"The Orphans" A Cameroonian Video Documentary

February 27, 2010, 3:32 am
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A Cameroonian Video Documentary


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Penjo Media Network

"Our goal is to bring smiles on everyone's face through humanitarian work, films and documentaries including photography."

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Lend a Hand

Penjo Media Network
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Peter Njodzeka

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Our NGO works very hard to supply clean water to the communities in Cameroon by providing bio sand filters to the grassroots households, our priority is to save the children between 0-5 years old by supplying access to clean water. if your community is in need of clean water, contact us immediately. We do not provide pipe born water, but we construct bio sand filters to help the villagers filter their water before drinking. Visit our website shown above to see more about the sand filter for households. Contact us for more at: or go to our NGO website: or call +237 77 71 62 88 Thanks Peter Njodzeka, CEO/Founder of LWDGC "NGO"
About Me:
Peter Njodzeka is a civil society activist and is working to improve the lives of those in need in the local communities of Cameroon. Through his US partners, Thirst Relief International, Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon, which is an NGO founded by Mr. Njodzeka, Thirst Relief is funding so many water projects in Cameroon, which are being supervised and implement by LWDG-Cameroon.

Example of Successful Work we can duplicate all over the world:

A message of thanks from the Nkuv community in Cameroon to their biosand filter donors,
Thirst Relief International - USA and LWDG-Cameroon

Including to 

Peter Njodzeka, Founder/Director LWDG-Cameroon

Want to help? Volunteer?
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)
abc4all @ gmail (dot) com

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1 in 1 Billion
100% of your donation will be used to help with no expenses deducted!
50% of your donation goes the charity of the donor's choice
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Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) with advanced technologies for water, food and shelter
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