here at the water's edge, there's people all around this beautiful country and New Zealand and other countries that are awake at this stage, and they are starting to come to the water to sing the new song, a song of creation, a song of new possibility that is designed specifically to be sung into the waters of our planet, a song of healing and in acknowledgement of the fact that sound is one of the greatest carriers of intention and that water is one of the greatest carriers of sound.  We recognize that, by coming to the water, together, this weekend, we have a chance to connect all of humanity through the sounds and the songs that we sing.  So I want to invite you to join the One Song Project this weekend in whatever way you feel inspired and whether you can get to the edge of a beautiful ocean, or the edge of a lake, or the side of a stream or a swimming pool.  Come to the water, and sing and bring your intentions and your visions for peace and clarity and harmony and connectedness, a sense of connectedness that we, as a species, have always known, but only in the last few hundred years forgotten, a sense of connectedness that is right here, in each of us, an opportunity to have a genuine relationship and connection and communion with the elements of the pulse of this beautiful living planet.  As we do this individually, we do this as a family, as a global family, coming together to remember truly how powerful we can be in positive ways when we come together for the good of all.  So I invite you to join us this weekend.  If you get this message after this weekend, join us in your own time in the coming days, in the coming weeks and the coming years.  Come to the water.  Reconnect with the element of water on this beautiful planet in your own way.  Sing your own songs.  Bring you prayer and visions of new possibility, and see what they lead you to be and do in your world. Thank you for taking a moment to connect.  Oma Ka Om.

NOTE:  Towards the end of the video we hear Oma Ka Om beginning to play as the exquisitely presented video comes to and end - but not before there is a COLD DIP!!!

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TOGETHER WE CREATE - A Prayerful Intention

This magic prayerful intention shared with us by our dear sister, Nikita Gearing, truly reflects the essence of our prayer for PEACE in the WATER. We invite you to download, share and weave these beautiful words into your own meditations, visualizations and prayerful action in the world ... and the water. SO BE IT! Imagine the whole world singing the same song... at the same time... together.

Click to listen to the One Song, to download click here.

Oma Ka Om - 2010 One Song Project begins...


Warm Greetings to the Global Pod of PEACE in the WATER!

This morning (June 19 around the world) marks the beginning of the 2010 One Song Project ‘Global Song Wave’...

With so much going on in and around the element of water at this time,
How will we each respond? And how can we make a difference in our daily lives?
Let us begin by coming together... by coming to the WATER... and singing a new SONG.

The dates and timing details for the second annual ONE SONG PROJECT (along with how you can post and share your OSP experience with the global pod) are listed below and at

As we prepare to gather with groups and individuals globally for our World Synchronized Event tomorrow (
3pm USA PDT June 19 / 8am AUS EST June 20), Chip managed to sneak out early this morning for his own quiet beginnings to the global song wave from the chilly waters of Victoria, Australia.  To view this video invitation click here:

We thank our dear friends at The T.O.N.E. for their wonderful work and from all of us in the OSP Circle, we are deeply grateful for your participation & Presence in this years One Song Project.

We look forward to Singing with you on June 19th, 20th & 21st.


The Peace in the Water and One Song Project TEAM

DATES & DETAILS for the 2010 One Song Project

June 19 - Saturday - at Sunrise (or 8 am your local time)
Sing the song with your timezone and be part of the global song wave.

June 19 - Saturday - 3pm PDT, 6pm EDT, 11pm GMT
(June 20 - Sunday - 8am AUS EST)
***The Global Song Wave completes with the Unified One Song.***

June 21st - Monday - 12PM - Your Local Time.

For more information please click here

POST YOUR EVENTS – along with videos, comments, photos, poems, prayers... At the One Song Project FACEBOOK page -

To post your special events on the OSP calendar -




YouTube - Videos from this email


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