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Glimpse of a Remarkable Health League of its Own: Burton Danet, PH.D. & ABC4All

Glimpse of a Remarkable Health League of its Own:
Burton Danet, PH.D. & ABC4All
by Holistic Junction


Holistic Junction. has had the privileged opportunity to speak with Dr. Burton Danet regarding not only himself and his life's quest, but also his motivational and health-propelling organizations. In an informal interview, Dr. Danet shares some of his most personal feelings, views and explains the intricacy of ABC4ALL and its ability to meet the evolutional demands of growing health concerns and challenges with his fervent, relentless pursuit of information to share that may be helpful to others:

[HJ:] Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

[Dr. Danet:] I have been living in the South Bay region of Los Angeles with my wife, Marsha, someone whom I have grown not just to love and to learn from, but also to admire and to view her as a hero of mine as detailed in this original poem: Imagine... (Hero). Together Marsha and I have been beating the statistics, as our marriage is nearly 40 years in the making. We have been meeting the many challenges that life has brought us, head-on, and we are always looking for alternatives that can assist in our respective efforts at rehabilitation. The personal lifelong rehabilitation focus was one I detailed here: FROM A LIFETIME OF REHABILITATION TO MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE

[HJ] Explain who or what inspired you to develop ABC4ALL?

[Dr. Danet] As a retired clinical psychologist who worked with individuals and small groups, it has been my focus since to work towards helping larger groups and segments of society. For nearly six years, I have worked with an associate, Bob Chew, from Northern California, to develop A Better Community For All. (ABC4All)." It was originally called, "Partnerships for a Better Community (PBC)," a nonprofit created in association with a health newsletter Marsha and I published. The goal of the nonprofit was to help local charities, but ABC4All has since become much broader in scope. The Mission of ABC4All is, "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™ Thus the basic premise is to create a give-back model of doing business in the world, one that I call the "New Millennium Business Model (NMBM)" in which every financial transaction would carry with it an automatically generated charitable contribution in the form of a micropayment and which is designated by the consumer to go to a favorite charity. Here the coinage is "Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)™ and a "living logo" was created for DCAT's Doing Good Online!.

ABC4All has both for-profit and non-profit components. ABC4All, Inc. is the for-profit side, while the nonprofit is the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation. We recently launched the Friends of ABC4All website. One of our outstanding capabilities is that it is possible to bring any individual, family, group or company desiring a nonprofit arm into nonprofit status in 7-10 business days (not 6-18 months with the IRS) via the National Heritage Foundation (NHF), as Bob Chew is their Philanthropic Development Officer or PDO. FABC is one of over 9,000 nonprofits currently under NHF.

With the above as background, together with the combination of a lifetime of rehabilitation leading to a desire for self-improvement health wise (leading to the concept of the achievement of an unimagined "Health Heights") and with the persistent, ever-present desire to be helpful to others so typical of my former work as psychotherapist, there has resulted the culmination of ABC4All's implementation. Since 07/04, we have begun moving in this direction. In 09/04, we simultaneously launched the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC) and the Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGG). What is so amazing to me is how people are now coming forward to support the concepts. It certainly has always been a question of garnering the proper support to do what it takes. Clearly ABC4All is not the project of one person. So now we have a growing group of volunteers who are choosing to make ABC4All a focus for them, assisting in its implementation, as we establish ABC4All, Inc. profit centers. The latter have every indication of leading to the fruition of the dream, i.e., turning profits back into the community in the form of matching charitable donations via FABC and by the creation of the "Millennium Endowment Fund (MEF)." The latter will become the legacy that it is hoped we can leave behind, allowing the ability for ABC4All programs to generate contributions that are matched (doubled) into perpetuity.

At our "Launch Lunch" held in October 2004, one of the presentations was The Big Picture: A Trio of Foci. ABC4All offers comprehensive solutions to problems that plague the world.

The coinage, "ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™" is not filled with false hope nor pride (hubris) but rather is a solidly and carefully built and researched phenomenon which has global implications. ABC4All efforts have been in the making for nearly five and a half years.

