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Climbing the Rungs of the Health Heights Ladder

Climbing the Rungs of the Health Heights Ladder:


A Chapter in “Making The Impossible Possible,” edited by Burton Danet


by Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Ed. Note:  Burton Danet is a “walking miracle.” He had been a very successful crusader of rehabilitation via many modalities for 4 decades following a life-altering auto accident in 1966 with multiple other accidents/injuries subsequently, with a gradually and increasingly failing effort by the time he reached age 66 in 2003.  Despite the gross deterioration that had been setting in and suggested a losing battle, there began an unheard of turnabout.  Burt experienced that it was possible to have an extended lifespan during which he has recovered from the myriad medical diagnoses followed by the achievement of even further “Unimagined Health Heights (UHH).” 

Achieving Health Heights Group Founders


With entrepreneur Teresa Goldmann in South Bay, Los Angeles, California USA, he subsequently co-founded monthly group presentations, “Achieving Health Heights.” http://abc4allteam.blog.com/2012/10/02/ahh/


Personal Health Challenges


         In 2003, Burton Danet was fading out of life.


         With the challenges presented by the acquisition of an accumulation of 15 medical diagnoses, his all-out pursuit for treatment modalities that could assist his determination to improve his health status became a losing battle.  As his body yielded to various physical difficulties, 30 doctor visits in one year failed to yield beneficial results with one exception.


         Breathing difficulties, near fainting, lightheadedness were making it difficult to do even the slightest of exercises.  Walking became impossible, as every few feet, lightheadedness would set in, and it was necessary to pause, stand leaning against a nearby building or other support while he recovered from the spell.  On 2 occasions, he fainted.  A doctor who headed a pain and treatment program at a major medical center recognized the fact that the breathing difficulties might be associated with failure of associated chest muscles to function properly.  He therefore recommended physical therapy with a focus on expansion and strengthening of the breathing apparatus muscular system. 


          This period of treatment, in fact, became the only improvement experienced among all the other health concerns.  Nevertheless, the benefits did not arrest the problem as it continued, unabated, even if on a less frequent basis.  The progressive debilitation was continuing overall.


         Burt experienced a health challenge in November 2003 that left him with numbness up and down the entire right side of his body.  Medications prescribed for numerous other issues were not helping.


         One area of concern had to do with the musculoskeletal system with herniated disks in both neck and low back areas.  Despite the physical condition, he had been treated over a period of 15 years with soft tissue manipulation therapy which allowed him to move from the initial “egg shell case” status to having the ability to power walk for long periods of time!  Again, despite such successful rehabilitation efforts via multiple modalities including the soft tissue therapy in earlier years, the deterioration that had been setting in was unmistakable.


          Pain from head-to-toe required retirement from his profession of clinical psychology because of the inability to concentrate.  Working at home via the computer became an alternate solution, and an ergonomic station was created that permitted longer periods of time spent working.  At the same time, the solution avoided development of carpal tunnel syndrome so often occurring after years of work at the computer: “Combating fatigue and other symptoms with prolonged work at the computer:”  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2002/11/prweb51338.htm

New Advanced Technology for Water


          In March of 2004, Burt was introduced to a team of Russian scientists who were working in a physics laboratory in Southern California.  While using ordinary tap water to cool down hot experiments (greater than 10,000 degrees), it was discovered that when the water passed by a tube containing proprietary plasma gases, the structure of the water was affected.  This led the scientists to investigate and study 30 properties of this changed water. 


          The next step was to look into many applications of the new technology for water, yielding information about the benefits of its properties that could be associated with amazing results demonstrating vast potential for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for the world even if no one drank a drop of this water. The new properties included the fact that the water was found to be monomolecular or single molecules of water rather than the usual clusters of 5 or more molecules in a cluster like other waters in the world.  This fact seemed to account for what appeared to be advanced hydration into every cell of the human body.


         After Burt was referred to the team and they generously offered to share the new water technology with him, he began to notice instant improvement of his plaguing bodily limitations during and after the consumption of the initial 3 gallons.  For example, pain from head to toe disappeared as if an internal lubricant was provided.  More details were described in A Case Report on the Effects of Consumption, Cessation of Consumption, and Reintroduction of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/05/prweb127499.htm


         It had already been noted that when the scientists began sharing the water among themselves and with their families, the CEO’s grandson became the only child in his school avoiding illness.  The CEO’s wife arrested her heartburn symptoms when she drank the water.


