A New Direction

Online Safety and Avoiding Dangers on the Internet

Unsuspecting people everywhere are victimized on the internet.  The Internet can be wonderful and it can be dangerous.

To help with the danger, at a minimum, it is necessary to work on a computer that has anti-virus software wherever possible.  There is FREE software which is highly recommended:

However, windows-driven systems have more than 250,000 viruses and the best programs cannot keep up with the new viruses as they appear.  Systems everywhere are shut down including the former ABC4All computer used.  A backup came with the message for EVERY file, "This file is corrupt.  Do you still want to save?"

The invaded computer had to be shut down.  A trip to the nearest Apple store was undertaken with the question of whether such problems could be avoided on the Apple-driven computer.  Apple computers have only a few hundred known viruses and are much safer. 

The present Apple ABC4All computer in use has had no such problems.  Their service people explained how to be invisible on the internet.  Since then there have been no problems at all. 

The first thing done was to transfer all the files on the ABC4All Server onto the Apple computer to ensure safety from hackers and viruses, this took days of work.

Then ABC4All was introduced by Dr. David Randle of
http://globalhealing.net (ABC4All is an affiliate) to the TrUnity platform which was new, next-generation and did not require HTML, so it was not vulnerable to hacking and viruses.  To date the Network of ABC4All sites on TrUnity remain FREE of any kind of hacking or viruses.

Thus ABC4All offers FREE websites via TrUnity.

The best thing to do is follow a few guidelines:

1.  Do not open any attachment or link from someone you do not know.

2.  Do not use "cc" only "bcc" or blind cc to protect email addresses.

3.  If anything is suspicious or even if not suspicious, you can check with a search at

4.  Have Anti-Virus program protecting your computer wherever possible.

5.  Anyone who is using a windows-driven computer can check with
www.snopes.com to see if something has already been reported.

6.  Do a search on the Internet for "Internet Safety" or protecting children for more sites/ways to be alert and protect yourself and those with whom you communicate via the Internet.

Part of what we need to do is protect ourselves and others from the dangers on the Internet.  Therefore this post being shared with all ABC4All mentors.

We are learning all the time about what to do and what not to do.

We do the best we know how.



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