The ABC4All global portal website in the future must captivate children of all ages (4 to 104). Once visited, it will be remembered as a place to return to because the information contained within will be so productive for families and people everywhere, so worthwhile that it will draw people back again and again."

In that same presentation, I stated, "Our ABC4All evolution and potential for revolution has crystallized. Our efforts are culminating in phases of implementation now. No one can doubt that our concepts have merit and that we need the excellent resources we can command to bring to fruition What The World Needs Now."

[HJ:] Explain what products or services ABC4ALL promotes, and why (for what types of health conditions)?

[Dr. Danet:] We have begun making available cutting-edge information about health including the following:

* (PAW): Plasma Activated Water. PAW is now on the way to transitioning from the scientific laboratory to becoming available to the public commercially and for humanitarian needs. Because its properties are both antiviral and antibacterial, the potential for health maintenance and improvement as well as avoidance of health challenges is enormous. Imagine just drinking water that improves health, combats viruses and bacteria. Safe potable water can be made available anywhere in the world. Thus the implications for assisting many global humanitarian problems is also great, as is its application for many industries such as sterilization of medical instruments using only PAW!

* ABC4All has established a contract with the Cignet Corporation to make available an innovative thermal therapy, called Cignet Thermo-Peutic™, in North America. Our associate, Kathy Merholz, Enlightened Health, Inc., is arranging for a major research effort under the auspices of the World Health Organization to study the potential clinical benefits of Thermo-Peutic™ in South Africa (AIDS patients) and in Michigan (brain-injured and post MVA traumatic patients).

* We have created an overview and proposal, and will conduct a pilot, to combat obesity in the world via a community-based, comprehensive approach to the problem: Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All (CHEN4All): See Press Release. To this end, we will follow the proven model of Natural Ovens Bakery: and whose model program we have streamed on the internet.

* Health products screened by ABC4All will contain nothing harmful to humans, i.e., no artificial ingredients, no colors/dyes, no chemical preservatives often justified as "preserving freshness" but which have been proven to be potentially harmful to some over time. Some of these include health products which alkalinize the body (proven to improve health and even overcome major health challenges), Authentic Tahitian Noni juice, a natural "hyperimmune egg" product scientifically proven to balance the immune system, etc.: http://ABC4All.net/health.html

* Regarding the cutting-edge health information we will be making available, (Bob coined "The 8 Petal Approach:" and I coined the term, "Health Height:" it is clear that access to such information already has really been helping people. (Marsha and I are blessed and privileged to have access to this information and its associated benefits.) The information we are developing has the potential to revolutionize health care as we know it today, as well as offer some major solutions to problems that plague the world.

[HJ:] Overall, what has been the most effective therapy, remedy, etc.?

[Dr. Danet:] I would have to say that there are a number of therapies that have been "most effective" with what is referred to as the "shotgun approach" always being relevant. The idea is to answer the question, "What works?" and to be able to arrive at approximating that answer. Often a single therapy or remedy does not achieve what is needed, but the right combination of therapies can.

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) now and in retrospect appears to be, by far, as it turns out, the one influence that has resulted in unimagined health benefits in my rehabilitation. Nothing else has ever matched the "health height" to which I have arrived, compared to all previous rehabilitation efforts, than what has occurred since I began consuming PAW. Of course, I still take supplements; I still take thermal heat therapy; I still exercise and eat healthfully. But the case report about PAW that I was granted permission to publish in early June 2004 only hints at the benefits I am fortunate to have been able to achieve: See Press Release. Even the "before and after pictures" do not convey the full scope of the benefits as the "after" picture was taken only about three and a half months after I began consuming PAW, and in March 2005, it will be a full year. The original poem just created in 01/05, The Year of the PAW! tells all.

Earlier in the history of my rehabilitation, I was fortunate to be referred to the Soft Tissue Center. in Los Angeles: From their website: "The Soft Tissue Center has often been referred to as "the best kept secret in sports" due to our reputation for deriving accurate diagnoses and obtaining results in difficult cases, and quickly returning athletes to play."

