Deedee O'Malley: Music for Smiles!

February 11, 2010, 12:52 am
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Listen to Deedee O'Malley's song,

"My World"

Deedee hears the world's cry,

just like Ben Mackenzie asks, "Can't you hear the cry of the world?"

in "Lend a Hand!"

(c) Deedee O'Malley

When I get a little distance from this big blue ball
when I get a little distance I see it all
I use to close my eyes I use to shut ears and live my life
but now the same ole eyes can see the people's tears

This is my world I hear it's cry and
I won't lie
it hurts me
This is my world I hear it's cry
I can't lie it hurts me

When I get a little distance I can understand
When I get a little distance for my fellow man
I wish for love and peace I wish for honesty in everyone
My freedom isn't free until each man can finally see the sun

This is my world I hear it's cry
I won't lie
it hurts me
This is my world I hear it's cry
I can't lie it hurts me

I know each man is deep down good
somehow he got misunderstood




By Jonathan Widran 

The Renowned Singer Songwriter Is Offering An E-Version of her Award Winning Interactive Songwriting Book Free To Subscribers Of her YouTube Channel  


      With a catalog of over a thousand songs, a dynamic history of hundreds of live performances and industry-wide raves from Sheryl Crow, rock god Billy Sheehan and Nancy Cartwright (aka the voice of Bart Simpson), it might seem hard to pinpoint a single moment that captures the deep emotional impact that singer, songwriter and all around musical Renaissance woman Deedee O’Malley has on her audience.

      But the two time John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner, who captured her trademark optimistic spirit in the title of her critically acclaimed album Beautiful L.A., has no trouble putting on those rose colored (literally!) glasses and coming up with a winner. Invited by actress Anne Archer to headline an event for Artist’s for Human Rights, Deedee topped off her tearjerker “Roses For No Reason” by blowing what seemed like a million rose petals into the audience. Actresses Sofia Milos, Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman were so moved, they came up to her in tears afterwards; Elfman said Deedee’s lyrics penetrated so deeply that she had to think of other words to distract herself so she wouldn’t cry so hard.

      Elfman got a hold of her emotions long enough to simply say, “Deedee’s voice is amazing”—a sentiment that echoes Crow’s reaction to the singer’s performance of “My World” and “Enough Is Enough,” which she wrote for an industry gathering dedicated to drawing attention to atrocities in the Congo:  “Wow, those are two of the most amazing songs!” Also on hand at that event was Jesse Dylan, Bob’s son and the creator of the Obama campaign song “Yes We Can,” who added, “Fabulous songs.”

      “There is a certain magic that happens when a singer conveys the honesty of a song and people connect with that reality,” says Deedee. “A great song is one that everyone can relate to, one that brings people together, whether they’re laughing, smiling or crying. Everyone loves a great story. Since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was make people smile. And since I wrote my first song at 13, I knew that I wanted to make music that would wake people up and make them laugh, smile and think.”

      Thousands of people of all ages in her adopted home region of Southern California have seen her perform at L.A. hotspots like The Whiskey and Genghis Cohen, on recent tours sponsored by Starbucks and Borders and at hundreds of junior high and high schools. She’s done everything from singing the National Anthem for 27,000 runners at the Los Angeles Marathon to sharing the stage with LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell and Ambrosia. She’s also sung with Jermaine Jackson, Patti Labelle and The Pointer Sisters.

      Deedee is now going viral and enthralling hundreds of thousands more (216,000 and counting) around the globe through her beautifully designed YouTube channel (

      Adapting her strong entrepreneurial skills to the ever changing currents of today’s music industry, Deedee has created a compelling batch of songwriting tip videos as an extension of her many years of being one of Los Angeles’ most sought after songwriting instructors. Viewers who like these should check out her bestselling, interactive songwriting book “10 Easy Steps To Writing A Song,” a highly interactive manual Billy Sheehan says “has the power to rehabilitate an artist at any level of success.” Considered by many to be one of the best songwriting books in the world, it is the only interactive manual that has students actually write three songs by the time he or she completes the book!

      Fans who subscribe to her YouTube channel can receive an e-book version of her book—and alerts to her songwriting tips of the week--simply by sending an email to her ( with their new subscriber name.

      Deedee, whose favorite songwriters include “storytellers” like Billy Joel, Harry Chapin, Bruce Springsteen and Sting, is also granting the requests of longtime fans who love her onstage anecdotes and wanted her to post videos featuring some of these great stories!

      Even more popular are those cleverly designed celebrity and pop culture driven tribute videos featuring some of her most popular original songs. Among the most popular of these is the title track of her latest CD New York Girl, which plays over a montage of scenes from Sex and The City and whose storyline perfectly parallels the plot line of the up and coming film sequel. Her other videos include beautiful homages to Michael Jackson (“No Greater Gift”) and David Carradine (“Time and Space”), playful odes to Taylor Swift (“Love Like That”), Miley Cyrus (“Peanut Butter to Your Chocolate)” and a romantic ode to the Hillary Swank/Gerard Butler film P.S. I Love You (“Next Time”).

      “Sometimes,” the track Deedee uses behind images of the Eminem film 8 Mile, may sound familiar to many who heard it a few years ago on Joan of Arcardia; her songs have also been licensed over the years to hit shows and films like Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, Beautiful People, Strong Medicine, and more recently to Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness and Relative Strangers. Deedee was also chosen over 30 other composers to write the commercial jingle for the popular Moxie Girlz line of dolls; her jangling song “Moxie Girl” is heard approximately every 15 minutes on Saturday morning TV. While a young girl is singing that jingle, Deedee’s been the featured vocalist on others for everything from Heinz Ketchup to Avis Rent A Car, Toshiba, IBM and Frisbee.

      Deedee is also the composer of 23 songs based on poems written by Holocaust survivor Lucy Deutsch during her time at Auschwitz, for the musical No Time To Weep. She is frequently hired by local commissions like the L.A. Police Activities League to write songs for various causes and events.

      “I love the diversity and being able to jump back and forth between so many interesting projects,” she says. “It’s never just about me, it’s really about bringing great music to the world. And there are so many ways to do that. If I have to take time away from my own projects to write a song for a specific project or event that is focused around a powerful message, I am excited to do that because that in turn helps other artists get their own messages out there.”

      While Deedee’s songs are heard via many different mediums, she’s a true record company’s dream because she is also a dedicated artist who insists on recording all her own material rather than have it be covered by other artists. Her first album Simple was chosen the #1 Indie CD of the Year by Music Connection Magazine. In addition to her two Lennon songwriting contest wins, she received the Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year for her second album Beautiful L.A., which received a perfect 10 from the judges and won the Sarah McLachlan Lilith Fair Contest sponsored by Star 98.7. 

      Russ Regan, the music industry icon credited with discovering and “opening doors” for everyone from Elton John and Barry White to Neil Diamond and The Beach Boys, is one of Dee Dee’s biggest fans and summed up her inimitable skills best: “There is no one better who can write a lyric so easy to remember and a melody so hard to forget.” Deedee recently formed a unique partnership with Regan and The Hitt Music Group Record Company to create the “U Songwriter U” Contest, an online competition to find the best singer/songwriter in the world, American Idol style. She’s also been chosen as a finalist for the American Coffeehouse reality TV show, which is produced by Survivor creator and reality TV wizard Mark Burnett.

      It’s hard to believe Deedee has any spare time to engage in outside endeavors, but her creativity now extends to her own line of Rock N’ Roll earrings.

      “I have a wonderful career that allows me to use my abilities to do so many different things that touch people’s lives in a positive way,” she says. “All of it takes me back to when I was a kid and would steal a dollar from my parents to go to the store and buy the latest record and play it till it was scratched. I knew I wanted to grow up someday and write songs that would inspire people to do that too! People often ask me what makes a great song and I like to say, there are a lot of singers that sing great and a lot of writers who can write great, but not a lot of people who can tell the truth. And that is what really matters in writing a song that will endure—honesty.


“The truth is what matters,” she adds, “writing something so true that it pierces through everything—the heart, time and space. What’s most important to me as an artist is to get my music out there and touch people with the messages of my songs. I have spent my entire life working on my craft, perfecting my voice and entertaining audiences, and it is both my privilege and responsibility to keep sharing the gift of music with the world.”   



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