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Make A Better World Foundation


About us

We have many branches within the MBWF tree.

Charity/humanitarian projects
Animal Advocacy
The Environment
Political Protests
Unity with other groups
Creative projects
Clothing line

How we started........

We started out on Facebook mourning Michael Jackson. We realized how united we were in our love, our passion, our anger, and our determination. I am an artist and I know that the reason Michael's music was so powerful was because he poured himself into in. He poured his pain and his joy into the music and created something beautiful. I encouraged all the members of my group to take all of our pain and joy and also create something beautiful with it. We then we decided to continue his humanitarian work and love and started Make A Better World Foundation. We have grown into a world wide foundation and have leaders in many countries all over the world.

We realized that Michael Jackson has not only brought people together while he was alive, but now even more so in his death. We are united and are experiencing amazing things and are spreading that powerful energy and love around the world to make a difference.

Some do not understand our love for Michael. This poem may shed some light...

My Hope

Before you knew me I was there

Waiting for you to become aware

Of the message I had to share with you

That spoke of love, and hope and all things true.

I have walked by your side holding your hands

Watching you grow into loyal fans

Smiling as you danced to Billie Jean

More loving hearts I have never seen.

Together we grew into a beautiful tree

Watered by love for the world to see

Its branches grew, giving comfort and shade

A haven of peace so joyfully made.

And when the world tried to tear me down

Just when I thought there was no-one around

You held ‘my’ hand and stood by ‘my’ side

With love, honor and so much pride.

When my spirits fell, through other’s blame

Yours lifted me up above the pain

And all could see that I was not alone

Your love for me was clearly shown.

Through all these years we have been together

Believing that it would last forever

Until one day I heard my name being called

And I could not deny the voice of our Lord.

I was pulled towards his loving arms

With joy and sadness walking arm in arm

From this Earth it was hard to depart

For behind me I would leave your broken hearts.

Your tears rain down upon this place

As my absence from life you try to face

Please know I’m not that far from you at all

Really all you need to do is call.

I promised that we would never part

Believe those words with all your heart

I am with you now and in each new day

Look for my star to guide your way.

You surround my heart on David’s canvas

Bringing me hope and so much gladness

That what I stood for will never die

Even if some still dare to try.

So spread my message in all you do

And water our tree with love and truth

Find your strength through God’s loving Grace

And make this world a better place.

I Loved You First.

Written by Valmai Owens

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