Achieving Health Heights

Is it possible to be 100% healthy?

A complete battery of medical laboratory tests were received on 4/2/14 that were 100% normal with not one item outside the normal range.

This phenomenon of achieving TOTAL NORMALCY attests to the fact that ANYONE can climb the Achieving Health Heights Ladder and that we do not see any limits to continuing the process of becoming increasingly healthy! Ask us how!
You, too, can improve your health maintenance and avoid contaminations that confront us every day. -- Burton Danet, Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist and Teresa Goldmann, Anti-Aging Specialist

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Today I was fortunate to attend a meeting about the scientifically proven Global Health Solution offered by the company, LifeVantage,

Speaking were 2 medical doctors with active practices at The Tommy Lasorda Heart Institute of Centinela Hospital in Inglewood/Los Angeles County, California USA:

Cranford L. Scott, M.D.
Specialty    Internal Medicine
Address    211 N. Prairie Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90301
Telephone    (310) 673-6581
Fax    (310) 419-4493

Robert B. Chesne, M.D.
Specialty    Cardiovascular Disease
Group Name    Apex Cardiology
Address    501 E. Hardy Street
Suite 200
Inglewood, CA 90301
Telephone    (310) 672-3900
Fax    (310) 671-2564

Both doctors are sharing the all-natural supplement, Protandim, with their patients because of the extraordinary responses so many individuals are having to this to date.

They are among the growing number of physicians who are recognizing the extensive research already documented showing the success of treatment utilizing Protandim now reflected by 15 peer review studies published on the site,, when the term, "Protandim," is used in the search.  There are additionally more than 20 additional studies in progress at university and research centers all over the world.  Go here to see these studies and their results:

Each of the 2 doctors gave specific examples of patients who have improved so much that one even went from an extremely debilitated state to recovering so well that she baked cookies and brought them to his office to express her appreciation.  These results with patients are backed up with extensive research already published via peer-review studies as described which is the reason these doctors have decided to share the Protandim products with their patients, some with extensive heart health challenges.

We learned that the LifeVantage Company has far exceeded its predictions for growth during its 4th fiscal year.  Instead of growing at the expected rate of 30% in one year, it grew by 50%!  Further, top distributors in this company are receiving 1% of the profits of the company's revenue which exceeded US$208 million this last year.

The company is active presently in 6 countries:  US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Australia.  In addition, there is presently prelaunch in the Philippines so that persons in that country can sign up without any payments until their products ship.

Please watch this video from ABC TV Prime Time with Correspondent John Quinones whose laboratory results documented that his oxidative stress was reduced significantly in just 2 weeks after he started taking Protantim.  The same reduction occurs in people of any age!

Reducing oxidative stress can lead to better health maintenance and avoidance of the development of major health challenges so often seen as people get older in their life spans.  Thus anyone wanting to live a longer and healthier life can consider Protandim as part of a daily diet without incurring significant expense as is required for pharmaceutical medications, both for themselves and for every member of their family.

My own personal response to Protandim has been recorded here:  Achieving Health Heights:  I have written a related chapter for a book in progress, "Making The Impossible Possible," co-edited by myself and ABC4All Co-Founder, Scott Bruce.  The chapter is entitled, "Climbing the Rungs of the Health Heights Ladder" and a prepublication copy can be sent to anyone upon request.

NOTE:  If there are questions about children and teenagers' health and possibility for them to take Protandim, please contact me specifically about such questions!

Be sure to watch the video so you can have a better understanding of what is involved with this unique supplement:  ABC Prime Time Investigative Report:

You can learn more about the science behind Protandim here.

You will note there are 3 products that contain Protandim:  The supplement itself, a cream for external application called True Science and a formula for dogs, the Canine Health product.

After you review the above information, please contact me for more details about how you can participate as a Preferred Customer -- or -- as a business owner to be a distributor with this company that can place you in a prime position in your country since every state of the USA and every province within Canada and all of the countries presently active offer a tremendous opportunity for you to create a successful business that will become a legacy for you, your family and descendents.

Those in the Philippines can contact me about further instructions on how to sign up without any expense whatsoever until formal business operations start in your country.

