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  • Jazz For Peace 4 PASS in India Featured Article Jazz For Peace 4 PASS in India Jazz For Peace 4 PASS in India

    The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) South Bay * Los Angeles, CA 90505 http://loa.abc4all.net  *  abc4alltem @ abc4all (dot) net 1-310-712-5477 *... More »

  • IF (Dedicated to my missing brother) Featured Video IF (Dedicated to my missing brother)

    Local ABC4All / Nepal and TheOnenessLoveFoundation Nepal are focusing on Missing Persons.  ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS) shares a video, following which... More »

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Jazz For Peace 4 PASS in India Last Updated on 2018-11-30 01:03:45 The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) South Bay * Los Angeles, CA 90505 http://loa.abc4all.net  *  abc4alltem @ abc4all (dot) net 1-310-712-5477 * Skype abc4allteam   Local ABC4All – India / PASS / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert   G. Suresh Kumar, Secretary PASS (Positive Awareness Service Society) 42,Vallalar St, R.k.pet, ARNI.632 301. Tamil nadu INDIA pass_111@rediffmail.com ABC4All Global Vision: To share with all countries a true restoration of a QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.   ABC4All Mission: "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™ with the long-term goal of creating the ABC4All Legacy wherein charitable contributions will be MATCHED/DOUBLED into Perpetuity. Achieving this mission justifies the ABC4All Mantra:  MAXIMIZE Giving   The Legacy... More »
TECH Group Corporate Partner for ABC4All Last Updated on 2013-07-05 11:22:24 TECH Group is engaged in High Technology Global Projects with the objective to Enhance the Quality of Life of Middle Class Families of our Globe.  Download PDF: 2013 - TECH Group Profile.pdf TECH Group as the Corporate Partner for ABC4All providing opportunity to Entrepreneurs to operate Businesses in USA to revive the US Economy. Links for the new group is being developed.   Download These Documents: Secure Resort.pdf      |       2013 BH Ventures.xlsx   ABC4All Mentor, Pakistan:  Mufaddal Shk. Akbar Ali Mirza N.K.D., Ph.D.(UIUC-USA) Technopreneur & Total Quality Business Coach http://www.watseco.com/ http://www.reliable-savings.com/ http://www.institute-leadership-global.org http://lnkd.in/uCT7Be drmufaddal52 @ Skype 923332283257 More »
Change Nepalese Mission Organization Last Updated on 2012-10-14 00:30:31 This gallery is pictures illustrating the page for the Change Nepalese Mission Organization More »
Change Nepalese Mission Organization Last Updated on 2012-10-14 00:00:00 Email:-dell.sapkota07@gmail.com --- Contact:- +977-9845155903 View the Gallery Here! Download the full report here Change Nepalese Mission organization held a Children Drawing Competition Program on 1st oct., 2012.  We had celebrate Importance  of Primary Education For Children’s  by doing several activities like Drawing Competition, Dancing, Singing and Prize distribution  program.  We  had organized  this program to achieve the Millenium Development Goal number two.  This Program is Organized By African Views and Worldview Mission organization. 35 number of children’s take participate in this program.These all children’s are studying in primary level . We had categorized these 35 student in Category “A” and “B”. where  Category “A” lies in  Class... More »
Prayers for " Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony " on 30th September 2012 Last Updated on 2012-09-30 00:00:00 Dear Fumi, Deborah, Masami Saionji, Mary, Sally, Dr. Burton Fr James and all, May Peace Prevail on Earth!. The Celebrations of International Day of peace 2012 in Pakistan going on where as the demonstration/rallies are also going against the Anti Islam Film by creating violence and lose many lives yesterday after the Friday Prayer and also last Friday . Where as we the Christians in Pakistan Minorities showing solidarity with Muslim Brothers and Sisters along with Christians in Pakistan are in fear and upset as a Church was burnt at Marad. This is Church where in we used the campus for the distribution food package IDPs and the Incharge of Church and his team cooperate well. I led said distribution  See report on below link. http://www.uripakistan.org/news-article-detail.asp?NewsID=60 “URI Humanitarian Relief distributed to... More »