Jolandie Rust Talks!

August 4, 2011, 3:51 am
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Jolandie Rust Talks!


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 "You have this life, here and now, only once! Live it! That is what life is for, it’s for living. Nothing is impossible! You are capable of many great things! 'Shoot for the moon, if you miss…you still land among the stars!'"


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Monday 04 July 2011

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Exciting News:

Exciting News: I had a meeting with Managing Editor, Denzil Taylor, this morning at Jacaranda FM. I'm very happy to announce that Jacaranda FM has come on board in a big way! So now you'll be able to read up on updates on their website and News Page, as well as listen in LIVE!

Jolandie Rust circumnavigating the African continent on a solo bicycle tour

05 July 2011 - 19:15

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1. When did you first get the idea of the bike tour and how did it occur to you?


It was in October 2007. I had just lost the person closest to me and it made me realize that life is very short. It made me think about how we only get to live this life once, here and now, and that I should be living my life to my fullest potential. Live my dreams and shoot for the moon. I knew I wanted to do something big with my life. Something I could be passionate about and something challenging so I could learn and grow as an individual. From there the dream molded itself into what it is now.




2. Who did you talk to about it?


I phoned one of my friends right away and told her about my idea. Her first response was: “You can do it”. That gave me enough confidence to take that first step. Soon after, I put up a blog and told the world about my plans.


3. What motivated you to do this, and what are your goals?


The realization of how uncertain my human existence is motivated me. Right now my goals are very simple: To become the first woman to cycle around the entire African continent, solo. Challenge myself to learn and grow as much as I possibly can. Inspire others to live their own dreams. Do no harm and maybe, hopefully, make a difference in at least one other person’s life.




4. Why choose to support IDUKA and how did that come about?


I was approached by Miguel about two months before my launch for the Africa trip. He had read about my project on the website. Before then, I did not have a particular charity I wanted to support with my trip. I always follow my heart and trust my intuition when it comes to making such decisions. From the first time I exchanged emails with Miguel, I knew that this is the charity I want to support! Something inside of me just said: “YES”. I never got to go to university, my family couldn’t afford it. I would love to see a world where every child/ young person has the opportunity and means to further their education. If I can, in some way, contribute to that vision, then I feel it almost to be a responsibility. The future of this world is all of ours’ responsibility.


5. How many major cities and countries do you plan to bike to?


I will be traveling through 34 African countries in total. All the coastal African countries. And numerous major cities. I will be covering a total distance of close to 40 000 kilometers. (25 000 miles)




6. What would you like to see accomplished as a result of this bike tour?


I would like for people to shake off their own fears and live their dreams and for people to realize the infinite possibilities that we are blessed with.
I would like for people to realize that we all have a responsibility when it comes to the future of the human race. I really do believe that education is one of the key elements that need to be addressed for social and economical advancement, especially in developing countries. I would like to see every single child receive an education. I would like to be able to show the world a different side of the African continent. The beautiful, warm, welcoming, kind side. The side not shown on news reports.


7. Are you concerned about your stamina and ability to complete this tour?


Not in the least. If I do not complete this tour, it will only be because I am not breathing anymore.


8. What do you do to keep up the energy required to undertake such a task?


Such a task is first and foremost, a mental game. The human body is able of doing amazing things. But the battle is either won or lost in the mind. For this, I focus on the people that are nearest and dearest to me in my life. My friends are what’s most precious to me. The mere thought of their love and support for me is what keeps me going in even the darkest hour. And the vision of reaching the finish line. Also, the responsibility I feel toward all the thousands of people that follow and support my journey. These are the things that keep me going. The deeply engrained passion for finishing what I set out to do.


9. Do you anticipate any significant challenges?


There will be many challenges I will have to face on different levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Also geographically. Falling ill, extreme weather, emotional-, mental-, physical fatigue. These are all challenges I will have to face. Political challenges as well. Traveling through conflict areas. Encounters with wildlife. Though I look forward to facing all these challenges head-on. I believe that no single person is given a task he or she cannot face.


10. What if you do not complete the tour?


As stated previously – if I do not complete this tour, it will only be because I am not breathing anymore.


11. What if not only you DO complete the tour but you create a profound impact that leads to improvements in educational opportunities across Africa?


That would be absolutely fantastic! If I could contribute to improving educational opportunities across Africa, that would make me feel like I have really accomplished something special with this tour!


12. What message do you have for the world as a result of this major undertaking?


You have this life, here and now, only once! Live it! That is what life is for, it’s for living. Nothing is impossible! You are capable of many great things! “Shoot for the moon, if you miss…you still land among the stars”!




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