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ABC4All / Pakistan Approved as URI Cooperation Circle! - Part II

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A Better Community For All / Pakistan-approved as Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiative (URI) - Part II


Yuel Bhatti <> Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 4:15 AM

Dear URI Family and Friends,
Greetings of peace from ABC4ALL/Pakistan- CC!
I am thank full URI CC Approval Committee for approval of our CC. Many friends sent the blessings, prayers and we are grateful.  Now we are determined to  spread the URI P.P.P. not in Pakistan but around the world with URI Family  and ABC4ALL Mentors who are 800 around the world. You will see the below link reached to above net work.
I am thankful Dr. Burton Danet, Ph.D,Co-Founder of ABC4ALL ( who created the below links and  further links their in by reflecting  some high lights of our CC. As Local
ABC4ALL/Pakistan was launched on May 1-3,2008  while celebrations of Global Love 2008 and continuing struggling for spreading peace and tried hard for Humanitarian Relief work.
We have launched the ABC4ALL-Education System  for underprivileged students those are oppressed and living in the slums. Seeks your prayer and support in this project.  
Thanks, Fr. James Chanann  OP, Regional Coordinator -Pakistan  for the Congratulations. His letter posted is in below link, encouragement and guidance always for spreading interfaith peace and harmony. I would like to share that in our CC now consisting  on  Peace promoter, Educationist , Webdesigner, photographer, composer,  IT including Women and Youth.  All are determined to spread the vision of ABC4ALL for Peace and harmony by applying URI P.P.P. to see the peaceful and better world. Recently we celebrated the Holi eve, Eid Milad ul Nabe and Celebration of our Approval of CC. On 7-8  March we will attend the Coordinator's Workshop and International Women's Day at URI Regional Office, Lahore Pakistan.   
May Peace Prevail on Earth!
May Peace Prevail in Pakistan!
Thanks for taking time to read and view the links your feed back will be appreciated.
Yuel Bhatti
Co-Founder and Coordinator
A Better  Community for ALL/Pakistan-CC
Nauman Zaki
Project Officer
A Better Community for ALL/Pakistan-CC


Danet, B. (2010). ABC4All / Pakistan Approved as URI Cooperation Circle! - Part II. Retrieved from


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