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Pepper's Words

Pepper's Words summarizing Make A Better World Foundation's First Annual Convention and Fundraiser for Haiti!!!!

"I want to thank you all for coming.  Thank you so much for joining us.  I just think it really represented Michael.  I cried the whole time.  I think you guys were so great.  They all came back here, and they all just volunteered their time.  They did this because they wanted to honor Michael, and they know that Michael would have done something for Haiti if he were here, and we wanted to do it in his honor.  All these people worked so hard just to do it, just to be here.  They didn't get paid.  So many people we asked to be here, and they wouldn't come if they weren't going to be paid.  All these people put so much time and effort because they wanted to raise money for Haiti.  So I really, really appreciate your time and your hard work, and I hope you'll come back next year.  (Applause) (Next year is going to be bigger and better!)  I think it also shows what you can do if you really want to.  You can just do it.  We're not a big production company.   We didn't have any money.  I'm from Pennsylvania, and I'm a single mom with 4 kids.  I think this shows what you can do if you really want to.  You just go and do it.  So I want to encourage all of you.  It did not turn out as big as we wanted it to, but it happened, we're here.   So I'm excited about that....All of this happened because people cared and volunteered their time.  None of these people got paid.  It was all for love."

-- Pepper Simone, Founder, Make A Better World Foundation (MABWF)

Who is Pepper?
Simone she says.
But then, too her
Name is Liza. 

Remember Liza with a Z?
No, this is not Minelli.
This is a young woman
Who knows how to

Pepper truly inspires.
A mother of 4 she says.
A single parent.
Able to travel 3000 miles!

She did not have
Just a local group
Gather in her PA town.
Not at all.

Instead she coordinated
And planned enough to
Arrange for a
5-day event!
All in honor of Michael Jackson.

Prayer Hour.
A series of trips
Highlighting the Convention.
All preparing for a big night.

A set of booths/tables.
PAW and Lido!
A Million Trees for Michael.
MJ Italian Foundation

A Nimmer of Pictures
Book of remembering Michael

A show. Lots of kids.
Lots of dancing.
Even 4 Oceans!

Reminiscing all the
Incredible talent of one
GIANT music man.
So many following his footsteps.

Pepper has done it!
She led the way.
Now there is a record
Of the 1st Convention.

Ready to plan for
The next, the next
And the next. 
She will not stop.

Now with all the
Good works displayed
By MABWF and all
The booth people.

There is inspiration
Not just to repeat
But to expand to
"Bigger and Better."

Better?  That is
Where ABC4All
Has joined the support.
This year: 
Poised for GHR!
Next year?
Support for a
Bigger and Better
Second Annual Convention
And Fundraiser for Haiti!!!!

pledges support +
Water technology 4 the world.
Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)

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