When I first went to Dr. Joseph Horrigan, the Center's Founder, he had primarily dealt with Olympic athletes and celebrities. Since then, he has expanded to chronic pain patients (with myself being among the first) and over a greater than 10-year period, his treatment methods clearly helped me back to health. The same proved true for Marsha when she got up enough courage to try a therapy that can be painful, especially at first.

The unique rehabilitation efforts with what they term "soft tissue manipulation," created by Dr. Joseph Horrigan and his team of dedicated doctors, literally restored me back to a reasonable life from being "an eggshell case" following multiple auto accidents to one where I was able to return to exercising, even power walking up to an hour a day.

Natural supplementation under the supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor (one who we believe saved Marsha's life) has been another hallmark of the thrust to rehabilitate over the years. With few exceptions, I have managed to avoid the pharmaceutical route (with its hazards of side effects) and primarily maintain health with natural supplements and a healthy diet. Hyperimmune Egg proved to be a boon to rehabilitation from a major traumatic injury including two broken wrists and intractable pain from other injuries following a severe triple trip and fall accident.

After I suffered a stroke, we were fortunate to be referred to a local center for Far Infrared total body heat and massage/acupressure therapy. After learning about this type of therapy, we were then introduced to the Cignet Thermo-Peutic™ Bed. It had taken only eight daily (free) treatments to overcome the complete exhaustion that had set in following the stroke. When I realized the technological superiority of Cignet's innovative thermal treatment bed, as well as the obvious clinical benefits, I entered into negotiations with the Cignet Corporation and have arranged for ABC4All to establish a contract with Cignet to make the beds available for sale via shipping throughout North America.

[HJ:] How effective is the therapeutic bed in relation to other conventional medical therapies?

[Dr. Danet:] Cignet Thermo-Peutic™ has advanced technology not available with similar devices offered by other companies. The innovative aspect is that the treatment is totally customizable for what the individual needs. Therefore it is possible for any individual to make sure the treatment is right - i.e., amount of heat delivered, intensity of massage/acupressure.

It does not seem to matter, with few exceptions, what the health challenge might be. It is even possible to take the heat alone and not use the massage feature if one is newly injured.

Research has already documented that athletes' performance improves with this type of far infrared treatment (increased oxygen, better circulation/blood flow, better elimination of toxins from the body, etc.). In some instances, the thermal heat treatment via Jade stones has worked where no other modality was effective. One man told me he literally crawled into a center to take the treatment because he was suffering from such low back pain. After the treatment (usually lasting about 45 minutes), he walked out with much less pain. Another gentleman restored function where he had been paralyzed. Personally, among the many benefits I received from this type of treatment included not only the elimination of exhaustion after a stroke as already described, but also the elimination of intractable pain following a car accident that was not yielding to the soft tissue manipulation treatment that had been so effective over the years.

[HJ:] Have any of ABC4ALL's products or promotion of products had any types of side effects? Please explain.

[Dr. Danet:] Plasma Activated Water can cause gastrointestinal reactions (stomach discomfort, diarrhea, etc.). In such instances, it is possible to take even tiny amounts of the water to start (e.g., 1 ounce) and then allow oneself to adjust to the new type of water over time. In Marsha's case, she slowly adapted to the water. It took her many months to arrive at her present consumption (4 cups a day). On the other hand, I was able to drink only PAW very quickly and now consume about a gallon or more a day!

Far infrared therapy can lead to pain if one is not careful and if the treatment is too intense or lasts too long. Therefore we envision a clinic/center setting where there will be clinicians available who can talk with individuals about their present condition and needs rather than simply allowing them access to the treatment bed without such counsel

[HJ:] Who, aside from ABC4ALL, utilizes and promotes the products featured on ABC4ALL (e.g., practitioners, therapists, etc.?)?

[Dr. Danet:] There are about 40 companies in the world who make the far infrared treatment beds. None has the patented, advanced technology of Cignet. So far Thermo-Peutic™ can be found at a Pain Clinic in Maine, in a chiropractor's office in Iowa, in a psychologist's home in Michigan, and several people in various states who have been using the treatment bed outstandingly successfully. There are about 4 centers in Southern California and one in the State of Washington where one can go and receive free treatment with Thermo-Peutic™, up to six times a week.

