Participants, Countries, Updates for / from the President's Forum for African Youth

August 4, 2010, 2:34 pm
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President's Forum with Young African Leaders: Participants


Photo at right:  ABC4All Mentor, Taiwo Adewole (Nigeria),

at the White House with William Opeyemi Jawando,

Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement


Listing all countries participating with their representatives and where relevant, a listing of the ABC4All Mentors for the given country with the participation of Taiwo Adewole, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Nigeria representing ABC4All - Washington, DC 08/03-05/2010


Sharing Current Programs Underway via

A Better Community For All (ABC4All):

ABC4All Portal4Relief:







From the countries represented at the President's Forum:


An ABC4All Mentor from one of 45 countries represented is present and participating from the country of Nigeria:

Adewole Taiwo, ABC4All Mentor and

Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Nigeria:


President/CEO Taiwo Adewole and Associates
Close 12 House 10 Satellite Town
Lagos State, Nigeria
Tel:- +2348023354679,+2347062031060,
Skype: adewole,taiwo


13 countries represented are without ABC4All Mentors.

32 countries represented are with ABC4All Mentors.

45 countries represented in total.


Total ABC4All Mentors in 109 countries worldwide as of 08/04/2010: 819


292 Mentors are in 32 of the 45 countries represented by the President's Forum


Largest number of mentors from one country: Nigeria with 113 mentors or almost 14% of ABC4All Mentors are from Nigeria.






Cape Verde

Central African Republic

Congo, Republic of:

Equatorial Guinea





Sao Tome and Principe





Benin: 1 mentor.

Burkina Faso: 1 mentor.

Burundi: 4 mentors.

Cameroon: 13 mentors

Chad: 1 mentor.

Côte d’Ivoire: 5 mentors

Djibouti: 1 mentor

Democratic Republic of Congo: 2 mentors

Eritrea: 1 mentor

Ethiopia: 5 mentors

Gabon: 1 mentor

Gambia, The: 3 mentors

Ghana: 37 Mentors

Kenya: 48 mentors

Lesotho: 1 mentor

Liberia: 3 mentors

Malawi: 2 mentors

Mali: 2 mentors

Mozambique: 1 mentor

Niger: 1 mentor

Nigeria: 113 mentors

Rwanda: 6 mentors

Senegal: 5 mentors

Sierra Leone: 7 mentors

Somalia: 14 mentors

South Africa: 9 mentors

Sudan: 5 mentors

Swaziland: 1 mentor

Tanzania: 13 mentors

Uganda: 20 mentors

Zambia: 3 mentors

Zimbabwe: 10 mentors


BOLDED COUNTRIES WITH ABC4All Mentors from that country:




* Luis Kandangongo Jimbo

Executive Director, Angolan Institute for Electoral Systems and Democracy (IASED)

* Marco Peter de Paula Almeida

Commercial Director, Octomar-Servicos Maritimos, Ltda


Benin: 1 mentor.

AHOUANSOU Omer Clément Benin May 5th, 2006

* Irene Cocovi Mensah (sent email)

Executive Director, Organization to Support Initiatives for Sustainable Development (OSIDD)




* Itumeleng Ramsden

Radio Personality, Yarona FM

* Uyapo Ndadi

Director, Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS



Burkina Faso: 1 mentor.


Eric OUEDRAOGO Burkina Faso May 10th, 2007


* Bobson Horieta Antonia Coulibaly

Lawyer, Cabinet d’Avocats Maitre Barthelemy Kere; President, Junior International Chamber Ouaga Metba

* Abdoul Karim Sango

Professor, Public Law and the Right to Information, National Administration School

* Sugrnoma Camille Romaric Sondo

Director General, M’ZAKA Securite Sarl; Vice President, Ouaga Junior International Chamber



Burundi: 4 mentors.


