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Culture of Peace Initiative

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Culture of Peace Initiative

December 2010

December 15, 2010

Dear Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) Participants and Supporters,

As this year - and decade - come to an end, we wish to express our gratitude to all for making this year's global observance of the International Day of Peace the most universal and significant one ever.  We also want to reflect back on the previous decade.  Ten years ago there were, perhaps, a few hundred events worldwide, involving thousands of people.  This year there were tens of thousands of events all over the planet involving hundreds of millions of people.  Also, events are no longer limited to September 21; there were several week long or multi-day events this year; some began as early as September 11 and others continued until October 2nd, the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi.

Much of this growth is due to your efforts and the work of many individuals, and grassroots and established organizations all over the world, who take advantage of this occasion to highlight their year round Peacebuilding efforts, or who create participatory events that inspire hope and educate people about the many ways to create a culture of peace on this planet.  A large part of this is also due to technological advances that have allowed much of humanity access to communications systems and information that were simply not available ten years ago.  We are part of a shift of consciousness occurring worldwide; and your thoughts and actions are combining to make Peace a reality every day.

Observances this year ranged from cultural displays to humanitarian aid campaigns; they included: cease fires; volunteer & service programs; government actions on local, regional and national levels; educational programs in thousands of schools; the participation of all major religions and hundreds of world leaders; and the support of many businesses and various types of media outlets.  While the United Nations established this occasion, it has grown much bigger than the UN's scope, including their dozens of agencies and programs, and their hundreds of affiliated NGO's.  It now involves a significant portion of humanity.


2010 is the conclusion of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace. The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is dedicated to fulfilling the decade's program of action as specified in the Millennium Development Goals. CPI Participants along with other Peacebuidling organizations have made substantial impact during the decade and continue to do so.

Pathways To Peace has created and maintained the dedicated websites for the International Day of Peace and The Culture of Peace (CPI) Initiative; we produce and distribute this newsletter; we held a successful campaign to have this day listed on most calendars across the globe; we are continually involved with communications and planning about this annual event both inside and beyond UN circles; in fact, last year we helped to create the UN's slogan for the International Day of Peace: Peace = Future.  Still, so many other organizations deserve recognition; their programs have combined and served with the efforts of countless others to bring this occasion to the forefront of peoples' consciousness.  There are too many people and organizations involved to single out any for their efforts and accomplishments.  WE THANK YOU ALL!!


Please note that it is not too late to post your events on the web sites www.internationaldayofpeace.org and www.CultureofPeace.org.  Events posted there will be included in the annual Culture of Peace Initiative Report to the United Nations.  Note, events posted to either web site automatically show up on both web sites. Thank you.

Our Facebook page has become a major source of year round community building for many events, in addition to the International Day of Peace.  There are now over 30,000 of us in the International Day of Peace Facebook group; and our regular posts cover occasions such as Environmental Summits and Human Rights Day.  Feel free to direct people in your organization or network to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/peaceday ; or to post there.

For next year, we hope to strengthen some of our internal systems and to expand our promotional and support programs.  If you are able to help us with a contribution, please do so; see below for details. 

It is our hope that this annual global observance grows to have more significance and larger year round impact.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

This newsletter is offered by Pathways To Peace, International Secretariat of the Culture of Peace Initiative, and a UN Peace Messenger organization. Pathways To Peace has been involved with the International Day of Peace since it's inception in 1981 and has nurtured this occasion from a single event of a few hundred people into an annual global observance that is inter-cultural and inter-generational in nature, and that reaches hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Governments, religious organizations, educational institutions, businesses & professionals, NGO's & grassroots organizations, the media, world leaders, and people from all walks of life are involved. To learn more about our programs networks, campaigns and support materials please see our websites.

Pathways To Peace is a nonprofit organization, whose work would not be possible without our volunteers and your support.  Please click here to donate.


CPI Coordinator Michael Johnson
CPI Contributing Writer - Melvin Weiner
CPI Outreach Coordinators - Jordan Loder & Michael Kwan
Pathways To Peace is the International Secretariat for the Culture of Peace Initiative


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