Peace in the Water

ONE WAVE - Day 3 reflection

ONE WAVE - Day 3 reflection

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Day 3 Greetings to the Global Pod of PEACE in the WATER!

I felt inspired to share a brief story from our Day 1 experience, along with a wonderful alliance with a very special initiative called the GLOBAL PRAYER WAVE ( - please see below for details!

On the evening of the first day of this year’s vigil I went down to the water to begin my own 33-day journey of connection to this great element. We’re currently staying near Melbourne, where the ocean is ALOT colder than we’re used to in northern New South Wales. And while it certainly requires a different level of commitment to jump IN on a daily basis down here, we’ve found the water here to be absolutely pristine, serene and equally as powerful in its effect on our moods and energy.   

So as I stood on the bay side of the Mornington Peninsula, looking out across a liquid mirror sunset, I began to wonder about the energy of our thoughts and intentions and what impact we really have on our planet with the seeds we carry in our minds and share with each other in this way. I began to wonder how much is in our control, how much is up to us to create vs. how much we are part of a greater sea with tides and rhythms all its own.

What impact does one focused thought, one action, one clear commitment really have on the whole?

Just as I was thinking about all this, my eyes were drawn to a rolling movement on the otherwise completely glassy and still water before me. As I focused on this movement it grew into a wave that rose to a peak and washed up onto the shore. It was not a big wave (about 10 inches high!), but it was a wave nonetheless, and it seemed to come from  absolutely nowhere. I stuck around for another 30 minutes but this was the only wave I saw during my whole time at the beach, and it just happened to come right at that moment.

To me, it was a simple yet profound answer to my question... Revealing that both sides are true. Within this great sea of life, which has a pulse and rhythm all its own, our thoughts and intentions create WAVES that ripple into the fabric of life, changing and altering the flow. When we focus these thoughts and build upon them with our feelings and our actions, when we join with others who share similar visions, the waves we build grow bigger, travel further and have greater impact when they arrive upon a distant shore... or return to us in full.

What thoughts and intentions will YOU choose to bring to the waters today?  How will they rise into waves of action and energy expressed in the sea of life?

We are grateful for this amazing opportunity to ‘come to the water’ with so many conscious, positively visioning people at this time and to see what waves of great change and transformation we can initiate together.  To that end, we are thrilled to share a new alliance with our dear friends at The T.O.N.E., who have begun a project called the Global Prayer Wave (

The Global Prayer Wave for the Gulf Of Mexico
Pray | Meditate | Intend

The Global Prayer Wave was inspired by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a way to focalize prayerful energy around the globe on a daily basis. It is a simple call for ALL who feel inspired to stop for 1-5 minutes at 12pm noon daily and bring our focused intent for HEALING, VITALITY and yes PEACE to the WATER.  This initiative is wonderfully aligned with the PEACE in the WATER vigil and offers our global pod an opportunity to tune in with a great many around the globe who are bringing their positive energy to the waters at this time. Whatever your prayerful intention may be, join us as we connect PEACE in the WATER with the Global Prayer WAVE at noon each day.

WHEN: 12PM Daily - Local Time - this is ongoing.

WHERE: Wherever you are at 12PM each day.

HOW: Take 1 minute of focused Prayer, Intention, Song, Meditation or Silence (3 - 5 minutes if your inspired) with a focus on creating sustainable solutions for this situation.

JOIN & SHARE: Sign-up to The Global Prayer Wave Group & Event on Facebook to share your prayers, thoughts, videos, pictures, events and comments, invite your friends & connections to join and connect with others within this growing Global Tribe -

FOCUS: Bring your presence, thoughts, love and energy to help create sustainable solutions in the Gulf of Mexico, with a special focus on healing for the Ocean, the water and all of life around and within it.  

Joining hands with the global PEACE in the WATER vigil, we see these prayers rippling out to all oceans, to all waters, to all creatures that live, swim, fly & relate to the waters of our living planet.  May our prayers and focused intent aid in the returning of all life to its pristine, highest condition.

Join us daily at midday to send your love and prayers into the water of our Living Planet!


Chip Richards ~





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