Council of Africa Youth NGOs Burundi May 28th, 2009

Moderator Jean-Claude Burundi Aug 2nd, 2007

Nibizi Jean-Marie Burundi May 9th, 2006

O.N.E Relief Channel Radio Burundi Nov 21st, 2008


* Gloria Kaneza

Centenary Ambassador, Girl Guides



Cameroon: 13 mentors


anderson bebe enone Cameroon Mar 11th, 2007

Clarence email hidden Cameroon Jan 6th, 2010

Corinne Mandeng email hidden Cameroon Mar 16th, 2007 All

George email hidden Cameroon Nov 1st, 2007 All

Green Cameroon Cameroon Mar 30th, 2009 All

j2kamga email hidden Cameroon Sep 29th, 2008 All

Moderator Jamils - Richard Achunji Ang Cameroon Apr 4th, 2008

JUDE THADDEUS NJIKEM Cameroon Oct 3rd, 2007

LWDG-Cameroon email hidden Cameroon Jan 6th, 2010


Menge N. Andoh email hidden Cameroon May 27th, 2007

monie desire konfor email hidden Cameroon May 28th, 2007

Murum email hidden Cameroon Jan 25th, 2008 All

penjoka email hidden Cameroon Oct 11th, 2008 All

Moderator Peter Njodzeka Cameroon Oct 11th, 2008

Teghen email hidden Cameroon Dec 10th, 2008 All

teguo daniel email hidden Cameroon Sep 1st, 2008 All

Tih Felix email hidden Cameroon Dec 15th, 2008 All


* Abdoulrazack Abdoulay

President, National Youth Council of Cameroon

* Emmanuel Sanyi Sanyi

Founder and National President, Local Youth Corner Cameroon

* Marie Tamoifo Nkom

President, Jeunesse Verte du Cameroun (Green Youth of Cameroon)



Cape Verde


* Ivan Carlos Fortes Evora Santos

National Coordinator of the White Ribbon Campaign, Institute of Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG)

* Claudia Sofia Marques Rodrigues

President, Institute of Gender Equality and Equity

* Cleonice Ester Vieira Lopes Silva Cabral

President, Church of Nazarene Youth Association



Central African Republic


* Jean-Felix Wilfrand Riva

Chairman, National Association for Central African Students; Coordinator, Leaders of Students of African Universities

* Fernand Sylvio Mande Djapou

Junior Lawyer; Coordinator, Youth NGO Network in Human Rights

* Nadia Carine Therese Poutou Fornel

Legal Advisor and Secretary General, CAR Women’s Legal Association



Chad: 1 mentor.


Gossoumian email hidden Chad Sep 25th, 2007


* Isseine Bourma Mahamat Zene

CEO, Zen Corporation

* Ladiba Gondeu

Professor of Sociology, N'Djamena University

* Jareth Beain

Head of Program on Public Resource Management, Group for Alternative Research and Monitoring of the Chad-Cameroon Petrol Project



Congo, Republic of:


* Welcom Romell Nzaba Nodjitolom

President, Couleur Congolaise (NGO)

* Jacinthe Claudia Mahoussi Dossou

Foundation Assistant, MTN (Telecom)



Côte d’Ivoire: 5 mentors



assogba email hidden Côte D'Ivoire Sep 25th, 2007

N'GORAN KOUASSI GERMAIN email hidden Côte D'Ivoire Mar 14th, 2007

Naon Katiohora email hidden Côte D'Ivoire May 9th, 2007

NDZULO TUECHE (Joe) email hidden Côte D'Ivoire Oct 18th, 2008

Prince225 email hidden Côte D'Ivoire Jul 25th, 2008


* Tiemoko Antoine Assale

Journalist, Editions; Head, Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Le Reveil Press Group

* Aminata Kane Epse Kone

Journalist, National Islamic Radio Al Bayane

* Kouadio Julien Tingain

National Coordinator, Ivoirian Coalition of Publish What You Pay



Djibouti: 1 mentor


bachir omar wais Djibouti Sep 29th, 2008


* Hodan Abdi Osman

Business Owner

* Liban Abdoulkader Elmi

President, National Youth Council of Djibouti

* Miguil Hassan Farah




Democratic Republic of Congo: 2 mentors


kitumaini Congo, DR Aug 14th, 2008

ROGER PHOLO, Congo, DR Jun 22nd, 2010


* Yomboranyama Ngambashongo Anice

Journalist; Chairperson, APIC

* Isiloketshi Anzuluni

Retail Banking & Operational Risk Manager, Ecobank DRC; Co- Founder, La Releve SPRL

* Marc Tshibasu

Trade Marketing Representative, British-American Tobacco Congo



Equatorial Guinea


* Santiago Martin Engono Esono

Accountant, Espor Litoral Medical Center



Eritrea: 1 mentor

Meron email hidden Eritrea Jun 18th, 2007


* Merry Tewolde Mussie

Research/Consultancy Coordinator and Lecturer, SMAP Institute of Training, Education and Consultancy



Ethiopia: 5 mentors


Frank email hidden Estonia Sep 25th, 2007

Amalu email hidden Ethiopia Feb 17th, 2008 All

Ermias Mergia email hidden Ethiopia Jul 2nd, 2008

Gudina Fufa Yadeta email hidden Ethiopia Jan 27th, 2009 All

Noor Gumi email hidden Ethiopia Jan 6th, 2010

Teffera email hidden Ethiopia Jun 6th, 2010 All



* Mahlet Eyassu Melkie

Climate Change Program Manager, Forum for Environment

* Salsawit Tsega Ketema


* Meron Getnet Hailegiorgis

Writer; Actress

* Yohannes Mezgebe Abay

Vice President/Coordinator, East Africa and Indian Ocean Sub Region, Pan African Youth Union



Gabon: 1 mentor


code Gabon Aug 2nd, 2008


* Andy Roland Nziengui Nziengui

Vice President, Pan African Youth Union



Gambia, The: 3 mentors


Harry Bobor Stevens Gambia Feb 16th, 2007

Helping Lives International Gambia Mar 22nd, 2008

modou faye Gambia Sep 20th, 2008


* Isatou Dumbuya

Columnist, The Point newspaper

* Thomas Kojo Quayson Adamper

Head, Corporate Communications, Oceanic Bank (Gambia) Ltd.

