Visiting Elephants!

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From: Angie v <>

Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:44:12 -0800

Subject: Elephant Tour

It was always a dream of mine to ride an elephant and when i found out i can bathe with one as well i was completely stoked..We went to the sanctuary together and after watching an informative video we got to meet the big beautiful animals.It was great watching Divine freak out and be completely scared of getting to close to the massive animals. then after the first feeding something changed the fear went away and he was like one with the elephants. he was happy to feed them, touch them and pose for pictures. we couldn't take him away ;)Watching divines interactions was more gratifying than having my own. i could see the light within him glimmer and sparkle and it was amazing. he didnt know where he was going or what we were going to do but i think his experience with the elephants was magical. and as for me my dream of riding the beautiful elephant came true you can feel the shoulders under ou move with each step and i even got to laydown like tarzan. wish we would have had more time with them but thankful for the time we did have.



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