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ABC4All Concepts in a Nutshell
ABC4All Quick Facts

A Better Community for All (ABC4All), South Bay. Los Angeles, CA USA http://home.ABC4All.net is a grassroots volunteer organization, in development since 1998, operating with no funding whatsoever, with participant/angels who create their self-designation and role "from the heart."


Turn to any ABC4All web page, and you are likely to see the influence of ABC4All Mentors thanks to Taking IT Global, cited as one of 10 youth groups/movements with great impact on humanity by the Institute for Noetic Sciences.



ABC4All is working to create a PATH TO COMPLETION

(that starts us off on bringing Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)  to the world).


IMAGINE, a world that ACTUALLY is better for all, causing many, including leaders of countries, to take into account the following:

CORRUPTION, WAR, TERRORISM, BLACKMAIL, UNDER-THE-TABLE PAYOFFS, and PONZI SCHEMES all unacceptable - so many entities including major universities have had 1/3 or more of their ENDOWMENTS disappear. There is no room for such activities!


ABC4All is NEW, ORIGINAL, not bound by any restrictions and beaurocracy other than promoting what will make a community and the world better for all.


It is, after all, What The World Needs Now.

Main Areas: Health Heights, FUNdraising, Self-FUNding4All


Founder Burton Danet  works with a Team of TEAMS now approaching 13 years via ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project with 1100 ABC4All Mentors in 121  countries create a new entity in the world that offers opportunity that has not existed before. Local ABC4All has launched in 12 Countries to date.


ABC4All "GlobiVersity" offers a Child Division, a Youth Division, and Main ABC4All Web Pages. 


A basic purpose is to create means for Self-FUNding4All! 


ABC4All WorldSolutions offers Global Humanitarian Relief to everyone alive!


Mission:  Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet™ with the Legacy of ABC4All to be instituted via the proposed ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (ABC4AllMEF)

 which, when established, will MATCH/DOUBLE charitable contributions worldwide.

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