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Marcia Wieder <> Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 5:43 AM

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Dream University
Do you consider yourself a visionary? If you do, great. If not, I understand. Sadly, most people don't.

Guess what? You might be surprised...
How about a quick assessment--do any of these qualities fit you?

Visionaries often look like this! <<< could be you, right?

Visionaries express their vision in many ways--there are no set rules, though maybe a few helpful guidelines. I invite you to step out and share yours:

Which of these applies to you? <<< more than one, right?

Let's inspire others with our vision.

Dream big--really big,


P.S. So, are you or are you not a visionary? Find out here:

The visionary check list tells all! <<< find out now
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Burton Danet, Ph.D.

August 11th, 2010 at 9:02 am    

Look how many responded simply by saying “the link does not work.”

Why need the link to work?

A search with the key words on the site turned up the course from which it was possible to “lift” each item and insert into the text box and then respond.

Never let an obstacle win out. YOU have the power to be INDEPENDENT.

1.  A 21st Century Visionary practices integrity at a soul level.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) has never been done before and represents a new entity for the world.  The concepts / principles of ABC4All encourage the highest levels of integrity achievable by anyone receptive.

2. A 21st Century Visionary is comfortable with uncertainty.

One never knows how people will respond to info that is put out on the Internet.  With that uncertainty, it turns out that the response has been impressive in terms of how people take the concepts, make them their own, and then proceed to create ways to help their local community become better for all.

3. A 21st Century Visionary knows the secret to enlightenment is to relax.


Light Candles Here

This was created in response to Lynne Taggert's work and is helping people grieving for lost loved ones, focus on a child whose life was threatened from a serious sporta accident (he recovered from a coma) etc.  IM is used to focus on SAFETY in travel.  It can be used if someone loses a pet, etc.  It helps with, and focuses on, many ways to relax as in the classic book by Herbert Benson, M.D., "The Relaxation Response."

4. A 21st Century Visionary practices "getting empty" in order to hear the voice and/or feel the presence of the Divine.

Opening up to what is possible - serendipity - has been a focus.  In order to experience such phenomena, one has to get rid of any preconceived notions, influences, etc.  Never allow yourself to be brainwashed, and keep open your options and perogatives.  Such an "empty" state avoids your taking on blinders, even unknowingly.

5. A 21st Century Visionary often acts just on faith.

For 12.5 years Bob Chew and I have worked together to create ABC4All, both of us having sheer faith that we had the power to bring about change for the better in the world even without a dime of funding.
6. A 21st Century Visionary can consciously drop into a deeper place of knowing and can ideate/dream and speak from this place.

Mostly ABC4All has been created in a dream or sleep state.  Upon awakening, like a robot, I go to the computer and simply type out what I have been "told" to do.

7. A 21st Century Visionary is receptive and knows that "give and take" is not the same as "give and receive."

Mentors learn from one another.  There is no leader here.  We all have equal ability to share ideas and to implement them.  Bob's words:  "Never let the lack of anything get in the way of what is possible."

8. A 21st Century Visionary is aware that miracles happen in their own time.

The phenomena of serendipity have been making themselves felt over and over again.  Eventually, it became possible to stop asking questions and just go with the flow.  The ultimate conclusion?  The Miracle of The Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR). 

ABC4All Cares.
ABC4All Shares.
YOU Decide.

9. A 21st Century Visionary knows that we were created to create. 

Healing Creativity is a major focus of ABC4All.  Allowing for the creative expression in whatever form it may take becomes a key way for people to relate to one another.  "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" was an eye-opener and showed that even if you THINK you have little or no artistic drawing talent, you DO and CAN draw in a way you never even imagined you could do.  Apply these concepts to any area of living and you have great HOPE! 

10. A 21st Century Visionary has a conscious relationship with the silent witness, the part of each of us that can see many points of view and new perspectives.

Back to the notion to never allow yourself to be brainwashed.  That puts blinders on you and ends up with you seeing what you think you should be seeing.  Instead, keep all options open and let the flow of possibility reign.

11.  A 21st Century Visionary knows when to be collaborative and when to be hierarchical.

Actually there is NO hierarchy in ABC4All.  It does not matter who is involved, who administers it, etc.  A virtual entity it is there, doing its good work in the world, establishing its Legacy into Perpetuity and will be available for anyone receptive to participate.  This is TRUE COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION WITHOUT THE NEED FOR HIERARCHY.  We are all ONE.

12. A 21st Century Visionary is crucial to the Dream Movement's ultimate dream, which is to make the world a more whole and abundant place.

The CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement has been taking hold (in the case of ABC4All).  There are thousands of groups like this across the world creating TheShift.  In ABC4All's way, it is a 2-step "dance," and includes both facts and possibilities.



Danet, B. (2010). Dreams Can Be Realized. Retrieved from


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