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Book Review - You Are Awesome!


Believe in Yourself and Pass It On:

“You Are Awesome!

Live Your Life By Design, Not By Accident!”

One reaction to a book written by Jan Gaynor from the heart…

by Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Believe in Yourself and Pass It On is what came to this reviewer’s mind upon being exposed to Jan Gaynor’s book, “You Are Awesome!  Live Your Life By Design, Not By Accident!”  It is clear that the author is conveying a message to anyone who happens to have the good fortune to pick up and read just 159 “EasyReading” but worthwhile pages.  There is a request to the reader who is so moved to share his/her own awesome experience with the possibility submissions could appear in future to-be-published edition(s): “The BEST of YOU ARE AWESOME!”

“…positive titles about people who care about our planet and its environment and living creatures including man.  Tell the world about what you have done and inspire and motivate someone else to success, Pay it Forward!”


This reviewer knows that anyone can pick up a book, read and review it. Three 5-star reviews already published on Amazon offer such a perspective: 

  • “there is something good in this"
  • “Your Manual for Better Navigating Your Life is Here!”
  • “A positive, upbeat, and educational personal development read! Highly recommended!”

Rather than a fourth similar review, this book, stimulating as it is, has suggested that what author Jan Gaynor has already offered and may well coincide, as it will turn out, with what the book has personally prompted anyway.   Here are excerpts by Gaynor from an email conversation between this reviewer and the author:

“I have been really busy with the release of my new book ‘You Are Awesome! Live Your Life by Design, Not by Accident!’  I did make it to the number one International Best Seller, and Hot New Release lists in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.  I reached #3 in the United States so far. I am still in the top 5-10 in most countries and categories. I was listed in different categories in each country:  parenting, relationships, families, health, fitness and as a reference book since the book covers a spectrum of topics.  After I receive the International best seller seal for the cover, I will republish with Ingram for the bookstore and library markets.  I received many positive heartfelt reviews in each country as well as 5 star ratings. I have received a few radio interview offers already.

“I do hope you enjoy my efforts to help create an awesome world and find my book worthwhile for your projects. I have visited the ABC4All website and find we have very similar philosophies in many areas. I still have more reading to do; however, I know I would love to help you in your goals.”

“…my logos:  Mindset2Achieve is the company name; Awareness Academy is the training and seminar division; Awesome World press will be used to self-publish.  I am in my infancy right now, however, I am sure it will all fit together somehow.

“My goal is to do five 2 or 3 day seminars based on the chapters of my book and bringing in guest speakers on various topics. These will be in the 4 corners of the US and San Antonio now that I have contacts and it is the 6th largest market in the US.

“I spoke to Jack Canfield about writing a global Awesome Book series about various positive topics with positive lessons of encouragement.

“What can I do to Help ABC4ALL? The podcast or interview [with ABC4All Partner Missions Radio] is no problem. I know I can do more.  My first event should be a turnaround for me and some of the other speakers.”

Jan Gaynor’s unsolicited and unexpected offer to explore ways of assisting ABC4All Legacy is absolutely outstanding and welcome!  While the mutual exploration is unfolding, by sharing this reviewer’s “awesome experience,” there exists the possibility that in so doing some or all of the answers to such a wonderful thought may emerge.  A  Summary of ABC4All shares some of the earlier dynamic information. 


There are two ways that come immediately to mind that certainly represent expressions of the embodiment of “Tell the world about what you have done and inspire and motivate someone else to success, Pay it Forward!”  The first focus relates to “What A Mentor Can Do”.  The second is the focus in 2015 on Implementing the Legacy of ABC4All.

The example of “What a Mentor Can Do” offers a glimpse into what is possible based on nearly 18 years of development and the establishment, in January 2006, of the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project now with over 1100 registered ABC4All Mentors in 121 countries!  


A Better Community for All (ABC4All) is a group of dedicated volunteers working at great self-sacrifice without funding from any source with intention to harness the power of the Internet to create sustainable opportunities that will lead to Self-FUNding4All. Through this means any Local ABC4All Effort that is created in the world can bring resources together to create improvements in local communities. ABC4All has been exposed to technologies that can, with appropriate support from every corner of the globe, lead to improvement in basic needs, including better water and better agricultural practices. These advanced technologies are shared, in part, at ABC4AllWorld Solutions.  A Better Community for All (ABC4All), a virtual entity, encourages volunteer community empowerment through sharing of information.   Participants create their own activity/role and eventually discover an appropriate self-designation, all the while supporting Global Humanitarian Relief!