PAW is not yet available commercially. It is being studied in several clinical applications (individuals). A bicyclist who is planning to enter the Race Across America is trying PAW to see if he might use it for his training and for the race in June 2005. Our family physician has had access to PAW for a number of months and both she and her staff have been exploring its benefits.

There are about 300 companies in the world offering Noni juice, but the company offering "authentic Tahitian Noni Juice" commands over 90% of market share.

Our family physician (naturopathic) now offers hyperimmune egg to some of her patients, as do many health professionals. It can be found in the "Physician's Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements." Many health professionals utilize natural products to help their patients with health maintenance and improvement. The field of Integrative Medicine or Complementary Medicine or Alternative Medicine is fast becoming a mainstay in the medical community. For example, Columbia University Medical School has the "Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine." The "American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is an organization that is the sole medical society dedicated to the advancement of therapeutics related to the science of longevity medicine" and is a good example of the growing thrust of such emphases in the medical community: WorldHealth.net

[HJ:] On what, specifically, is the therapeutic bed effective? (e.g., neurological disorders/musculoskeletal - lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia; cardiovascular - poor circulation, heart disease, etc.)

[Dr. Danet:] Generally speaking, the particular health challenge does not seem to matter. The treatment bed has proven itself to be fairly universally effective, especially when there can be appropriate orientation to the treatment. Once a treatment center is set up, word of mouth leads to the attendance for free treatment sessions by growing numbers of people from the community. This service is quite unique in our society, and such free treatment is offered daily, up to six days a week!

Research has shown that athletes improve their performance with far infrared therapy, and we are now undertaking clinical research with AIDS patients in South Africa. So the answer to the question is not fully understood in terms of scientific documentation that may take time to come in. Many research studies of heat therapy are, however, available which document that far infrared heat produces nitric oxide, which in turn stimulates the production of oxygen in the blood, and with improved blood flow and circulation, the result is improved elimination of toxins and associated health benefits. Marsha reported improved circulation in her legs that she had not experienced for years.

[HJ:] What research has been done that proves and further facilitates the medical reasoning for use of the therapeutic bed?

[Dr. Danet:] The research specifically on treatment beds like Thermo-Peutic™ is not yet in. Beyond performance improvement by athletes already documented in research on the treatment bed, many studies can be cited to document the benefits of far infrared heat, including far infrared sauna heat.

Alan Clark, M.D., Medical Director, St. Johns Health System in Arkansas, in an article on Far Infrared Sauna Therapy, states:

"Far infrared therapy has already made medical news in its use in patients with cardiovascular conditions such as congestive heart failure and angina. It enhances endothelial nitric oxide, lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular function. Indeed, the benefits extend to all age groups. A twenty to thirty-minute session in the far infrared sauna has been calculated to burn as many calories as a six-mile run (and have the same beneficial cardiovascular effects). NASA determined over 15 years ago that this method was the best for maintaining fitness levels for astronauts in a weightless environment. Immune system enhancement is another well-known benefit.

"There are a variety of these saunas now commercially available for home or medical office use. After months of research, I verified the science behind far infrared therapy and my whole family utilizes far infrared treatments almost everyday."

[HJ:] Is the therapeutic bed attainable by the general public? (Cost: efficiency; health insurance coverage, Medicare, etc.?)

[Dr. Danet:] The Thermo-Peutic™ is now available for sale to individuals (whether the general public or health professionals, clinics, spas, hotels, etc.). Dealerships exist only in Southern California and in the State of Washington. Through Enlightened Health, certification of such a medical device is being secured. Once approved, Medicare can cover the cost of such a treatment bed.

Cignet Thermo-Peutic™ is sold with a month's return guarantee and a year's warranty for service. Once we have the proper certification and appropriate documentation of Medicare Coverage, other insurance coverages may be able to be utilized. Worker's Compensation Insurance has already recently paid for a Thermo-Peutic™ bed for use by a paraplegic patient in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Danet can be reached for comment and/or information regarding ABC4ALL and A Better Community for All via ABC4All.org or ABC4All.net

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