* Sana Sarr

Client Relations/Operations Manager, Unique Solutions


Ghana: 37 Mentors


Moderator abdul-mumin Ghana Feb 1st, 2008

African Support Network Ghana May 9th, 2007

Alexander D.K Acquaye Ghana Jan 30th, 2007

Moderator AWCAF Ghana Dec 7th, 2008

Azoska Simeone Saint John Ghana Mar 29th, 2010

Cyril France Ghana Nov 5th, 2007

Dania Osman Ghana Apr 14th, 2006

Date Ghana Apr 1st, 2009

david Ghana Aug 23rd, 2009

digitaleddy Ghana Dec 14th, 2006

Doe Dartey Believe Ghana Sep 23rd, 2009

Emmanuel Ghana Jul 4th, 2007

Folly Ghana Mar 31st, 2007

frebakus Ghana Nov 7th, 2007

george dei Ghana Oct 31st, 2006

Iddrisu Mohammed Saani Ghana Jan 6th, 2010

Jacob Alebinde Asogonnde Ghana Sep 11th, 2009

Josephine Danuor Ghana May 17th, 2007

kaabarah Ghana May 3rd, 2006

klay patrick Ghana Jan 19th, 2007

mark Ghana Jun 6th, 2009

matthew ewusi nyarkoh Ghana Oct 21st, 2008

Mohammed Awal Abdallah Ghana Jun 8th, 2008

mohammed Awal Abdallah Ghana Aug 14th, 2008

MUBARIK Ghana Aug 31st, 2009

patrick kwadwo kyeremeh Ghana Jul 17th, 2010

Reggie Ghana Mar 19th, 2007

rose elizabeth fordjour Ghana Sep 6th, 2009

SALIFU HAMZA Ghana Jul 26th, 2007

Sebastain Ghana Dec 9th, 2006

skillo Ghana Jun 11th, 2007

smith Ghana Oct 14th, 2008

Square Ghana Feb 29th, 2008

sweden45 Ghana Sep 27th, 2006

WUNI-ZOOYA DEV Ghana Oct 19th, 2006

Moderator yasin m. billy Ghana Jun 11th, 2007

zenabu Ibrahim Ghana Oct 24th, 2007


* Emmanuel Pumpuni Asante

Head of Programs, The Ghana Center for Democratic Development

* Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Editor, Crusading Guide newspaper

* Shamima Muslim

Presenter, Flagship News Magazine Program; Host, “Good Morning Ghana”


Guinea: 1 mentor


Mohamed Barrie Guinea May 28th, 2007


* Alpha Abdoulaye Diallo

Doctor; National Coordinator, African Youth Network, Guinea

* Yacouba Konate

President, National Movement of Guinean Youths

* Adama Sylla

Program Coordinator, Young Women Leaders Network; Vice President, Mano River Union Youth Parliament



