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November 6, 2010, 2:23 am


by Rommy Wuhe

The saying, "A hungry man is an angry lion" seems more to reflect that those around such a person have neglected to understand who he is, why he is hungry. By not giving him the opportunity for such understanding, there is little opportunity to develop a friendship including even the possibility for a close frienship.

The increase in crime rate is due to the gap between the so called Rich and Poor.  What is a richman in the eyes of ignorance? The capitalist with the cash is believed to be rich.

Who is the poor then?  A poor person is seen by so many as not having value being without capital  But such lack of understanding is nothing to write home about, so, in this way, another saying says, "It takes two to tango."  Does that mean that IDEALISM/CAPITALISM are the two that it takes to tango?

But now, the question is, is capitalist ready to invest into initiatives that are al ong-term investment that will benefit others?
 At least, it is the long-term investment that creates job opportunities and resultant crime reduction.

The capitalist or politician who serves himself in the world of business is mostly not ready for such long-term, socially conscious themes.  He prefers just to concentrate on personal and more immediate benefit.

Not investing into strong initiatives breaks down the economy and strength of a nation. What is the consequence? No jobs, more crime, lack of caring.

Most crime rates today have gone high due to the lack of educational empowerment that helpw with basic understanding of the difference between good and  bad.

Now, the good side would be, if the government has had the vision to build a mission by putting in place all that it takes, that means, the necessary  availability as initiated to enable our young graduates to practice what they have learned and then creating what is the true meaning of empowerment, there will be less crime. That is a potential solution that can bring down the high rate of crime.

The capitalist actually may be frightened when the both capitalists and socially conscious business people come together.  Why?  Without a solid foundation that brings about empowerment and cooperation through such initiatives, acquiring such understanding becomes less likely.

The fact is, there may never be an agreement between rich man/poor man {RM/PM}, and if the PM resorts to crime,who is he facing?, since the PM wants money, who do you think is his target? The RM!

Conclusion:  With education and empowerment there will be a better way.

Love, and then peace to the world
To making A Better Community for All.
ABC4All Mentor, Rommy Wuhe.



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