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New York

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Mentor of the Week: Steve Mistretta, New York USA Last Updated on 2009-11-16 00:00:00   Steve Mistretta is from New York State in the United States!   MAXIMIZE Giving™. ABC4All/COO Dual Global Citizens (DGC)™! Unite and Sing A World Anthem! Light a candle online! ABC4All Mentors Light the Way! CLICK HERE! The ABC4All Mentor of the Week! Steve Mistretta, New York, USA. What are ABC4All/COO  Dual Global Citizens (DGC)™!?  What are Flying Spirits?  The Answer is One and the Same!  Dual Global Citizens (DGC)™! ARE Flying Spirits! Click Here for the Answer to BOTH Questions! The featured ABC4All Mentor will tell us what is uppermost on his/her mind as we share the Mentor's profile on Taking IT Global. What's uppermost on my mind:    Steve Mistretta shares what is uppermost on his mind: Steve Mistretta, ABC4All Mentor and... More »