Kenya: 48 mentors email hidden Kenya Mar 22nd, 2007 All

Alfred email hidden Kenya Apr 17th, 2008 All

Moderator Antony Ndegwa email hidden Kenya Aug 19th, 2007 All

Bernard Muhia email hidden Kenya Jan 6th, 2010

Cartoon email hidden Kenya Apr 17th, 2007 All

Christabell email hidden Kenya Oct 24th, 2007 All

dave email hidden Kenya Jul 2nd, 2008

DAVID NJIHIA email hidden Kenya Jan 6th, 2010

diana email hidden Kenya Mar 2nd, 2010 All

EDD email hidden Kenya May 28th, 2008 All

Moderator Eric Gitonga Mburugu email hidden Kenya Oct 20th, 2009

Erick Ochieng Otieno email hidden Kenya Nov 22nd, 2006

EUSTACE K MWITI email hidden Kenya Sep 25th, 2007

EVANS A email hidden Kenya Feb 9th, 2009 All

ezekiel chebii email hidden Kenya Feb 3rd, 2010 All

francis gathu nganga email hidden Kenya Dec 14th, 2006 All

Global Vital Solutions email hidden Kenya Nov 10th, 2009

Humphrey Munene email hidden Kenya Dec 10th, 2008 All

isaiah email hidden Kenya Oct 1st, 2009 All

Joseph Opiyo Olale email hidden Kenya Mar 20th, 2010 All

Ken Auma email hidden Kenya Mar 13th, 2007 All

Kenyaabc4all email hidden Kenya Dec 7th, 2007 All

LIZ OGUMBO email hidden Kenya Feb 28th, 2008 All

Mary Wachira email hidden Kenya Sep 7th, 2009 All

Mburu email hidden Kenya Jan 6th, 2010

Mepukori email hidden Kenya Sep 7th, 2009 All

Moderator Michael Awiti email hidden Kenya Sep 5th, 2009

MICHAEL MUCHOMBA email hidden Kenya Dec 12th, 2006 All

Mohamud Abass email hidden Kenya Apr 28th, 2009 All

Mr.Wilberforce Kenya Sep 25th, 2008 Daily

Norma email hidden Kenya Dec 31st, 2006 All

Patricia Sudi email hidden Kenya Apr 23rd, 2007 All

PAUL KAKAI CHETAMBE email hidden Kenya Mar 7th, 2009

paul mwirigi email hidden Kenya Jul 9th, 2008 All

Peter Ongera email hidden Kenya May 31st, 2008 All

phelgona atieno jacks email hidden Kenya Sep 25th, 2007

Reagan Sirengo email hidden Kenya Jun 6th, 2008 All

samuel kim email hidden Kenya Feb 16th, 2007 All

Moderator Sean Amos email hidden Kenya Mar 12th, 2007All

Steve otieno email hidden Kenya Jan 23rd, 2009 All

Terri email hidden Kenya Dec 11th, 2007 All

Tom onditi email hidden Kenya Jul 10th, 2007 All

VICTOR RASUGU email hidden Kenya Sep 29th, 2007 All

victoria adipo email hidden Kenya May 31st, 2008 All

Moderator Voluntary Youth Philanthropi Kenya Jul 12th, 2008

Wambui email hidden Kenya May 31st, 2008 All

wily's sports email hidden Kenya Nov 21st, 2008 All



* Benard Ochieng Akango

Owner, B.O Akango Advocates

* Doris Makena Kirima

Academic Trainee, American Red Cross



Lesotho: 1 mentor


Fusi email hidden Lesotho May 4th, 2008


* Mabulara Esther Tsuene

Executive Director, Lesotho Council of NGOs

* Lemohang Raphael Molibeli

Commissioner, Health and Social Development, Lesotho Council of Nongovernmental Organizations



Liberia: 3 mentors


HORATIUS EMMANUEL NALLO Liberia Feb 19th, 2007

Teeman.LIB email hidden Liberia Dec 12th, 2007 All

youth united for the promoti email hidden Liberia Jun 23rd, 2010


* Bai Sama Gwenning Best

Marketing Manager, The Liberian Observer Corporation

* Amos Teah Kofa

Coordinator, Voluntary Partnership Agreement





* Farasoa Lucette Rajaonarivelo

Training Assistant, Academy for Educational Development (AED)

* Tahiry Ramanantsoa Ep. Ratsimbazafy

Trade and Communication Manager, Madatours and Madavision

* Nirinjaka Ramasinjatovo Ep. Naharivelo

Deputy Country Director, PACT Madagascar



Malawi: 2 mentors


Ben Shao email hidden Malawi Aug 29th, 2006

Tobias Chitatata Kumwenda Malawi Jan 6th, 2010


* Felix Limbani

Director of Programs, Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO)

* Tamara Kapichira-Banda

HIV/AIDS and Testing Counselor, Banja la Mtsogolo

* Thembi Grace Thadzi

Presidential Advisor, Malawi Development Advisory Council



Mali: 2 mentors


Bakary Keita Mali Nov 28th, 2006

DOUMBIA Mali Feb 24th, 2008



* Mariam Diallo

Regional Coordinator, sub-Saharan Africa and French Language Facilitator, International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)

* Fatoumata Amadou Sangho

Founder and President, Association pour le Developpement de l’Afrique (ADA); Marketing and Communication Department, Mali Development Bank

* Fatimata Traore

Founder and Vice President, Bamako Elite; Landside Services Coordinator, MAERSK





* Ely Cheikh Bah Ahmed Telba

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Peace Newspaper

* Mkhaitratt Mohamed Vall Mabrouk

Administrator, Office of the Mayor, Tidjikja, Mauritania

* Madina Athie

Technical Coordinator, National Forum for Human Rights (FONADH)





* Jaques Jonathan Ravat

Head of Department, Social Studies, Institut Cardinal Jean Margeot (ICJM)

* Maria Diana Isobelle Bablee

Archivist, National Archives of Mauritius

* Maria Jessica Joëlle Rabot

Field Coordinator, Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT)



