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A Better World


Welcome at our

site for a better world.

This is a site who wants to spread to message for a better world in as many languages as possible. The idea was born after the horrible events which hit Belgium in the years 1995-1996. To support the parents of the missing girls Julie and Mélissa we did a call from our school in Neeroeteren to all children to express their feelings by creating painting, poems,.. concerning thos horrible disappearences.

More then 4000 pieces of work were created by our children. At first, the pictures and poems expressed the hope to find again the missing children. But when the horrible reality was made public, the children expressed their sadness, anger and despair. This could not last for ever: Children need to have perspective and need to have trust in a future for the world and themselves.

These were the reasons why I wrote a hopefull message. And, because we experienced that, during the search for the missing children(Julie, Mélissa, An, Eefje and others), you need to broadcast a message in as much languages as possible. That's why we started to spread our message in serveral languages. Also, we had contact with different organisations and political responsables to help to realize of as much as possible aspects of our message.

And the result of our project with its aspects can be explored at this site!

At this moment you can find 614 different languages on this site