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Open Heart Circles

Klarfühlen/Open Heart Circle

What's on your mind?

    video by Dr. Wilfried Fink


    Invitation for OPEN HEART CIRCLES - Einladung zu Klarfühlkreisen enbtweder auf www.Facebook.com oder http://home.ABC4all.net/ Dedicated to (gewidmet) May Peace Prevail on Earh (Pat) and / und Vera Birkenbihl because they connect people Music: Omar Akbar www.UniversalPeaceCalendar.com

    Burton Danet What a privilege! To be the 1st to play this Open Heart Circles Video! It accompanies our OHC on Facebook where anyone, anytime can go and talk about what is uppermost on their mind. Some of us will be learning another's language. Others will have opportunity for heart-felt talk that allows for connections that might not otherwise take place. To have this video dedicated to Dear Pat/Peace/YUBUPA underscores her dream for LOVE&PEACE to prevail in the world: www.theonenesslovefoundation.org