Rejuvenation and Associated Publications


         The dramatic and immediate rejuvenation Burt experienced has been recorded and published on a website for the Public Broadcast System (PBS): Rejuvenation: A Story on PBS' "Faces of America"


Burton Danet, Ph.D. authored, "Poised for Global Relief:  You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving"  http://pfr.abc4all.net  This book chronicles more details about the unexpected recovery, adding additional terms to describe the observations:  “Improvements Upon Improvements (IUI)” and “Benchmark Comparisons (BC)” where there was reinstated obvious capabilities that previously had disappeared (e.g., power walking).

         Another publication, “Observations on consumption of Plasma Activated Water,” this time in a peer-review professional journal publication had become available in February 2009: http://abc4all.net/casereport2009.htm




A New Treatment Modality


         In April 2012, Burt was in a short period of treatment with a local chiropractor who offered 6 tablets of a natural supplement, called “Protandim,” that he stated was yielding many good results with people with whom he had begun sharing the information.  After taking daily 1 of the 6 tablets, Burt then had, on the 7th day, a comprehensive set of laboratory tests which have been repeated 4 times (every 3 months) since.  Burt continued that daily supplement consumption without interruption.

Documented Results


       The results of repeated blood analyses every 3 months have indicated that the “Unimagined Health Heights (UHH)” that had already been achieved with the new technology for water alone, were not only reinforced supporting the previous gains, but that levels of “health height” were now manifesting themselves that were both again unexpected and obviously indicating that the rungs on the ladder leading to optimum health were many more than had been known up until this time with just the water by itself.


         The results obtained following the drinking of the advanced technology for water had been documented via before/after laboratory and medical diagnostic tests.  http://abc4all.net/before_after.htm. These findings have been replicated multiple times with repeated testing prior to taking the supplement.  Now the most recent 4 sets of laboratory tests have yielded, since taking the all-natural supplement, Protandim, a number of conclusions as of this writing (May 2013).


Research on Protandim


         The research being conducted on Protandim has shown there has been scientific documentation of the neutralizing of the majority of 3000 genes producing oxidative stress.  When the genes that have been associated health challenges are exposed to Protandim, they are no longer leading to the same negative impact on the body.


          Burt’s associate, Teresa Goldmann, also having recovered from a major health challenge that occurred before she turned age 30, provided vital information for anyone interested in better health regardless of whether or not there is a health challenge, regardless of whether or not a person is a high performance athlete and regardless of the age of the person.


         If there were a way to deal with any contaminant that exists in the world, would that information be important to share?  Such a question has an obvious answer.  Protandim has 5 ingredients synergistically combined that are research-proven to help the body deal with contaminants that produce what is called, "free radicals."


        There's more to it than just taking individual supplements or herbs.  The combination of the 5 ingredients helps put the body into high gear to handle oxidative stress!  All people can benefit apart from whether the improvements are perceived by the individual or not!


        So Teresa Goldmann and Burt Danet are now working closely together as co-founders of the group, “Achieving Health Heights,” to share valuable health improvement-related information that has already proven itself to be extremely helpful to many people. This group offers an approach that fosters health maintenance and best practices for improved lifestyles. When the needs are not urgent, then the question can be thought about in terms of living in a way that establishes what is known as "hemostasis" or balance. The book, "In Balance for Life" by Alex Guerrero offers easily understood information that will guide readers to reaching higher levels of health.


Achieving Health Heights


         Based on information available to us today, it can safely be concluded that there are advanced technologies available which can help anyone achieve better health regardless of the health challenge if there is one.  High performance athletes, teenagers, baby boomers, centenarians and all in between can achieve better health if that is their interest and goal. Thus it is now becoming possible to extend life spans in ways that have not been available before.


         In Burt’s example, the cumulative result of taking this supplement one tablet a day is as follows: The unique and proven way the 5 natural ingredients work together synergistically, offers a well-documented and scientifically established opportunity to create functioning within the body that leads to the same results whether you are 20 or 80 years old.


        This is so unusual and so well documented in many studies that have been conducted at universities independently all over the world, that it offers a great way to improve health maintenance!  Go to www.pubmed.gov and type into the search box, “oxidative stress.”  You will see 107,587 published studies.  Some of the published studies document how health challenges relate to the presence of oxidative stress.  Protandim is proven to lower oxidative stress by 40% or more in 3 months or less regardless of age (20 to 80)! 


