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Protecting Children

Power Point Presentation of The Legacy of ABC4All


Children will lead us out of our mess.

Click Here to find out how.

An article by Susan Christian Goulding


                                     Presentation on Universal Calendar by ABC4All Mentor Dr. Wilfried Fink (Germany

Did you know that the image above was created by children?


Samuel Dahai Gbaa from Liberia sings about Children's Rights




"Peaceful Heart" from "DREAMMUSIK - LANDSCAPES"
 by DREAMFLUTE (Dorothée Fröller)
Who is healing music for?
In utero? Newborns?
Very Young Children 0-3? Young Children Preschool 4-5?
Elementary School 6-13? Middle School Youth 14-15?
High School Youth 16-18? College Age? 19-23?
Young Adult? 23-30? Middle Age? 31-65?
Seniors? 65+ Centenarians? 100+
Healing Music
The music of Dreamflute - Dreammusik is using musical instruments (Flute, Tibetan singing bowls, Sitar) which are very rich on harmonics or overtones.Overtones do have  a healing effect on body and soul. To people of ALL ages, it is relaxing and harmonizing listening to our music. Children may listen to this music while doing their homework for better concentration. Also, this music is good to listen before going to sleep. We played our music for people in comawho reacted on the sound. They moved their eyes and one woman even produced sound with her voice and hit exactly the note I was playing. Our dog is lying down and sleeping while we are recording our music. Our healing music is music for well being and relaxation for humans and animals. I can imagine that it also may work for horses and other animalsPrenatally the music has a relaxing effect on the baby in the utero. Listening to the sound makes the baby feel well. Also small children react on our music. The little daughter of a friend (about 5 years old) started dancing to the music. If you are burnt out or under stress, lie down, listen to the music and soon you will feel well again and relaxed. Try it!
Music for Healing and Relaxation