Mozambique: 1 mentor


xipamanine Mozambique Mar 23rd, 2007


* Nadja Remane Gomes

Lawyer, Mozambican League of Human Rights (LDH)

* Paulo Alculeto Lopes de Araujo

National Coordinator and Director, Youth Association for the Development of Volunteer Service in Mozambique (AJUDE)

* Quiteria Anicia Fernando Guirengane

Chief, Foreign Affairs Division, Youth Parliament of Mozambique





* Michael Mulunga

Administrator, Young Achievers

* Patrick Henrico Sam

Program Manager, Physically Active Youth (PAY)

* Isaak Panduleni Amupolo

Performance Artist and Director, Ondangwa Drama Club



Niger: 1 mentor


saiey andre hamidou Niger Jan 8th, 2008


* Halilatou Issoufou Mamane

Graduate student, University of Niamey Abdou Moumouni

* Fatoumata Harouna Bako

Technical and Administrative Assistant, International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP)

* Aminatou Daouda Hainikoye

Research Assistant, Human Sciences Research Laboratory (LASDEL)



Nigeria: 113 mentors


Akinya Oluwagbenga.David email hidden Nigeria May 6th, 2009

'Tunde David email hidden Nigeria Aug 9th, 2008 All

Aare Kornar !, Nigeria Feb 13th, 2008

Abimbola Onigbanjo- Williams email hidden Nigeria Apr 1st, 2008

Abiodun Bakare email hidden Nigeria May 23rd, 2007 All

ADA email hidden Nigeria May 30th, 2007 All

adebisi adebayo email hidden Nigeria Mar 7th, 2009 All

Moderator Adelusi Oluwafemi Temidayo-D Nigeria Jun 17th, 2008 ADEOLA email hidden Nigeria Jan 17th, 2008 All

Moderator adewole taiwo Nigeria May 24th, 2006 All

afolabi email hidden Nigeria Nov 3rd, 2008 All

Agent of Change Internationa Nigeria Aug 19th, 2007

Ajani Boluwaji Francis Nigeria Nov 11th, 2007

Akandu Chinedu Lordson Nigeria Aug 7th, 2007 All

Aladesaye Olufisayo Michael email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2006