        The term, “Protandim,” inserted into the search box at the www.PubMed.gov website yields sixteen peer-reviewed, independently funded studies, including a study published by the American Heart Association in Circulation Magazine.  More than 20 additional self-funded studies from many university and research centers are in progress! 


         Research regarding Protandim is offering a global health solution seems to be a foregone conclusion.  Therefore the information about this supplement is considered a high priority to share with others, offering opportunity to enable prevention of health challenges and ability to achieve health heights never dreamed possible.  Sharing the information offers a way to avoid focusing on any given health challenge and symptom-focused treatment.  Instead, there is now a way to prevent health deterioration caused by oxidative stress (equivalent of rust) from setting in at all!


         Both the water and this natural global health solution have therefore become examples of the ABC4All WorldSolutionshttp://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm.  Below is the reaction of Burton Danet to Protandim consumption, with observations again dutifully recorded as they were for the water:


Reaction of Burton Danet to Protandim Consumption


1. Six tablets shared as samples by a doctor. No reaction.

2. 7th day: Complete blood tests taken as baseline.

3. 8th day onward: 1 tablet a day.

4. Second week: More energy. Sleeping better. Less snoring. Feel lighter, more energetic yet also calmer. More productive.

5. Third week. Sense of body functioning better, smoother, in all respects. Never had such a sense of such a high health height. Exercise capacity greatly increased. Less sweating and slower heart beat during exercise. Easily can talk while power walking. Less sweating during exercise. Power walked 1.25 miles in 16 minutes 30 seconds. Originally it took 20 minutes. Record = 14 minutes (before). Easy recovery. Overall sense of well-being. Wife reports my sleep is much calmer, that I appear much more rested during the day and need fewer naps, some days none. Able to do more in less time. Functioning efficiency increased.

6. Fifth week. Improved urinary stream where it is not necessary to "push" it out (BPH history). The pressure in my eyes is well below the criteria of concern, given history of glaucoma after a stroke in 2003 and cataract/glaucoma double surgery in left eye.

7. Doctor for BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) requires longer periods between appointments (6 months) - I do not need to return to see him!!!

8.  Doctor for eyes (ophthalmology) has given 3 month intervals just for routine testing - i do not need to return to see her, and glasses are no longer necessary for the first time in 61 years!!!




          Both Teresa Goldmann and Burton Danet have experienced major health challenges in their history.  In the case of Teresa, the experience at age 29 from which she has recovered has placed her in a position where she wants to do anything and everything possible to assure healthy living for herself and her loved ones.  The following describes the benefits from consuming Protandim and how both report recovery and improvements to the point of being able to lead productive, active lives.


          Both Burton and Teresa have recovered from their experiences. There is enhanced and improved health maintenance that has been of great benefit for both.

What is Protandim?


* Protandim is a supplement that combats oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation.

* Oxidative stress happens in everyone.

* Protandim significantly reduces oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation.

* Nrf2 regulates survival genes.


         Oxidative stress, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), is inevitable for everyone, but the company, LifeVantage, has the solution: Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer, considered perhaps the most important dietary supplement of our time. Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based, research-backed formula that has been researched, tested and validated by renowned universities and institutions--the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.


          Protandim activates Nrf2, which communicates with cells, instructing them to do what they're already designed to do: up-regulate "survival genes," genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulates other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help the body function at an optimal level.




          Burt and Teresa both attest to the ability to lead a productive life after a significant health challenge. While such events and associated symptoms can be a warning sign produced by the body, it is not the end of the road by any stretch of the imagination. Prevention is key and can be aided by adopting the healthiest habits possible even after a major health challenge event.


          When needed, urgent attention via the medical community can be accessed.  In terms of longer-term intervention with various excellent rehabilitation centers and with the advent of the solution of Protandim, there is greater hope now than ever before, both in terms of the prevention of repeated or new health challenges and offers a remedy following any immediate necessary medical intervention and subsequent lifestyle changes.


Conclusions Based On Laboratory Findings


          The 3-month report about Burt after taking Protandim (one tablet daily) indicated that a comparison of the PRE and POST laboratory results shows that not only were all NORMAL with 3 exceptions, but that in each of the 3 exceptions the results were closer to the normal range the second sampling. There has been distinct, verifiable improvement demonstrated in the 3-month trial by objective laboratory data – once again.


