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November 7, 2010, 6:14 pm
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by Rommy Wuhe

I will start by saying, its time we put ourselves together for the betterment of our communities of the world.

I, as experienced from past torture, actually grew up with pain all over me.  Does it mean I should not fight or what?  If you happen to cross my path and discover I am in such a situation, what would you say? How would you see me? a failure? It's time we all start thinking for ourselves and then others.

I will tell you a brief story, a true one indeed. There is a woman whom I met in the village called "Mbabyer Kingdom."  I happen to be one of them, you know, after my mum's burial.  I then decided within myself, whats happening here?  I sat back and took a deep look.  I made it into a case study.

Whats the discovery all about?  I meet people living in agony, pain all over them, people are indeed suffering there, people are dying for lack of medication.  I might put it my way but, I know you also know that, without money health is only a name.

We all need each other, love can not be one but more than one, it is, where two or three increase in numbers.

Let me share with you what we at ABC4All and others willing for "A Life Saving Project" are doing.  The plan to save lives is our number one goal, we are calling out to see that we put this into proper action.

Life is zero without Food, Good Water, Shelter, education and so on.  The story of Cecilia Akumbana Tsehe, captioned "The Woman with Cancer", as I was told by a source who is a son.



My names are Atomgbe M. Wuhe Atomgbe. A.K.A. ABC4ALL Mentor, Rommy Wuhe.

I am a humanitarian artist, an activist, publisher dealing with all aspects of human endevour. I am also a volunteer friend of the African Refugees Foundation, located at 'Plot 49, Babs Animashaun Estate Ext.Surulere-Lagos, founded by Amb. Chief. Segun Olusola.Tel-08033231556

On the other hand, as a songwriter and performer, I have also done songs creating awareness on issues that are plaguing the world with global issues like:

· saying No to human trafficking and child labor,
· caring for persons living with HIV/AIDS,
· Unity song{done in Tiv Language} and so on.

Here is an example of original songs I created for ABC4All:

I presently work together with ABC4All, meaning A Better Community for All. It is a mentoring project that is built to help develop and equip youth, to let them see, say, know or learn why due process is the best way forward into success as good citizen. More info: ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

With that interest in mind, I have been developing and building a case study over what is needed mostly to deal with humanitarian concerns: Yes, a hand of friendship, to help set the captive free, to heal the sick and to direct those who are lost and can't find their way into a brighter future.

To state my case: I am actually calling out to bring into existence "The Willing For A Life-Saving Project{LSP}. This proposal is contained within the story of Cecilia, the woman with Cancer.

We will be as willing, working together with our God-given collective ideas, aiming to achieve the monies and equipment needed to achieve fulfillment to the glory of God who is the creator. This project will not end with the woman in question, which is Mrs Cecilia Akumbana Tsehe, it is a vision, a long-term that will go a long way in saving the lives of those who are dying elsewhere without care in the rural home like Mrs Cecilia Akumbana Tsehe.

Focus: Rural homes to Urban homes.

Who is involved? All the willing media ready for life-saving, other non-profit organisations, in time with State to Federal government approaches.
International approach: Create a documentary as a follow up: A research to help others learn, simply creating awareness and action.

COMMENT: "Kernel of Hope:"

ABC4All right now is similarly supporting Amigos Sin Barreras / Friends Without Barriers, with their aim matching the above - dealing with persons living with HIV/AIDS with the long-term goal of setting up a hospice.

Love, and then peace to the world.


ABC4All Mentor,
Rommy Wuhe.


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