Alexander email hidden Nigeria Jul 9th, 2007 All

Amos email hidden Nigeria Oct 6th, 2009 All

Ayo Adedapo email hidden Nigeria May 11th, 2008 All

balogunjamiu email hidden Nigeria Jan 17th, 2008 All


Moderator bigpun007 Nigeria Nov 14th, 2006 All


Caleb email hidden Nigeria Jan 31st, 2007 All

Charles email hidden Nigeria Jul 31st, 2007 All

Chichi email hidden Nigeria Sep 5th, 2006 All

chima email hidden Nigeria Jul 2nd, 2008

COMRADE email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

Dada Oladele email hidden Nigeria Feb 5th, 2008 All

Daniel email hidden Nigeria Oct 18th, 2009 All

Danny-mills email hidden Nigeria May 27th, 2007 All

David email hidden Nigeria Nov 23rd, 2006 All

David Oluwamayowa Fakunle Nigeria Apr 24th, 2008

Deborah email hidden Nigeria May 31st, 2007 All

dele ibitoye email hidden Nigeria Oct 19th, 2006 All

DWA email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

editorkay email hidden Nigeria Nov 30th, 2008 All

Ejire email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

el'supremo email hidden Nigeria Mar 29th, 2010 All

Ella email hidden Nigeria May 23rd, 2008 All

Emeka email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

Eze Franklin Chinonye email hidden Nigeria Jan 13th, 2007

Fakokunde Oladotun email hidden Nigeria Jun 15th, 2008 All

fawehinmi paul gift email hidden Nigeria Oct 30th, 2007 All

FEMI DUROJAYE Nigeria Oct 21st, 2006 Daily

G. U email hidden Nigeria Jan 29th, 2007 All

Henry C. O.Kalu email hidden Nigeria Mar 10th, 2008

Henry Ekwuruke email hidden Nigeria Apr 28th, 2007

hope ugbah email hidden Nigeria Jun 2nd, 2008 All

IBRAHIM OYEKANMI email hidden Nigeria Aug 15th, 2007

ijebuboy email hidden Nigeria Nov 4th, 2006 All

Ikahota email hidden Nigeria Sep 18th, 2008 All

isaac email hidden Nigeria Feb 28th, 2007 All

ISIAKA AKANNI WAHAB email hidden Nigeria Feb 1st, 2007

Jab email hidden Nigeria Oct 22nd, 2009 All

Jide email hidden Nigeria Apr 30th, 2007 All

Joel email hidden Nigeria May 5th, 2007 All

john ono email hidden Nigeria Oct 19th, 2006

johnson4all TOYIN4ADEPOJU@YAHOO.COM email hidden Nigeria Feb 15th, 2007

Kaka email hidden Nigeria Nov 2nd, 2006 All

Kelvin Uever email hidden Nigeria Sep 28th, 2007

Leke Obadimu email hidden Nigeria Feb 28th, 2008 All

MATTHEW OFFIAH Nigeria Oct 8th, 2007 All

Maxwell Kyon email hidden Nigeria Apr 20th, 2008

Meniru Hamilton Chidozie Nigeria May 27th, 2007 All

Mfon Usen email hidden Nigeria Jan 9th, 2008 All

Motivating Mohammed email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

Mutiu email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

nike Nigeria Jun 5th, 2009 All

noel email hidden Nigeria May 27th, 2007 All

Ogunleye Abiodun Ibrahim Nigeria Nov 30th, 2008

OJO EBEN email hidden Nigeria Mar 15th, 2007 All

Moderator okonta emeka okelum Nigeria Nov 7th, 2007

Olatunde Adedeji email hidden Nigeria Oct 27th, 2008

Olowoyeye Oluwatosin Anu email hidden Nigeria Oct 19th, 2007

Olu Ijaola email hidden Nigeria Nov 27th, 2009 All

Olumide 'Lumee email hidden Nigeria Dec 22nd, 2006

OLUMIDE S. ADEOYE-KING Nigeria Mar 14th, 2007

Oluwadamilare Adeyeri email hidden Nigeria Apr 10th, 2008

Oluyeye Bimbola email hidden Nigeria May 3rd, 2007

Oluyinka Fasanya email hidden Nigeria Dec 24th, 2008 All

Moderator Owulezi Nigeria Sep 22nd, 2006 All


rahman kolawole olalekan Nigeria Dec 10th, 2006

Regain email hidden Nigeria Mar 11th, 2007

richard email hidden Nigeria Feb 19th, 2007 All

ridwan sodipo email hidden Nigeria Apr 6th, 2007 All

Rommy Wuhe email hidden Nigeria Sep 7th, 2009 All

Sally Iriri Nigeria May 9th, 2007 Weekly

samson Ojei email hidden Nigeria Oct 1st, 2009 All

Schrodinger email hidden Nigeria Sep 4th, 2006 All

Sgaladi email hidden Nigeria Jun 8th, 2007 All

Simon James email hidden Nigeria Sep 19th, 2009 All

sleemfesh email hidden Nigeria May 9th, 2007

so! poetic email hidden Nigeria Apr 7th, 2008 All

sosyof email hidden Nigeria Jan 7th, 2008 All

Specialist Doctor ! (Matron email hidden Nigeria Oct 19th, 2006

Stephen email hidden Nigeria Sep 28th, 2007

Stephen Moses email hidden Nigeria Apr 18th, 2007

Moderator Stephen Ojeremen Nigeria Aug 26th, 2008

Swende Desmond Doofan Nigeria Oct 13th, 2007 All

Tamunobarabi email hidden Nigeria Aug 18th, 2008 All

Tersur email hidden Nigeria Jan 6th, 2010

TERSUR email hidden Nigeria Sep 15th, 2009 All

tijay email hidden Nigeria Feb 25th, 2008 All

Timothy Ogene email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2007

Tolulope O. Eyinfujowo Nigeria Feb 27th, 2008 All

Trevor email hidden Nigeria Oct 25th, 2006 All

Usigbe George email hidden Nigeria Sep 25th, 2008

Victor email hidden Nigeria Oct 29th, 2006 All

VICTORY ASHAMOLE C email hidden Nigeria Jun 12th, 2007

Vitalis email hidden Nigeria Oct 9th, 2009 All

Wale Bakare email hidden Nigeria Apr 9th, 2007 All

walexluvuall email hidden Nigeria Mar 2nd, 2008

Youthalive email hidden Nigeria Oct 17th, 2007 All



* Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole

CEO/MD, Taiwo Adewole and Associates

* Ruth Nwukabu Audu

Program Manager, Community Action for Popular Participation (CAPP)

* Bako Sabo Kantiok

Program Officer, Fantsuam Foundation



Rwanda: 6 mentors


abel email hidden Rwanda Aug 2nd, 2007 All

Celestin HATEGEKIMANA email hidden Rwanda Jan 6th, 2010

EKANGA Patrick email hidden Rwanda Aug 7th, 2008

jeshi Rwanda Dec 6th, 2007 Daily

kayisa email hidden Rwanda Feb 28th, 2008 All

Norbert email hidden Rwanda Mar 18th, 2007 All


* Ariane Inkesha

Researcher, Communication and Public Relations Officer, Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP)

* Edwin Sabuhoro

CEO and Owner, Rwanda Eco-Tours Agency; Senior Economic Development/Tourism Advisor, SNV-Rwanda