One ABC4All Mentor, Kate Alyzon, a participant since December 17, 2006, informed us a few days following a natural disaster in her country, the Philippines, that she had facilitated a fully financed sustainable solution being brought to the hardest hit area: 

Since 12/12/12 (ABC4All Jamboree) the theme of ABC4All has been "Making The Impossible Possible:  Serendipity Works!"  When this ABC4All TALK was created with that theme, it was not known that from then till a little over a year later that the following would take place:

"What A Mentor Can Do" has been demonstrated over and over by ABC4All Mentors across the world, now from 121 countries.  Because so often what has been demonstrated regarding the creation and execution of projects that may be best described as betterment of local communities, a book in preparation has been proposed with the title, "Making The Impossible Possible."  Chapters are to include submissions by ABC4All Mentors and by Guest Authors.  Because there are so many examples to include, it appears that the First Edition will be followed by periodic editions with an open end in terms of the future series of editions.



Because of the Philippines Typhoon Disaster, an ABC4All THINK TANK for ALL-DISASTER RELIEF was held for 4 hours on 11/30/13, for which well over 50 submissions were received regarding sustainable solutions for First Responder and follow up to disasters when they occur.



Included among the submissions was the fact that one ABC4All Mentor, Kate Alyzon in the Philippines, within a few days BEFORE the THINK TANK was held, was able to let us know that already she had arranged for a sustainable solution to be brought to the hardest hit area of her country, funded by the Institute of London.  Thus yet another example of "What A Mentor Can Do" was at hand. 

When Kate posted this picture, it was placed against the background image of the world, and she was affectionately recommended - nominated! - on Facebook to become first the "President of the World (POTW)," and later "Woman of the World (WOTW)!”


There can be little doubt that, after over nearly 18 years of development, the hallmark of ABC4All is to demonstrate for the world the potential for cooperation and collaboration by participating parties interested in expanding "The World of A Better Community for All."   Such a project is doable; it can be done in any location in the world.  By doing so, there is re-established "Global Common Sense" with caring demonstrated on behalf of those without adequate water, food and shelter in the world.  Indeed the theme of moving "From the Dark to Hope," is well represented by the original music by Francine Jarry of Rainbow Music created for ABC4All Mentors:  "We are the ones (we have been waiting for)."


Here is our acknowledgement thanking Kate for her outstanding work.  [Kate's IMMEDIATE ACTION in response to the disaster in her country]

“Thank you Kate. Your model of ACTION is exactly what the world needs and is another in the long list of examples of what ABC4All Mentors do all over the world.”

Kate replied:  “THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS AND I AM TRULY GRATEFUL FOR AND TO ALL OF YOU!” [We had conducted an All-Disaster Think Tank for 4 hours broadcast to 145 countries and had received over 50 such submissions.]

Kate Alyzon B. Ramil, Programme Representative, European Masters in Women's and Gender Studies, GEMMA 2013-2014, Country Leader, Erasmus Mundus Promotions, South East Asia: Philippines

Particularly relevant to Gaynor’s offer is the focus in 2015 on Implementing the Legacy of ABC4All.  As of 12/12/12, a theme has been Making the Impossible Possible.  The dynamics suggest, as stated, a book or series of books by guest authors and by ABC4All Mentors with chapters representing aspects of this theme.  The likelihood exists that the author and the reviewer can submit their respective contributions to the other’s proposed book offering!


We await the logical next steps based upon all the above.  In the meantime, Jan Gaynor is invited, as one possible way to support ABC4All, to submit a chapter contribution to Making the Impossible Possible while this reviewer looks forward to submitting his focus on sharing his own “awesome experience with the possibility submission(s) could appear in future to-be-published edition(s) of ‘The BEST of YOU ARE AWESOME!’”  Now if such mutual contributions were to go forward, would that not, indeed, be pretty awesome?


Burton Danet, Ph.D., is a retired clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who is Chief Executive Connector (CEC) at, and Founder of:

A Better Community for All Legacy

ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

The Foundation For A Better Community For All

In Burt's words,


"I will not be deterred from focusing on assisting the 2 billion people in the world lacking in adequate water, food and shelter." 


The dedication he has fostered appears to be stimulating the ability to create cooperation and synergies in the world that could be considered as the "Ultimate Wave of Kindness" if, in fact, those who participate will, indeed, be able to enjoy the benefits of living in the "World of A Better Community For All."

Revised  9.11.15