Mentor of the Week: Doumbia Kabiné, Mali

May 20, 2010, 6:03 am
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What's uppermost on my mind:  Doumbia Kabine from Mali shares what is uppermost on his mind:
* L' human being like value and central concern
* L' assertion of l' equality of all the human beings
* Recognition of personal and cultural diversity
* The development of knowledge beyond what is accepted aujourd' today like absolute truth
* L' assertion of freedom d' ideas and of beliefs
* The rejection of all types of violence and discrimination
Mr. Doumbia Kabiné of MALI in Africa of l' west.



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Doumbia Kabiné, Mali.

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Date and birthplace: September 19, 1982 in BAMAKO
Matrimonial situation: Single person without Child ADDRESSES: STREET: 354 DOOR: 234 Bamako-Coura BP: 3510 BAMAKO (Mali)
Concealment: (00223) 7602 04 24 or (00223) 65740350
*** Belgian Private detective diploma. Possibilities of Work: - Lawyer Offices: Spinning mills for divorces, search for missing people, investigations. - Banks: Investigations for appropriations, searchs for antecedents, solvency. - Department stores: Investigations of solvency before acceptance of appropriations. - Flights made by the customers and the personnel. - Industry: Investigations “under cover”, against espionage, etc…. - Insurance companies: controls of (false) the accident claims, etc….
** Patent of Technician in Transit Customs (2004) *BAC *Diplôme of fundamental study (DEF) in 1997 Coordinator of the association of SUPPORT INTERDEPENDENT FOR the REINFORCEMENT OF the DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE IN MALI. “ASRAD” Experiments - Currently I am representative of S.A.R.L VIP' S of Belgium in Mali. - 2005-2007: Training course as assistant of the personnel manager of the Ministry for the Economy and Finances. - 2004: Training course of qualification to the Customs of Diboly, Mali border - Senegal. - Mars/April 2007: Training course at the social service of commune III of Bamako. July-August 2007: Social survey with Kangaba in the area of Koulikoro. - Several surveys carried out successfully. Participation in several Drilled like: 4me World congress of the Young people in Quebec (Canada) in August 2008 Worldwide social forum of 2006 in Bamako, Strange forum meets with Benign (2007), African social forum in Guinea (2006), African social forum in NIGER (2006), Forum of youth on the prevention of conflicts etc…. FORMATIONS: - In English - Training of the young leaders in Health of the Reproduction, kind and plea organized by the Ministry for Youth and the Sports in 2006; - Training of the trainers in Data processing organized by the National agency for Employment (A.N.P.E) in 2005 on the following modules: . Computing system . Windows XP and its environment . Word 2000 . Excel 2000 - Training seminar in Follow-up and Analyzes Budgetary and in Plea Lobbying October 2008, - Formation on Budgeting sensitive to the Kind in May 2008 - Training in creation of company organized by the Djoliba center in 2005; - Training in Health of the reproduction and prevention of IST/VIH/Sida organized by the young people project in 2007; - Training of the trainers on the integrated vaccination campaign against measles, the poliomyelitis, the administration of the Vitamin has, Albendazole and the distribution of impregnated insecticide Mosquito nets organized by the Red Cross Malian and the Canadian Red Cross in 2007; - Teacher training on the “vote a right and a duty for all” organized by the formation Friedrich Ebert and the MARD in 2001. COMMUNITY LIFE: + General secretary of Association Generation Without AIDS of Mali + Vice President of the Mutual insurance company of the students and academics of Mali (MEUMA) + Secretary with the information and the press of Youth African Union of Mali (J.U.A) + Secretary with the Organization of the Town council of the youth of commune III of Bamako + Secretary with the Organization of the communal Red Cross of commune III of Bamako WRITTEN LANGUAGES AND PARLEES . Malinké: well . French: well . English: passable . Arab: passable

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