* Dianah Mukundwa

University Student and Gender Minister, School of Finance and Banking



Sao Tome and Principe


* Katya Leron Do Sacramento Doria De Sousa Aragao

Executive Director, House of Arts, Creation, Environment, and Utopias (CACAU)



Senegal: 5 mentors


adji seynabou email hidden Senegal Sep 25th, 2007

BENGA email hidden Senegal Jan 6th, 2010

J. Marc FEUSSOM email hidden Senegal Mar 13th, 2008 All

Moustapha Diouf email hidden Senegal Nov 7th, 2006

rosie ojima email hidden Senegal Oct 29th, 2007 All



* Maimouna Ndour Ep Faye

Coordinator and Chief, Political Desk, Canal Info News

* Aissatou Padane

Charge d’Affaires, Alios Finance Senegal





* Neddy Stephen Paul Padayachy

Senior Health Educator, Youth Health Centre



Sierra Leone: 7 mentors



Moderator ABC4All SIERRA LEONE Sierra Leone Dec 11th, 2007

Ahmed Kamara email hidden Sierra Leone Jan 30th, 2007

alhaji lahai mansaray email hidden Sierra Leone May 10th, 2007

msdabo email hidden Sierra Leone Nov 11th, 2007 All

Philip Salis Bangura email hidden Sierra Leone Jul 4th, 2007 All

Sahr Yillia email hidden Sierra Leone Apr 3rd, 2009

Victor Joseph momoh email hidden Sierra Leone Jun 10th, 2008


* Frances Marke

Public Relations Strategist, Student Movement for Girls’ Education

* Donald Kalokoh

Country Representative, Youth Action International (YAI)

* Amienatta Khoumba Kanawa

Project Officer, Sierra Leone Youth Empowerment Organization (SLYEO)



Somalia: 14 mentors


Anab Mohamed hassan Somalia Oct 10th, 2007 All

Moderator Carabeto Somalia Dec 8th, 2006 All

hibo email hidden Somalia Sep 25th, 2007

Hosh email hidden Somalia Feb 21st, 2009 All

Labagole email hidden Somalia Apr 7th, 2007 All

Mabaruuk M Omar email hidden Somalia Jul 25th, 2007

Migane email hidden Somalia Mar 24th, 2007 All

Moh'ud Bulle email hidden Somalia Nov 17th, 2007 All

Mohamed Abdimalik email hidden Somalia Apr 13th, 2008

Mohamed I Osman email hidden Somalia Apr 5th, 2007 All

Munita email hidden Somalia Feb 22nd, 2007 All

qaalid email hidden Somalia Nov 7th, 2007 All

takeforeward email hidden Somalia Jan 6th, 2010


* Najma Ahmed Abdi

Chairperson and CEO, Somali Youth Leadership Forum (SYLF)