          In terms of felt observations, Burt reported continuing to experience higher health height levels than anyone could have imagined possible. Accelerated exercise (power walking) is done without getting out of breath, with almost no recovery time and with such greater exercise capacity that it is obvious how much improvement has taken place.


          The 6, 9 and 12-month reports of the same laboratory blood tests yield consistent improvements:  “Good” cholesterol has risen by 11 points.  There is a decrease in Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) to a normal level in contrast to results of men that tend to increase as age advances.  Weight loss (10 pounds) has occurred without trying anything new other than taking Protandim. 


          The results from the 4 sets of laboratory blood tests are stable or show improvement with no unhealthy trends revealed.  Documented is the maintenance of previous gains or even better results with the passage of time!  At the time of this writing, there are no health problems requiring treatment.  Normal blood pressures and pulses in the high 50s and low 60s are documented.  There is no need for any medication addressing a symptom or diagnosis!  



Burton Danet, Ph.D. is Founder, The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) http://loa.abc4all.net and Facilitator, ABC4All Global Mentoring Project http://projects.tigweb.org/abc4allglobalteam.  Further information about Protandim is available at: http://www.mylifevantage.com/abc4all



Final Personal Observations Regarding Resumption of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) Consumption


Having the good fortune, following the cessation of the supply of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) from 11/30/13 to receive a 3-gallon supply on 12/23/13, after consuming the first 8-10 ounces, there immediately began a repeat of what has been experienced multiple times:  A rapid disappearance of the malaise, the pain and discomfort associated with fibromyalgia-type symptoms throughout the body as described in the first Addendum.


Does one still have the formal diagnosis of Fibromyalgia if advanced technology for water causes such symptoms to disappear?  Can one be diagnosed such and be provided with a means to have all pains and discomfort associated with such a diagnosis from head to toe released and still be considered to have the diagnosis?  If the treatment works, would there be any point to discontinuing the treatment?


Extrapolating from the above, can we say that the New Paradigm for Health, “The Path of 8 Petals,” applies wherever PAW alone offers health benefits that can include the disappearance of symptoms that otherwise plague the individual when the supply of the water is withdrawn?


The OBVIOUS answers to such questions lead to the conclusion that indeed we have here what was originally described by David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE) as follows:


“PAW is not a promise.  It is a blessing for the World.”


Others have termed PAW as “The Standard of Water for the World.”


A simple conclusion offers great hope for the world:  “


Wherever this advanced technology for water can be brought, the benefits can be spread around as a true blessing just waiting to be discovered by those who will consume the treated water.


While there is no need for further repeated and by now redundant observations regarding what happens after a decade of PAW consumption and the treated water ceases to be made available, in this instance all that needs to be shared is just a reporting of these facts: 


Two days after the reintroduction of the consumption of PAW, a walk was undertaken that was 0.3 mile each way or 0.6 mile round trip.  The walk took place on 12/25/13 and imitated the prior identical walk during which it was necessary to sit twice along the way – each way due to pain which needed to be relieved in order to continue walking.  During the second of the 2 identical walks, after reintroduction of PAW consumption, there was:




Need more observations be documented?  Once again, it is repeated:  We look forward to being able, truly, to go From Personal to Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for Anyone Alive Receptive!



Second Addendum:

Climbing the Rungs of the Health Heights Ladder


When the above chapter was created, there was no awareness that it would become necessary to create a press release that documented a travesty committed by one man:


“Can one man prevent the end of suffering as we know it today?”


Answer:  No way!


As we enter the Year 2014, The Foundation for A Better Community For All (FABC) and The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) have pointed to the introduction of “A New Era For The World” 1/1/14.  An initial focus will be regarding the Country of Haiti with support for which there are pending a 20-Concert Series via ABC4All Partner Jazz For Peace raising funds for major issues that continue to confront the population in that area of the world.


As part of this focus, ABC4All has undertaken an initial project on behalf of the people of Haiti, where so many have been suffering and/or dying from cholera.  With the death toll mounting to nearly 8600 during December 2013, the time has come to apply existing advanced technologies such as that of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) and the all-natural nutraceutical, Protandim, each of which has the potential to bring REAL RELIEF to the people of Haiti including those affected by cholera.  The combination of both holds even greater potential for Improving Health Maintenance (IHM) regardless of the presence or not of a health challenge.