It is with great pleasure that I can share this extraordinary information with you since we at ABC4All are committed to bring Protandim to each and every country as business activities start in those countries.  Many distributors are taking product and sharing it in countries where the company is NOT yet active on a humanitarian aid basis in such countries as Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries.  Anyone interested in learning more about these efforts can also contact me directly and I will put you in touch with those distributors of which I am already aware who are involved in such humanitarian aid work and such missions.



Burton Danet, Ph.D.
A Better Community For All (ABC4All)
LifeVantage Independent Distributor

To find out more about the LifeVantage opportunity, let me know the best way to contact you.  1-310-712-5477
The Legacy of ABC4All, Founder

Rejuvenated Facilitator

Why is this guy so happy?


Additional studies contain SCIENTIFIC PROOF of the reversal of 3000 genes producing oxidative stress and therefore related to health challenges that develop (200 of them!). 

To order contact me, Burton Danet, at 1-310-712-5477 or Skype abc4allteam or via return email at abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net. 


Or visit

Thank you, Teresa Goldmann, for providing this VITAL INFORMATION for anyone interested in better health regardless of whether or not there is a health challenge, regardless of whether or not a person is a high performance athlete, regardless of the age of the person.




If there were a way to deal with any contaminant that exists in the world, would you want to know about it?

Then let me tell you about Protandim, an all natural supplement that has 5 ingredients synergistically combined that is research-proven to help the body deal with all the contaminants that produce what is called, "free radicals."

There's more to it than just taking individual supplements or herbs.

The combination of the 5 ingredients helps put the body into high gear to handle oxidative stress that has been related to 200 diseases!  So it does not matter if you have a health challenge or not, if you are a high performance athlete or not, it does not matter what your age is.  ALL people benefit whether the benefits are perceived or not!


On Tue, 25 Sep 2012 23:38:27 -0700 (PDT), Teresa Goldmann wrote:

We want to welcome you to the group!
Burton Danet

We, Teresa Goldmann and Burt Danet, are working closely together to share valuable health improvement-related information that has already proven itself to be extremely helpful to many people. We meet monthly at The Life Oasis in Torrance, CA at 12 Noon to 1 PM.  
What are your tips so far?  Do you have questions?
This group offers an approach that fosters health maintenance and best practices for improved lifestyles. When the needs are not urgent, then the question can be thought about in terms of living in a way that establishes what is known as "hemostasis" or BALANCE. The book, "In Balance for Life" by Alex Guerrero offers easily understood information that will guide readers to reaching higher levels of health.

Based on information available to us today, there are advanced technologies available which can help anyone achieve better health regardless of the health challenge if there is one.

Even high performance athletes, teenagers, baby boomers, centenarians and all in between can achieve better health if that is their interest and goal. Thus it is now becoming possible to extend life spans in ways that have not been available before.

Come and join us and request to be on our mailing list which shares such imiportant information!
Organizer, Achieving Health Heights in South Bay Los Angeles


ABC Television presents:

Primetime Protandim Breakthrough

as reported by ABC-TV Correspondent, John Quinones






Recently a doctor shared 6 samples of an all-natural supplement he stated had been proven scientifically to offer great benefits.  So I tried it, and then began learning about the breadth and scope of the benefits people are realizing when they take Protandim


What has since become apparent is that it does not matter who you are or whether you have a health challenge or not!


The cumulative result of taking this supplement one tablet a day is as follows:


The unique and proven way the 5 natural ingredients work together synergistically, offers a well-documented and scientifically established opportunity to create functioning within the body that leads to the same results whether you are 20 or 80 years old.


So, herein is the link for you to watch a video and then consider giving this a try.  You will see that it is available so far in USA, (soon Australia), Japan and Mexico.  You can share this info as well with those you care about!


Questions?  After you review the information and if you would like to order as a preferred customer with a discount, please feel free to call me at 1-310-712-5477 or

Skype me at abc4allteam

or email me back at abc4allec @ abc4all (dot) net


This is so unusual and so well-documented in many studies that have been conducted at universities independently all over the world, that it offers a great way to improve health maintenance!


Go to and type in oxidative stress.  You will see 117,659 published studies on it.  Type in oxidative stress and cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, etc to see the link.  Protandim is proven to lower oxidative stress by 40-70% in 100% of people!  Then type in Protandim and you will see the 16 peer reviewed, independently funded studies, including a study published by the American Heart Association in Circulation magazine!  20+ more are in the works!


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder


A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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