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  • BERIWO: A film by Penjo Entertianment Featured Video BERIWO: A film by Penjo Entertianment

      Greetings from Penjo Entertainment, Hope all is well. Good news from Penjo Entertainment Studios, We now have our latest movie BERIWO that's COMING SOON together... More »

  • Mysterious Moon Featured Blog Post Mysterious Moon Mysterious Moon

    The mysterious moon, just take a deep look. God is great indeed! by ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe (Nigeria) ... More »

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Visiting Elephants! Last Updated on 2017-12-20 18:03:52   From: Angie v <caliprnces11@hotmail.com> Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:44:12 -0800 Subject: Elephant Tour It was always a dream of mine to ride an elephant and when i found out i can bathe with one as well i was completely stoked..We went to the sanctuary together and after watching an informative video we got to meet the big beautiful animals.It was great watching Divine freak out and be completely scared of getting to close to the massive animals. then after the first feeding something changed the fear went away and he was like one with the elephants. he was happy to feed them, touch them and pose for pictures. we couldn't take him away ;)Watching divines interactions was more gratifying than having my own. i could see the light within him glimmer and sparkle and it was amazing. he didnt know where he was going or what we were going to do but i think his... More »
THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:} Last Updated on 2015-05-01 23:58:19     Rommy Wuhe 10 hrs ·   Change 4 the world we want. Song by Rommy Wuhe. listen and download THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:} CLICK! to download the song and listen to THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:} by Rommy Wuhe, Coordinator, Local ABC4All / Nigeria HOME.ABC4ALL.NET Unlike · Comment · Share   You and 3 others like this.   1 share Rommy Wuhe @ Choombu, thanx 9 hrs · Like Rommy Wuhe Those 4CHANGE,the song is free download 9 hrs · Like Burton Danet Imagine if EVERYTHNG in these lyrics came to be - the only way is if YOU help make it happen. You ARE important! 7 hrs · Like ·... More »
Rommy Wuhe Pictures + His Original "ABC Theme Song" Last Updated on 2013-12-20 19:30:55 Download Rommy Wuhe's original version of The ABC Theme Song!   Hello friends, I have come a long way racing to this level, i have fought well but to many, it seems when money is not flourishing, some can or let say will see you as a failure. The question i always asked, still asking is, what does success mean to you?  Is it just about making money alone?, what about the people living around you without basic necessities?, like shelter, food, water. I really don't want to take us far but will like all to please reason with me on the side of not only me but those living without these this as mentioned? It is said that, it takes two to tango, i personally stand at all timea to agree with such powerful words, now, what do i mean?, i mean we all need each other to enable us succeed in getting all we want to be, done. I was lost but guess what?, found by ABC4All... More »
Concert 4 Generation Youth Uganda (GYU) Last Updated on 2013-06-10 00:00:00   CONCERT TO ASSIST GENERATION YOUTH UGANDA! EXAMPLE OF JUST ONEPARENTLESS CHILD This child is among 143 million who are orphaned in the world.  On the right is ABC4All Mentor (Uganda) Mawejje Joseph is helping to run a Community Based Organization known as Generation Youth Uganda http://www.generationyouthuganda.webnode.com Joseph is a dedicated man who is fortunate to have both parents alive! Learn more about ABC4All Mentor (Uganda) “Mawejje Joseph ” here: http://profiles.tigweb.org/josex and here: https://www.facebook.com/mawejjejose Joseph did not stop!  He has created a project in Uganda called, ‘Send Sanitary Pads To Ugandan Girls’ with the aim to donate, train, equip and teach young girls personal hygiene and self-sanitation through sensitization and... More »
Response to Basic Questions Last Updated on 2012-12-27 09:18:00 1) What would make better my community: a) Agribusiness b) juice production and foods products transformation. C) Training people/education d) volunteering 2) what do you have: a) Land for farming b) land for building guest houses, offices and schools c) local engineers d) Volunteer teachers e) human ressources (including me) 3) what do you need: a) Grants to start 4 years teaching and learning program ( elementary and secondary level classrooms-find project I sent you and bob Cew) b) 10 investors to sign a contract with me and donate each 9500 USD or more to build a house we will manage both with international investors in rural Burundi in our land to help poor in that community. Thanks.. Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA MOTW: http://abc4all.net/mentorjeanclaudekamwenubusa.htm Co-Founder, Local ABC4All /... More »