The relief programs will include an immediate arresting of the drinking of polluted water.  There will be provided advanced filtering nanotechnology permitting the consumption of even the most polluted of waters after they receive the purification possible with the straws/bottles fitted with filters that purify the water beyond even the most stringent of criteria.


It is planned not just to bring the technologies to Haiti, but at the same time to undertake the conduct of double blind studies that will document in a short time (a few weeks) the benefits of drinking the water, adding additional experimental groups with various nutraceuticals such as Protandim recommended for Improving Health Maintenance (IHM).


Then the intention is to take the results of such studies and, after having documented the benefits systematically, to proceed with a massive outreach to the entire country of Haiti.  The outreach will include anyone drinking polluted water and/or suffering from major illness including cholera, HIV/AIDS and others. 


Should Haiti become the first country in the world where NO ONE is drinking polluted water, and in addition, all Haitians are benefiting from the advanced technologies represented by nanotechnology filtration and by PAW, then we will have a PROVEN model in the world of what can happen with appropriate support and cooperation are achieved.  If it can be done in one country, then it can be done in any country and even in every country in the world, and there will be no longer tolerance for anyone ignoring those suffering unnecessarily from health compromises. 


Such an outcome would then place under scrutiny any lack of cooperation to mimic the model already created in Haiti.  We are looking forward to exploration of these concepts in the coming weeks and months as we enter “A New Era For The World” on 1/1/14.


Observations One More Time, Hopefully the LAST!


With the abrupt cessation of the supply of Plasma Activated Water (PAW)

from which Burton Danet had benefited for nearly a decade, the observations since not only mimic those previously observed when there was no water available for varying reasons (never a total cessation in 10 years), but with advanced age from 65 (03/04) to the present age 74 (12/13) there are additional considerations.  A second stroke involving 50% loss of vision in both eyes occurred on 10/8/13. 


After cessation of the water supply in 11/13, within 2 days, it was not possible to go for the usual 3-mile walks that had become customary.  With pain returning and setting in from existing disk herniations in lumbar and cervical spines (no surgery historically), shorter and shorter walks led to increasing pain including inability to stand in line when needed (a nearby chair was used while the line shortened). 


Fibromyalgia (a previous diagnosis)-type pain from head to toe set back in, all too familiar as experienced in the past before PAW was available, and was experienced as even more uncomfortable given there had been predominantly absence of such pain for nearly 10 years.  Because of the emergence, for example, of pain from “carpal tunnel syndrome” which had been diagnosed inadvertently from prior neurological studies (no pain was experienced at the time of diagnosis concurrent with the consumption of PAW), it became obvious now that such a diagnosis indeed existed.


Now upon awakening, there is a sense of malaise, discomfort throughout the entire body.  Pains have returned that have not been present for so long – such as headaches, shooting head pains, aching muscles as well as increasing upper and lower back pain.  To restore some semblance of comfort that does not eliminate the pain nor permit a greater exercise capacity, a return to a pain medication that previously was helpful has been reinstituted.


Concern for a possible 3rd stroke is prominent.  Therefore, given all the information now available after the cessation of the water, it is incumbent upon FABC NOT to allow one man to prevent the availability of Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) represented by PAW for anyone alive today. 


Therefore it is the intention of ABC4All with its developing global Team of TEAMS to focus first on the country of Haiti with the provision of Plasma Activated Water Advanced Technology and to discover within a matter of weeks into the New Year just what can be done regarding the cholera epidemic and other ills that Haitians face.  We look forward to being able, truly, to go From Personal to Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for Anyone Alive Receptive!



Third Addendum:

Climbing the Rungs of the Health Heights Ladder


A complete battery of medical laboratory tests was received on 4/2/14 that was 100% normal with not one item outside the normal range.


This phenomenon of achieving TOTAL NORMALCY attests to the fact that ANYONE can climb the Achieving Health Heights Ladder and that we do not see any limits to continuing the process of becoming increasingly healthy!  Ask us how!



You, too, can improve your health maintenance and avoid contaminations that confront us every day. -- Burton Danet, Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist and Teresa Goldmann, Anti-Aging Specialist


Global Health Solution available now in US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines


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