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Peace in the Water

"Come to the WATER" - 2010 Peace in the Water vigil begins.

Peace in the Water <info@peaceinthewater.com> Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM
To: PEACE in the WATER <info@peaceinthewater.com>

Warm Greetings to the Global Pod of PEACE in the WATER!

Today (June 1) marks the beginning of the fifth annual Peace in the Water 33-day world vigil! A vigil that began five years ago with a simple prayer sent out to a handful of friends, and has evolved into a global creative initiative connecting people from over 80 nations (so far) on behalf of our planet’s vital waterways and the ancient, sacred life within.

As several key water-based issues now rise to a climax around the globe (from protecting our whales to preserving the life of our waters in the Gulf), it seems there has never been a time when our unified intention and positive visions were more needed. And so with this need we celebrate the opportunity to remember how powerful we are when we come together for the good of all. We know we are capable of creating miracles together. Now is quite simply the time.

What follows is an invitation to join us in the coming 33 Days as we come together around the world to share and cultivate new visions and expressions of PEACE in ways that seek to have a positive lasting effect on the state of our planet and all who live here.  We thank you for taking time to connect with this special project, we invite you to share this note  with all who you feel may benefit... and to join us in whatever ways feel most inspiring to you.


Chip, Asheyana and Joshua Richards

“Come to the Water” - The 2010 PEACE in the WATER Vigil begins
June 1, 2010

It is a very big time for the element of WATER on our planet.
A time that is challenging us in ways that we have never been challenged, and simultaneously calling us to come together and unify our energies in ways that we have not in our time been unified. Calling us to remember our deep interconnectedness with each other and all of life, and to create genuine, lasting change, from the inside out.  We know this change is needed, but where do we begin?

We begin quite simply, by coming to the water.

Many of our ancestors held an honored relationship with the element of water and the sacred life within. A relationship infused with a sense of reverence and awe that only comes from intimate and genuine contact.  They did not need to be told how to care for the water or how best to treat the living beings within it, for their actions stemmed from a genuine KNOWING of our interconnectedness. What we do to the water, we do to ourselves. How we treat the whales, the dolphins and other living beings... we invariably treat ourselves.  From this place of reverence, they came to the water with gratitude, openness and willingness to learn. From this genuine connection, they knew what was needed to continue life in harmonious, sustainable ways for the good of all.  And so we now have the opportunity - and the great responsibility - to do the same.

The 2010 PEACE in the WATER vigil begins quite simply with an invitation to “COME TO THE WATER”.

Over the coming 33 days
we invite the people of this great ocean planet to join us in a simple, conscious commitment (wherever you are and in whatever way you feel inspired) to connect daily with the living energy of water. To bring to this connection, your visions, prayers and intentions of PEACE, HARMONY and NEW POSSIBILITY... and to LISTEN to the voice within yourself that knows how best YOU can share your gifts to serve the greater good at this time – so that we may each in our own way become part of the solution.

Throughout the month of June we will share a series of messages, intiatives and inspiration from various people whose deep connection with whales, dolphins and the element of Water has given rise to special creative offerings... We invite you to join us, and to share your own!

The 2010 PitW vigil will rise to a climax on solstice weekend (June 19-21) as we celebrate the second annual ONE SONG PROJECT (www.onesongproject.com) and an opportunity to follow the pristine example of our planet’s whales by joining together in one great harmony. Imagine the whole world singing the same song... At the same time... TOGETHER. This amazing global experience comes on the eve of the International Whaling Commission meeting in Morocco, where representatives from around the world will gather to vote on the future of commercial whaling worldwide. Our timing could not be more appropriate to unify our voice on their behalf and preserve the life of these great sentient beings for good.

SO JOIN US THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF JUNE (and well beyond) as we call millions of people around the world to COME TO THE WATER... To sing the same song... To see and share visions for the world we wish to create... And to ACT on those visions boldly for the good of all. It begins right here, with each of us.

COME. Connect. Pray. Sing. Play. Walk. Sit. BE. Quiet. Listen. KNOW. Move. CREATE. Share. LIVE.

Now is the TIME.

We send this message with deep gratitude to all who are playing your part in simple and profound ways, bringing new visions and creative expressions of PEACE to the water and across our living planet.  As we’re learning more and more... We are well and truly all in this together.


The TEAM at PEACE in the WATER

www.peaceinthewater.com ~ www.onesongproject



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