Spreading PEACE From The Highest Mountain Peak In The World: Mt. Everest!

June 13, 2012, 4:50 pm
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from atop Mt. Everest!

NRN Song for Nepalese Worldwide

Spreading PEACE for the world from the rising sun atop Mt. Everest offers a symbol of what is possible. 

While Mt. Everest is in Nepal, as the highest mountain top one can visualize climbing to the top and from there reaching out to the world with Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for ALL who will participate with ABC4All Portal4Relief!

Recently, Prem Guragain, from the Los Angeles area, created the lyrics to a special song / video containing this concept (see credits below).  As part of such a symbolic universal message, both Mt. Everest and Nepal become symbols of PEACE in the world.

With advanced technologies available, Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for the world is coming, with ABC4All all the while raising funds with 100% of any contributions going to certified/validated worthwhile causes.

No one can resolve the grave issues of the world alone.  Each of us has a potential contribution to make.  ABC4All welcomes you to think about "What would make your personal community better for all?"  Answers can be created/submitted by clicking here and going to the Building Better Communities ABC4All Web Page!

There are many ways to answer the question, but you will have your own and the answer may even change over time.  But it is so important to think about how you will "LEND A HAND."

This video/song is for all Nepalese people, but it, too, offers a UNIVERSAL MESSAGE.  Therefore any or ALL of the following are possible.

A Meeting with an educator from Nepal who is known around the world, ABC4All Mentor Dr. C.M. Yogi.  Recently Dr. Yogi requested that this page be posted: Peace on Earth!

ABC4All shares HEALING MODALITIES.  Truly with proper coordination and support from anywhere in the world, there can, indeed, be created A Better Community For All (ABC4All)!

Please consider allowing this UNIVERSAL MESSAGE to be symbolic of the ABC4All outreach to the world offering HEALING!

We collectively implement The Beginning Of The End Of Human Suffering.  All is in place.  We no longer have to be concerned that we have reached the "Final Frontier" as the world continues to decline and become uninhabitable as it has been doing for so many years.  Restoration of HOPE and easier living for those currently without basics - shelter, food, water - is possible.  Your support and participation as well as from anyone desiring to help create communities that WILL be better for all - that is all that is needed now.


eMail ABC4All or Call 1- 310-712-5477 or Write to ABC4All at P.O.Box 1624, Manhattan Beach CA 90267-1624 USA

Thanks to all responsible for this Video and for such a blanket of a PEACE MESSAGE for the WORLD.

World Peace March begins Friday 10/02/09


CREDITS: Voice: Ram Krishna Dhakal; Music: Nhyoo Bajracharya; Lyrics: Prem Guragain, Itahara, Morang.

PEACE IMAGE CREDIT: A young boy, Marcki, has created this PEACE image, part of his art work for 10th grade. As he has learned about the world and the way people are working with every nation against every nation, he felt that if human beings are not united how they are going to protect themselves once they are attacked by other beings from other planets?  He feels also that nations should not only unite the people but also to unite with and care for the animal kingdom and nature.  Then he came up with the idea to make this image.  Here is his description of how it was created:

This Painting has a special name called "Peace;the Heaven On Earth"
You might have seen already that I painted extra the light outside the border of the Peace Sign as a connection between  heaven and earth.
Thank You So Much, Uncle Burt for accepting my Painting

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