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Rommy's Corner


Words of Encouragement from Rommy:

"All I am asking, in the name of God for our people suffering elsewhere, I cry for not only the people alone but for me who is also passing through to enable me tell the story as a representative." -- Rommy Wuhe, ABC4All Mentor/Coordinator, Nigeria

CLICK! for THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:}

Intro- Hey you wonderful Ambassadors for Peace Making {APM}

Hate to trade with war, and so it is for love to trade Peace

ABC4All says Jamboree, with Global Peace, is the world we want….. Yeah


Rommy Wuhe, Coordinator, Local ABC4All / Nigeria has signed the The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace!

Potential to add to Self-FUNding4All

Hello Burt, I believe all is well.

I am today moved to sharing my gratitude, it is indeed a pleasure serving humanity as humanitarian through ABC4All, with its powerful mentors all over 111 countries.

There is much celebration when each time a mentor is born in either an already existing ABC4All's country or a newly created country.

Today a great thought landed my vocalboot, on how important it is when one is received as born for a purposeful living, a purpose that can never be defeated, and by making a good choice, deciding to partner with ABC4All under the covered umbrella of The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) empowering worthwhile causes and all nonprofits/NGOs across the world to engage in the cooperative venture to bring advanced technologies to the world such as Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

ABC4All offers additional support:

Music for Our Ears:  Jazz For Peace (JFP)/Amigos Sin Barreras/Friends Without Borders-ABC4All join together to bring GHR to the World! by creating an Amigos-ABC4All FUNdraising Concert Series in association with worthwhile causes across the world.  Thus while funds are raised for a worthwhile cause, ABC4All brings REAL RELIEF to the world via ABC4All WorldSolutions™ http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm

Kerrie Wilson, Founder/Director, Phoenix Voyage, I like to welcome you for listening to a deepest sound from your heart by coming in for good, with you and your team in service, I pray that, God grant you your heart desires as you willingly brought your heart.

Another thing is, the demand in the business area; I got someone who was once dealing with gold in Ghana on the local mining side, we discussed and it was explained that, there is a means in Ghana, and that he is sure of making that connection when ready.

Based on the oil, I will discuss with few reliable sources of the demands and see if that can also be met.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in that I got a friend to register and he did on tigweb.org. When I am done, I will let you know.

Love, and then peace to the world to making a better community for all.

Rommy Wuhe

ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe
From Rommy's Corner says:
"Love, and then peace to the world"
The Love Foundation, home of
Global Love Day agrees:
"Love Begins With Me"


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