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August 24th, 2010

Social fundraising to help rebuild Pakistan

Dear Burton,

On the 15th of August the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, visited Pakistan and called on all nations to send money, goods and logistics to the twenty million people who were victimised.

We at Pifworld want to pitch in, in an innovative way, by social fundraising.

Soon we will let you in on the details of the Project for which we are teaming up with a local help organisation in Pakistan. You can expect transparency of the budget and spending by the weekly updates we give you in the form of videos and blogs.

Our initiative has been picked up by the local media. On Friday the 20th of august Harmen Van Doorn, founder and CEO of Pifworld, was interviewed by an important Dutch television station about the role new media players like Pifworld can play in helping Pakistan. For the dutchspeaking among you, watch the interview here

Be sure to keep an eye on our website. Disasters of this scale need global solutions. Together with Pifworld you can soon contribute to Pakistan.

Do good, feel good

We offer creative talents a unique possibility to become part of our team. We are currently looking for a trainee communication officer. He or she will interact with the online community, both on Pifworld.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, Hyves and LinkedIn. Curious? You can get in touch with louise@pifworld.com or find the full description of the vacancy here.

Check out the article about Pifworld that was published in the online magazine Emerce on the 19th of August 2010. The Emerce article highlights the transparency of the fundraising offered by Pifworld and enquires about the Pifworld business model. For the Dutch speaking among you, read more here.

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