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Local ABC4All Nepal


Basistha Nepal, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Nepal and The Oneness Love Foundation Nepal


I’m Basistha Nepal, aged 32, from Biratnagar, Koshi, Nepal.  I am the Co-Founder of  ABC4All/Nepal and Theonenesslovefoundation Nepal.  I’m a social worker by profession.  I’ve been active in social sector for around 10 years.  I came into the social field as a volunteer in a Youth Development programme by US Peace Corps in Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan Municipality.   Originally I was in social work being an active participant in various programmes around the society, but involvement with Youth development programme was the cornerstone in my career.  Three years after being active in Youth development programme, we founded a organization named Samadhan Nepal and pursued our goals towards exploring the issues of social problems as well.

My interest is in helping to make society a better place in which to live.  Better in ways that people have a safe home, safe water and safe food to eat.  Unceasingly I’ll be dedicating my time and coordinate with all  for this to be accomplished.  To accomplish this, I’ll work up with every way we can work towards using time, money, equipment, energy to do this.  I know I cannot do it alone.  I know there are others, too, who also are wanting to help, and together we can move in this direction. I do share my hands and together with the group focus, we will be helping to make a better community in which to live. My interest  is in a community which is peaceful to live in, where there is harmony and where people can live with a safe home, safe water and safe food to eat.  Unless and until every one gets these, I’ll be working relentlessly to meet this need.

My first steps will include the  introduction of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)  and Theonenesslovefoundation in  Nepal.  I will start  by encouraging peace ribbons and peace logos in schools and communities.

There are 3 partners with whom I will discuss and work hand in hand to meet the needs of my local  community.  My 3 partners are known as "YUBUPA"  and are from 3 different countries, USA, Pakistan and Canada.  Here is the Logo from

YUBUPA Local Nepal  





The word "Nepal" is believed by scholars to be derived from the word "Nepa:" which refers to the Newar Kingdom, the present day Kathmandu Valley,

Nepal's flag is the only national flag in the world that is non-quadrilateral in shape, and one of only two non-rectangular flags in use (the other being the flag of the U.S. state of Ohio). According to its official description, the red in the flag stands for victory in war or courage, and is also color of the rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. Red also stands for aggression. The flag's blue border signifies peace. The curved moon on the flag is a symbol of the peaceful and calm nature of Nepalese, while the sun represents the aggressiveness of Nepalese warriors.

The team is going to connect, collaborate and communicate with Local NGOs to help make this world a better place.  They encourage people to communicate with them so that we can work together and will offer advice or help when needed.

One of the partners, Pat-jee, wants to concentrate on families with missing members in Nepal. These people need moral support and this is something she might start to concentrate on, together with Local ABC4All / Nepal and Theonenesslovefoundation Nepal.

In Nepal communities the problem of missing persons' families are badly understood.  Often wives of the missing are stigmatized for refusing to behave as expected of widows.  Having a missing relative makes a family poorer and a minority of households face challenges in feeding their families.  Some have no alternative but to beg for food.

The team does not support political issues, but they  have decided to support the needs of families and communities for psychological and psychosocial support together with their Local Mentor.  This is the first step of a long journey to help these families with our moral support.

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