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Mentor of the Week: Basistha Nepal

Nepal's National Bird Danfe at Koshi Tappu Wild Live Reserve - Basistha is from Koshi area!



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The ABC4All Mentor of the Week!

Basistha Nepal, Nepal.

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What's uppermost on my mind:

 Basistha shares what is uppermost on his mind:

We all live in different contexts and circumstances. Still the common things we want are the same. We all long for mutual love, happiness, peace and prosperity. For meeting this need, we come together, work together and share together along the diverse fields of our own worlds with which we interact.

My opinion of a better community is when we meet these needs. In my view, every individual is a unique person, and he/she has his/her own way of thinking. This is true for every individual. When like-minded individuals do interact among themselves, they can come together to work for the betterment of society. In the process, society does move towards something better than it was earlier. For this, the group uses existing resources to a maximum level and works towards fulfilling the goal they have targeted.

When this process reaches satisfaction, those involved are brought further towards fulfillment of the most important, basic needs already defined. The importance of such developments for individuals is that they achieve more productivity among themselves. Thus the entire community gains better individuals, and more prosperity flows along the pathways of life.

Basistha Nepal.

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 "Goes without saying. ABC4All is an exceptional entity that will surpass this number even before the set date. As a mentor, I will mobilize and lobby to ensure that this goal is met and we get more Mentors who realize that making a difference in someone's life is the best thing to do. Let's soldier on, we can do it because it can be done."


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"There is no doubt thatTakingITGlobal is the most important online place. Only TIG can help young leaders all over the world to exchange our ideas and think together about achieving the best. With TIG there is no borders between us - only what we need is to be online to make new friendships between each other and respect one another.

"I have a dream that I would like to live to see the day that all youth leaders in all over the world from TIG will be the real leaders in their countries. Then we will have all what we need to reach our goals, not only for youth, but for our world and our next generations."

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