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New for the World!

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

  South Bay, Los Angeles, California 90505 USA

1-310-712-5477 http://loa.abc4all.net

abc4allteam (at) abc4all (dot) net

ABC4All Department of JOYOLOGY

CLICK!/wishes us all a

SAFE and PEACEFUL transition into 2017!


ABC4All exists virtually on the Internet to bring Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world.  Included will be Self-FUNding4All via ABC4All eCommerce.  Once the full Legacy of ABC4All is in place, its good work will benefit receptive participants into the future regardless of who founded ABC4All.  Included will be permanent matching/doubling of charitable contribution automatically created just by participating with ABC4All eCommerce.  For more information: See ABC4AllBasics

DCAT image from ABC4All Living Logo courtesy Harry Evry © 2000

DCAT: Directed Consumerism with Automatic "TechnoGiving"

ABC4All Mentor, Rommy Wuhe, from Nigeria states:

"I will not stand alone but say as we all who are members of ABC4All Youth Movement for The Benefit Of The Others that at the middle gave me few words of expression in making or building into what is In Need For The Benefit Of The Others, will have to thank you, all you Battlers of I BELIEVE AFRICAN COMMUNITY in brotherliness, for others to making this our dearest God given world a better place for the living, we appreciate and promise to keep moving as permited by God who is the creator and the owner of all the inspiration to building solutions. We all appreciate that with all the support prepared for us, so please do not retrieve, if you discover we are missing anything, please show mercy by patiently correcting us and not forsaking us.  All that is happening in the office with the ABC4All MENTORSHIP PROJECT will build and become kown as, "A BUILT HISTORY." I believe Nigeria, I believe Africa And Beyond, I believe in togetherness we will build a better place for the living in which to dwell, that being a home of Love, and then peace to building unity to the world.

Rommy Wuhe 


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