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No Mountain Too High

April 16, 2013, 8:40 pm
Source: No Mountain Too High by Stan Cottrell
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No Mountain Too High

Manning Global Awareness

A Review of “No Mountain Too High”

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

His name is Stan Cottrell, author of “No Mountain Too High.”   The quotation is from Philippians 4:13.  Stan is preparing to mount a global campaign in the interest of orphans throughout the world.

Upon reading his book, Stan clues the reader into personal, intimate details about who he is, what motivates him and how he has developed from the youngest years into adulthood.  He bares his soul, perhaps in the interest of letting us know that anyone can become able to realize a dream.

This is a man who writes with brutal openness and honesty about difficult relations with his father in a culture where paternal domination is always respected and honored.  The farm chores are the backdrop for learning discipline and execution of daily tasks.   There is little time for personal interests or expression.  Stan’s yearning for paternal approval is met with indifference and extreme drunkenness.

Yet Stan learns that he can win a race running.  He learns he can chase after a rabbit for 5 hours and bring home a pet.   He finds solace and comfort in the physical challenges completing longer and longer races bring.  Today he says, “The easiest thing I do is run.”

Amidst the tear-rendering stories of his upbringing and all the myriad challenges he faces within his family… and eventually in his personal relationships and roles as a son, father, husband, athlete, community citizen… he acquires experiences and learning that allow him to embrace a unique, dedicated path in life.

From Friendship Sports Association website –

“Together…one step at a time…
we can make the difference our world so desperately needs!”

The world is a better place with Stan among its global citizens... and far more interesting!  What is ordinary for Stan is unheard of and awesome to most of us.  We learn of his assumption of greater challenges over his adult years in a progression that never ceases.  We are aware that with “No Mountain Too High” and a series of films created during a 25-year association under the Creative Hat of filmmaker Mickey Grant, the world has documentation confirming, indeed, that Stan is true to this book’s title.

In 2013, the Great Global Friendship Run marks what may be considered the culmination of a lifetime of determination that leaves no room for anything but Stan Cottrell’s continual pursuit of “What The World Needs Now.”  Actions by Stan speak continually of the kind of “mandated action” that addresses “The Cry of the World” on an ever larger scale and vision where “If big doesn’t work, think BIGGER!”

Indeed, Stan’s heart for the children of the world, our very future, and his God-given drive to bring them the “Power of Hope” worldwide, will not permit (not “if” but WHEN Stan succeeds in his quest) any orphan to go hungry or to be without shelter and caring.

When Stan finishes his runs around the world, few will not know of this inspiring humanitarian.  He needs to be honored by all the cooperation and collaboration that can take place in every corner on earth to help him realize his goal of raising $1 billion and more for direct benefit of the orphans of the world… and ongoing programs to continue giving them help and hope for years to come. 

This is not a “one-off” plan for personal glory, but the start of something bigger than ourselves that will continue giving and supporting orphans long after we and he are gone.  When Stan completes his runs and their accompanying events in 257 territories, colonies and countries and arrives at the destination of his final run, we will witness an occasion for pause and reflection for all of us, as well as a time for celebration and honoring of “Stan the Man.”

Remember, Stan clearly is not doing this for notoriety nor for self- aggrandizement.   This is a man who has diligently prepared and been strengthened, and who is proving he can do all things to which he sets his mind, repeatedly saying and claiming, “I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me!”

And he does… continually defying the “norms” of ability and possibility in such a way that there is no way for us to ignore what we learn from his example.  He forces us to take the time and self-reflection to ask ourselves, “How can I lend a hand?”

If one man can do what Stan does, then all that exists in the world can be harnessed to take care of every human being alive.  Stan Cottrell, one human being, is proving that one man truly can make a difference and can create “The Beginning of the End of Human Suffering.”  Just watch him run and draw your own conclusions… or come out and participate at one of the run venues around the world. See what amazing things you can discover.

Based on what is known to us at this time in history, poverty, famine and lack of basic needs must and will disappear.  The Keynesian economic paradigm of lack can be shifted to a better and actually more real model of resource utilization with compassionate provision, even abundance.  The earth gives up its bounty, and it’s being proven that we can harness it to end such suffering. 

Pain, lack, suffering and misunderstanding are NOT what Stan wants for the world.  We at ABC4All will provide him and the charitable organization of which he is Chairman, Friendship Sports Association, with maximum support as both deserve.  His worldwide run for the Orphans, spreading “The Power Of Hope And Friendship” to a hurting world, will be the true realization of a life-long dream that could not be more respectful and caring of others in the world. 

Burton Danet, Ph.D. is Founder, The Legacy of ABC4All located on the Internet at  Dr. Danet has pledged full support by A Better Community For All (ABC4All) for Friendship Sports Association, Inc. 501(c)(3) for the entire duration of The Great Global Friendship Run.  With ABC4All Mentors in 119 countries to date, it is easy to imagine that as we create support for the Great Global Friendship Run, we will also be acquiring ABC4All Mentors in the remaining 138 locations, resulting in ABC4All Mentors in 257 geographical locations in the world.

A website dedicated to knowledge and creativity by Mickey Grant of Dallas, Texas.  Mickey is a filmmaker (China Run, The Cu Chi Tunnels, Destination Da Nang) and screenplay writer (Horse with No Name, Sacrificing Liberty)

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Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now:

The Beginning of the End of Human Suffering:

“The Cry of the World” from the Lyrics of the original song, “Lend a Hand,” created for ABC4All by singer, songwriter Ben Mackenzie, Australia: and




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