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FranJex Art

Creating photographic art, for inspiration and for decor.

I want to share my appreciation of our earth with you - Please visit my gallery at http://www.franjexart.com/

'We never know the worth of water till the well is dry' (Thomas Fuller)  I am grateful for every single drop of water I use - having lived on a farm and experienced blocked pipes and water shortages.  We will soon start to feel water shortages in cities too, as we pollute and overuse.
Become aware of how much water you use, and what household poisons you throw down the sink every day. Start to make small changes, every drop makes a difference. 
Come join me on FaceBook, http://bit.ly/gkMNz , click LIKE and add your support to a cleaner world!
fran jex

Fran Jex Art ~ eco and spiritual artworks

Re-connecting you with our Earth.



to be inspired!

Fran Jex ART
Decorative artist
Box 6955
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa