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The Oneness Love Foundation

  Mission Statement: 


 Our purpose and intent is to,

 joyously and lovingly, connect

all like-minded individuals and groups to form an ever-

expanding network and enlivened vibration of Love and

Oneness.Here we are a big family of  Foundations, Non Profits,

 Organizations and Charities working hand in hand ,

connecting, communicating and Collaborating.   




The Founder, tHeOnEsOuL   is known as Pat Peace or

YUBUPA and she has realized her

 awakening call  long ago . 

 And ever since she has been  spreading   love to all who come

within her  realm . As a Oneness child she tells the people

to take a good look around  and see what is real and what is

illusory and now together with her  co founder and crew she

is  bridging  the way for others into a new way  of living,

into a Greater Love. To ascend from duality into Oneness.



Humanity continues to face complex challenges and

struggles, requiring solutions on a global scale.

The Onenesslovefoundation is engaged in the search for those

 solutions, striving to alleviate suffering, and joining at the

heart, where all differences dissolve. Let us work  together,

 with renewed energy and hope, , peace and

Onenesslove  for




          We stand for the dignity and worth of every  

Human  life .This is our  campaign to spread the message that


no matter where you come from, or what religion, what  race,


what culture, what social class you belong to - We Are One  



                  "When we arrive at the living core of stillness within,

we realize that all 'outer' people, all relationships, all

processes, all actions, all energies, all transmutations, and

all integrations operating in, of, and as this world are but

emanations of our own eternal changing and unchanging

Self. And, therefore, we are inexorably intertwined and

responsible for everything, for we are the living, involving,

evolving all."





How many years must we walk for peace?

How many wars will we want to go through to find peace?


How many  religions or cultures will we keep on accepting


though they are asking for money in the name of God?


The earth  filled with food


yet every minute a person is dying of starvation,

a planet occupied by seven billion souls

and yet people live lonesome and forgotten?


We have trapped ourselves in Illusive world


We are stealing the future of  our children.

after destroying the dreams of our ancestors.

Beyond the  tomorrow...

we can  hear a gentle  whisper...

a hopeless  cry for hope.

Come, join us making a better world


for you


for me


and for all of us