See Shocking Wonders on Ndop - Kumbo Roads

November 3, 2010, 12:12 am
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Dear All,

To see what I am talking about the Ndop-Kumbo Roads, watch this video.. Our Roads..

It's really wonders on the Ndop - Kumbo roads. As I took off from Bamenda on Sunday morning, it started raining after Babungo, and I could not stop taking pictures as the rain reduced. From the pictures, you'll see the rest of the story, then you'll understand what am talking about "I Travel, I See Wonders"...

After one year when we've been expecting to have better roads to Kumbo, nothing has been done so far. We continue to see the worse of our roads as we travel. A journey that will take us an hour if the roads were fixed is taking us 3hrs. What do we do? I would like every politician to take a look at this video and ask him/herself a question.

"Is this really what my people and myself deserve"? Does this bring in development to my community? Is someone not doing his/her work right somewhere?

The video can be watched at:

Peter Njodzeka




Danet, B. (2010). See Shocking Wonders on Ndop - Kumbo Roads. Retrieved from


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