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October 29, 2009, 7:56 am
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ABOUT CHANGE THE WORLD UNIVERSITY (CTWU) and its Founder, Steven Mistretta

Steven Mistretta has been an ABC4All Mentor and volunteer consultant for eCommerce / Internet for some time now.  His most recent activity has focused on the development of CHANGE THE WORLD UNIVERSITY (CTWU).  He declares his intention to assist in the process of the ABC4All Goal to create Self-FUNding4All.  To this end, he is sharing a series of CTWU Lessons to assist all interested ABC4All Mentors to develop their skills as ABC4All eCommerce Entrepreneurs - or, in this instance, ABC4All INTERNETPRENEURS!

Steve has spent the last decade working online, creating content, doing research and searching for linking partners for some of the top names in the Internet Marketing World.  For two years Steve owned and managed his own Internet Marketing firm.

Three years ago, Steve became disillusioned with the Internet Marketing world and decided to do something more meaningful which could help others help themselves and make the world a better place. Steve began volunteering his Internet Marketing services to the Food for Everyone Foundation,

Steve has helped increase traffic, sales, and was responsible for the creation of the FFEF Clickbank affiliate program.

In an effort to help others learn to work from home Steve created CTWU is an ever expanding website where both Steve and select experts teach people to build there own business online while helping a Non-Profit within their niche. Steve has a habit of reminding people there is no “magic lightswitch” to online success, however if you follow the CTWU blueprint you can succeed.


Indeed, ABC4All is fortunate to have had Steve come forward and initiate contact so that he could, in fact, serve as consultant volunteer.  We are grateful that Steve finds himself as part of the ABC4All Collage



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