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USA 2010 Citizen's Medal Nomination: George Paskalov, Ph.D.

January 21, 2010, 2:48 pm
Source: ABC4All Collage
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NOMINATION for USA 2010 Citizen's Medal

The best way to describe Dr. George Paskalov, Physicist, one of three Team members who invented Plasma Activated Water (PAW) 

is to ask the question, can a scientist be an angel on earth?

Secondly is to share the open letter of gratitude submitted to him and his team.

Thirdly is to share the Global Impact of PAW including the uses of PAW written by Joshua Leibow as part of the requirements for the B.A. degree in Psychobiological Medicine at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Included in the summary link are shared examples of responses to PAW by hundreds of people across US and Canada who have received PAW via UPS Shipment including 3 months of FREE (unsolicited donation) shipping costs (a donation never requested, but offered by the Ohanessian brothers from the UPS Stores in Manhattan Beach and Rolling Hills Estates, CA who recognized the potential of PAW for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR).

For more information about Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) please refer to the ABC4All Portal4Relief.

Dr. Paskalov hand-delivered unlimited PAW to Marsha/Burton Danet for 2-1/2 years until Burton was able to go to the laboratory, make the water and bring home 3 & 5 gallon jugs of the water. The examples of the impact on individuals are being REPEATED: Burton Danet, Ph.D.'s paper published in the Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes: "Observations on consumption of Plasma Activated Water." and
An 8 year old boy with hepatocellular carcinoma, stage 4, written off by doctors, began drinking PAW. His tumor was documented to shrink by successive CAT scans. Doctors then gave him a 10% chance of survival when they made the decision that, based on the tumor shrinkage, they could operate. After the operation, the surgeons told the parents they had never seen a tumor more ready to come out of the body. The boy survived.

An adult woman with advanced pancreatic cancer, stage 4, with a blood count at 1200, was told by her doctors they could not operate, would not prescribe chemotherapy nor radiation treatment. After consuming PAW her blood count kept decreasing until now it is NORMAL (40). The doctors have told her that if she gains a few pounds, they will operate.

Burton Danet, a clinical psychologist by training, knows how to observe and how to record observations. But his personal observations are also accompanied by BEFORE/AFTER medical laboratory and diagnostic data:


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: First Lady Michelle Obama <>
Date: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 7:53 AM
Subject: Who has inspired you?

Good morning,

For over 40 years, the President of the United States has awarded the Citizens Medal -- the second highest civilian honor in our nation -- to Americans who have "performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens."

Now for the 2010 Citizen's Medal, the White House is opening up the process to include an exciting source of nominations: you.  President Obama is inviting the American public to nominate candidates he should consider for the Presidential Citizens Medal -- truly making this an honor of, by, and for the American people.

Who has inspired you?  Whose selfless dedication to service has touched your life or the lives of others?

Watch the President explain the program in this web video and then nominate an unsung hero from your community:

Past winners of this prestigious honor have included respected public figures like Colin Powell, Bob Dole and Rosa Parks, as well as everyday heroes like Oseola McCarty, a washerwoman who left her entire life savings to establish a scholarship for students in need. As you can tell, the bar is set pretty high -- only a handful of nominees will be chosen, so be sure to read the criteria closely and make the best case you can for your nominee.

This year, the President will be looking for several qualities in the special few he honors: people whohave demonstrated a commitment to service in their own community or in communities farther from home; who have helped their country or their fellow citizens through one or more extraordinary acts; whose service relates to a long-term or persistent problem; or whose service has had a sustained impact on others’ lives and provided inspiration for others to serve. While many Americans work every day to serve others, this year's Citizens Medal will specifically honor those who have shown exemplary service to help others outside of their normal jobs.

Take a moment to nominate that everyday hero for the Presidential Citizens Medal and help honor his or her unwavering commitment to service.

Nominations will be reviewed by White House staff. The most compelling of these nominations will be sent to the President for his final decision.  Then late this spring, Citizens Medal recipients will be invited to receive their awards in a ceremony at the White House.

Thank you,

First Lady Michelle Obama
The White House

P.S. Right now we are only planning to keep the nominations process open for one week. So don't miss your chance to recognize someone amazing from your community.



Danet, B. (2010). USA 2010 Citizen's Medal Nomination: George Paskalov, Ph.D.. Retrieved from


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