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100th International Womens Day 2010 Celebrated

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100th International Womens Day 2010 Celebrated

'There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way'


‘Women: - Right or Empowerment?’

March 6, 2010

To mark the International Women Day 2010 (March 8) Youth Society for Peace (YSP) Nepal celebrated women’s day by an open discussion through a program Thoughts of Youth where more than 30 youth and teenagers participated at Shanti Sewa Ashram, Kathmandu, Nepal.

‘Women are not to be judged as a secondary human being but should be brought in the mainstream of development through various opportunities’ said Anita, one of the lady participants from Adult Women Education program.

Minakshi, student of Peace Development and Conflict Resolution from Tribhuwan University added, ‘Women are not the show piece to be kept in the showroom and should get outlet for their all round development. They can do a lot if they are given chances.’

Hari, a volunteer tutor of Children Study Club and Durga opine, ‘They are not to be given right brought from western country but to be given value based education so that they can as equally participate in any development work as male.’

Dr Guru Chintamani Yogi, the patron of YSP highlighted the issue and went deeper to the differences of right and empowerment. He said that the western world teaches us about Human Right where they raise the issue of rights every time and this confuses as rights may not always give proper solution according to the need of the society and situation, whereas the eastern value based education teaches about the humanity where all the human beings are respected irrespective their caste, creed sect, sex, religion or territory.

The participants from various faiths and walk of life also enjoyed the songs emphasizing the greatness of women in eastern society and also came to the common ground that it is the sky-scraping time when we should not protest and raise Arms for Rights but should bring women in the mainstream giving them equal opportunities and providing both sexes the value Based Education.

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May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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 Jagannath Kandel, Abhishek  K.C., Minakshi Yogi, Sujan B.K., Laxman Panthi, Deepa Yogi, Anita Thapa

Advisory Group

Mridu Shrestha , Neeti Aryal , Gansh Mishra, Anoj Silwal, Satyata Shrestha, Shraddha Shah, Jimmy Lama



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