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My Heart's With God, to ABC4All

August 4, 2012, 3:10 pm
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My Heart’s with God, to ABC4All


by Rommy Wuhe, ABC4All Mentor




From Rommy's Corner says:



"Love, and then peace to the world"



The Love Foundation, home of



Global Love Day agrees:



"Love Begins With Me"


I really don’t know why, but God knows the why “My heart’s with God to ABC4All.”

Means, I work with God to ABC4All for the living in the world.


I cannot testify without being an act in the game, all I have ever dreamt, or seen, still seeing lives inside of ABC4All Mentors' home on the net, with the zeal, created the “ABC4All WorldSolutions.


ABC4All, which means A Better Community For All, sharing information for anyone receptive, is very active, we have the belief, so, faithfully we hope to always create a new reality; “A country’s vision dies the day its servants start looking at themselves as leaders, but without excellence. That day, the country starts falling.” Those can be empty words, too much spoken without actions applied.


Lets try and be obedient to the words of the creator who is God over all, so as it is written in 1 Samuel 15, from verse 13 to 23. Please, open, and lets read together to enable understanding before agreement.


I also want you to understand that disobedience is the equivalent of rebellion against God. 4our good: “Love, and then peace to the world to making a better community for all {ABC4All}.

ABC4All is a vision with a great task, people of the same heart working to save lives. We are not daunted by this vision, we work with every action taken to reach soonest those most in need.


As long as I live to partake in the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project, with Co-Founders Burton Danet, Ph.D., a retired clinical psychologist { Retired but very active in the mission to saving lives as a humanitarian} and Robert Chew { involved with many humanitarian projects the world over with ABC4All just one focus }, I say:


How can I participate? With excellent support coming from our lovely friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers in 118 countries so far with Nigeria always having more mentors than any other country and who are dedicated, give of their time, well used for our mutual benefit, our mentors eager to assist with life-saving activities, too many to mention, {with multiple Local ABC4All chapters having already been created}.


It does not mean we are relaxed in our individual side of life, but as I always tell people, ABC4All has been building for close to fifteen years now {15yrs}, what does that tell you? = meaning, Building a Long-term Investment {BLI}. And its ever-increasing numbers of supportive partners/sponsors etc. such as


With ABC4All supporting worthwhile causes and nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):


With ABC4All Participation Guidelines


Just to make sure that our togetherness yields beautiful fruits, ABC4All with all receptive working together, are creating opportunities that have not existed before


With support for worthwhile causes to generate funds, to enable such organized togetherness achieve its goals.


Look at the possibility for Economic Exhibitions, the first one by Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa brothers and sisters which took place in Los Angeles, United States.


Look at the themes: “Discovering Côte d’Ivoire’s Economic Potentials”


This very first Côte d’Ivoire Expo in California aims to promote the country'’s opportunities in the sectors of Agribusiness, Industry, Infrastructures, Housing, Trade, Tourism, Transportation, Mining, Oil and Gas, etc.




INVITATION:  (not limited to Africa)


With respect to Nigeria: There is much we can do to win back that giant in us, that past groove.


The fear of God;- Our vision will create mission.


Building the concept, seeing the development and implementation of projects.


Now, Nigerians, what do you know?

What do you have?

What is the meaning of " Organization " ?

Come and lets merge our vision to building one great and a glorious Nigeria in the fear of God for God, that means, to the glory of God who is the creator of all things.

See the RAP LYRICS by ABC4All Mentor. Rommy Wuhe. Atomgbe II.

Lets go back to the basics.

Let's flow, enlist the cooperation of the masses.

Take the master plan, forward the mission.

This is my decision, no time for vacation.

Nigeria as a nation, what’s our contributions?

Stand up and step-out, moving to recreation.

I started with A-B-C in the end, for all I call.

Let's build Nigeria, build security, keep peace.

Offer job opportunities we create to make runs.

Give the youth a chance, FG, we dey here

We fought and created dance, I care 4 us to share.

Empowered information, to building our great nation, so carry go.


ABC4All Two-Step Dance:



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