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Beyond Category isn't just a band name, it's a way of living life. It's about being unique, a leader, an innovator, not a follower, not someone who can be easily defined or placed in a box. This is the philosophy by which BC creates its music. If you're asked what kind of music you like and your answer is, "Everything!", this is the band for you. The BC Crew brings an eclectic mix of funk, neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, and reggae, and transforms it into a new type of music, Beyond Category. They hope to take their influences, which transcend time and genre, and reinvigorate popular music by reminding people that great musicianship, songwriting, and meaningful lyrics are what they've been missing for far too long. Beyond Category was formed 3 years ago, but wasn't complete until the recent addition of "The Missing Piece", vocalist Kamron Hack. The band just finished recording a 4-song EP. Catch them at LA's hottest venues: House of Blues Sunset, Viper Room, The Mint, and The Knitting Factory.