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Cellular Meditation

July 23, 2010, 11:22 pm
Source: Cellular Meditation
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Anyone interested in serious, focused meditation can consider the work of Dr. Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt.  Sample her work here, download a full 12-minute audio from "Cellular Meditation:" "Evening Meditation."


Cellular Meditation for Stress Release CDs I & II
written & narrated by Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt L.Ac., Ph.D.

In a simple direct way, the CDs open up the interface between physical, mental, and emotional energies, and how the health of each is dependent on the other in a physiological way. Dr. Kathleen emphasizes the important role of endorphins, our “natural high” hormones produced in the physical body—how we have a hundred endorphin receptor sites in each of our 10 trillion cells.

With a variety of musical backgrounds and a soothing voice, Dr. Kathleen speaks through the listener in his/her first-person voice. The aim of the message is to undo the tight constriction of our nerve & muscle tissue in order to feel the delicious airy, liquidy sensation of our ongoing inner, vibrating cellular processes. Like the “buzz” that some people seek from liquor or drugs, this natural ‘”buzz” is healthy, natural, and feels great!

Kathleen was extremely motivated to apply these techniques to our active and veteran armed forces, to help them undo the effects of war on their bodies and minds. This is a special case situation that needs much support. These CDs are designed to complement all other ongoing therapies. Practical advice, guided imagery & breath work to help normalize our biochemistry and reintegrate the layers of our consciousness, with innovative self-help exercises to improve focus and well being.



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