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We Are One: A World Anthem

The result of a two year journey by two brothers, this extraordinary production involved 90 coast-to-coast recording sessions to include a diverse range of people from scores of nations.

INTRODUCING WE ARE ONE - A World Anthem (video)

The WE ARE ONE OR CELEBRATION OF ONENESS GLOBAL Movement is uniting humanity...The time has come to work together as one global family!

"By working together as one global family, we can change the world…for the benefit of all!”

For the benefit of all,

Kevin Reid
CEO & Founder
LLP Global Enterprises, Inc.
A nonprofit organization dedicated to global transformation for the benefit of all.

WE ARE ONE - A World Anthem

Used by permission.

Courtesy of LLP Records,

a division of Light, Love & Power Global Enterprises, Inc.

Writer/Publisher: Kevin A. Reid
As Above, So Below Music ASCAP
Artist: Kevin & The Sacred Fire
 Copyright 2007 LLP Global Enterprises, Inc.