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Healing Creativity


'Matter of Time' 


The song, ‘Flow Let’s Flow,’ encapsulates how this project began and finally came to it’s ultimate fruition.  I originally planned to  record  just a couple of raw tracks and walk out of the studio in a couple of hours never to return. A year later-  an unexpected  album-MATTER OF TIME- has been born!!


This CD is the result of the passion, inspiration, dedication  and talent of Jorge Aparicio (Fito)-multi instrumentalist, producer and owner of The Sound Laboratory in  Mittagong) and all the  associated musicians of the Southern Highlands Community who contributed and made this  project possible. I immensely grateful to all!! To have my  songs ‘realised’ to their full potential and now available to the world  is a dream come true!!  THANK YOU !!! --Ben Mackenzie


NOTE:  Ben Mackenzie has been a long time supporter of ABC4All Legacy.  An early original contribution was the song, "Lend A Hand,"  so appropriately consonant with the mission to "hear the cry of the world" and act accordingly.  Upon sharing his most recent album release, Ben writes: "...I recently finished a CD here in Australia..;.Many of the tracks are in alignment with your sentiment/cause.  Enjoy the music and onward bound in what we do!  


"Ben Mackenzie

"new website:  www.benmackenzie.org"


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