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Waterfall Music

"Listen to the THE CIRCLE OF HEALING for Piano and Ethereal Strings by Paul Lloyd Warner who composed and recorded it on Saturday, March 5th, 2011 during a concert that was played via Skype from Southern California to a conference on the Big Island of Hawaii.

"After Paul played the concert, he took a break and decided to record another piece.  He wanted to create something that was profoundly beautiful and healing.  He could not foresee the forthcoming destruction in Japan but the composer realized later that THE CIRCLE OF HEALING was created for the people of Japan to be used to help comfort victims of the earthquake and tsunami.  Consequently, THE CIRCLE OF HEALING may be heard as music to uplift the soul and aid in the healing of mind and body.

Some of the music is derived from Paul Lloyd Warner's WATERFALL MUSIC which celebrates the freshwater beauty and health giving aspects of waterfalls in musical terms."

Click the PLAY button above to listen to THE CIRCLE OF HEALING, (8':30")

In peace and love,
Paul Lloyd Warner
ADMIN. NOTE:  Permission to share this poignant and touching work comes at a time when, as Paul references, the world has witnessed one of the most horrendous civilization-altering natural disasters in recorded history.  For an island nation to be moved 8 miles is more than enough information to suggest that healing in all sectors of the Japanese society let alone the rest of the world is in order.  Paul Lloyd Warner offers an artistic inspiration to allow just such a healing experience for us all. BD