South Africa: 9 mentors


Adekunle email hidden South Africa Oct 2nd, 2006 All

B Mat South Africa Jul 24th, 2008 Daily

dudu email hidden South Africa Jan 19th, 2007 All

matondo egee email hidden South Africa Apr 26th, 2008 All

maxwell Adeo Adew email hidden South Africa Jan 26th, 2010

Nkubizi Clement Papy email hidden South Africa Sep 25th, 2007

Olufemi email hidden South Africa May 10th, 2009 All

Sandra email hidden South Africa Oct 13th, 2007 All

Webster email hidden South Africa Aug 7th, 2008 All



* Frederick Kenneth Swaniker

Founder & CEO, African Leadership Academy

* Lesego Sekano

International Relations Officer, National Union of Mine Workers

* Palesa Zandile Shongwe

Curator/Coordinator, Tri-Continental Human Rights Documentary Film Festival



Sudan: 5 mentors



Juma Samuel Khamsin email hidden Sudan Apr 6th, 2009 All

Merlyn email hidden Sudan Dec 13th, 2006 All

Ms. nagham Sudan Sep 16th, 2006 All

PEACE-SEEKER email hidden Sudan Dec 2nd, 2006 All


* Munira Aligo Abe Museme

Gender Specialist, World Bank

* Alsanosi Ahmed Ibrahim Ali

Journalist, Citizen Newspaper



Swaziland: 1 mentor


Sipho Fernando Dludlu Swaziland Jun 12th, 2007


* Lindelwe Fikile Karabo Nxumalo

Gender Research Officer, Lutheran Development Service

* Samkelo Melusi Sukati

Business Advisor, TechnoServe

* Nonhlanhla Dlamini

Director, One Circle



Tanzania: 13 mentors


BLAIR email hidden Tanzania Sep 25th, 2007

Devotha Mkude Tanzania Jul 2nd, 2008

Moderator Helen Ewald Mahoo Tanzania Jun 10th, 2006

HERMAN LONGO email hidden Tanzania Oct 6th, 2007 All

Kaanaeli Kaale email hidden Tanzania Dec 23rd, 2007

Moderator lawrence edward Tanzania Apr 21st, 2009

Ms Saky email hidden Tanzania Sep 25th, 2007

Mutani D.Yangwe email hidden Tanzania Jun 22nd, 2006

rajab email hidden Tanzania May 14th, 2008 All

Tale email hidden Tanzania May 10th, 2008 All

Wenceslaus Bamugasheki Tanzania Nov 11th, 2006 All

wilibroad peter Tanzania Jun 17th, 2008 All

Yahya email hidden Tanzania Apr 23rd, 2007 All



* Modesta Lilian Mahiga

Founder and Managing Director, Professional Approach Ltd.

* Masoud Salim Mohamed

Chairman, Zanzibar Youth Network; Senior Guide, Ocean Tours of Zanzibar Travel Agency

* Malula Hassan Nkanyemka

Project Development Advisor, Mwanza Region, Tanzania





* Dede Ame Marthe Amandine Woamede

Consultant, AfricSearch

* Koffi Amegbo Nomedji

Program Director, ALAFIA

* Kudjo Djogbenyui Nokplim Kaglan

Journalist, Spokesman, and Head of the English Desk, Savoir News Agency



Uganda: 20 mentors


bogere email hidden Uganda Nov 2nd, 2006 All

Catherine.B.Kiiza email hidden Uganda Feb 19th, 2009

David Lubaale email hidden Uganda May 10th, 2009

Director-LYWCIL email hidden Uganda Aug 1st, 2007 All

Emmanuel Norman N email hidden Uganda Jul 2nd, 2008

Jnyago email hidden Uganda Sep 25th, 2007

Joseph Lukwago email hidden Uganda Sep 25th, 2007

Jude email hidden Uganda Jan 6th, 2010

Kaggwa Andrew email hidden Uganda Jun 2nd, 2008 All

Kasinja Tony Henry email hidden Uganda Apr 19th, 2008

Kyambadde Ronald email hidden Uganda Jul 2nd, 2008

Lawoko simon email hidden Uganda Nov 15th, 2008

LUCKY GIFT email hidden Uganda Mar 9th, 2007 All

Moderator nockia email hidden Uganda Nov 10th, 2006 Daily

OCEN GODWIN email hidden Uganda May 1st, 2010

ololo email hidden Uganda Oct 1st, 2007 All

Richard & Imey email hidden Uganda Jul 2nd, 2008

Moderator Richard Bbaale Uganda Jun 18th, 2008

Roshmin email hidden Uganda Sep 10th, 2008 All

Sekitoleko Michael email hidden Uganda Jan 6th, 2010

Semakula Saidi email hidden Uganda Nov 4th, 2006

Zimbe Moses email hidden Uganda Nov 28th, 2006 All


* Med Ssengooba

Officer for Administration and Programs, Legal Actions for Persons with Disabilities

* Josephine Kankunda

Senior Researcher, The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative

* Jalia Nabukalu

Director, JADE Consult


Zambia: 3 mentors


jessica makoleka email hidden Zambia Nov 10th, 2006

Kebby Thijesko Shampongo Zambia Sep 25th, 2007

Wandila email hidden Zambia May 4th, 2010 All


* Abigail Kaindu

Core Financial Literacy Trainer, Camfed

* Mundia Paul Hakoola

Secretary General, National Youth Anti-Corruption Movement (NYACM)

* Brenda Mpande Lizabete Phiri

Consultant, Deloitte & Touche



Zimbabwe: 10 mentors


alfred email hidden Zimbabwe Nov 3rd, 2007 All

BEATRICE email hidden Zimbabwe Feb 14th, 2008 All

davyk email hidden Zimbabwe Feb 25th, 2008 All

mhlalisi email hidden Zimbabwe Oct 20th, 2008 All

simbai chivasa email hidden Zimbabwe Feb 21st, 2007

simnhle email hidden Zimbabwe Aug 5th, 2006 All

Sithembiso Nyoni email hidden Zimbabwe Jun 8th, 2007 All

snyamhuno email hidden Zimbabwe Mar 7th, 2007 All

Tawanda Chisango email hidden Zimbabwe Jul 4th, 2007 All

Tendai Zimbabwe Feb 8th, 2009 Daily



* Sydney Chisi

Founding Director, Youth Initiative for Democracy in Zimbabwe (YIDEZ)

* Cleopatra Ndlovu

Former Executive Director, Women in Parliament Support Unit

* Mathias Masimba Nyamanhindi

Program Coordinator, Student Solidarity Trust (SST)





Danet, B. (2010). Participants, Countries, Updates for / from the President's Forum for African Youth. Retrieved from


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